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Table Talks III: New Approaches to Romantic Studies and Youth – Call for Participants

11 August 2021

The first of our ‘Table Talks’ rounded off a strange 2020 in a lovely fashion, bringing doctoral and early career researchers together to share their new approaches to Romanticism...


3 August 2021

Meta Notebook 2 (2 Meta 2 Notebook) Last week, for the first time since I got AHRC funding just as a global pandemic hit, I finally managed to travel to The British Library to do...

Sir Tremendous Longinus and the Ridiculum

21 July 2021

It just sounds so rude! Sir Tremendous Longinus: somehow priapic and vaginal at the same time. It is also by far the funniest thing about the Pope, Arbuthnot, and Gay’s play Three...

Kill, Save, Remix?

28 June 2021

Around and About Romanticism at ‘Black Studies and Romanticism’, A Virtual Conference, 24-25 June 2021 It’s like a game of shag, marry, kill but, instead of, for example,...