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Co-Citation Networks from Letter Mentions: A Short Guide

13 May 2021

Figure 1: Community Detection in a large academic co-citation network. A link is drawn (as a grey line) between two authors (as coloured circles) if they are both cited in the same...

Exploring the State Papers with Word Embeddings

26 April 2021

Text and Models Digital Humanities is often concerned with creating models of text: a general name for a kind of representation of text which makes it in some way easier to interpret....

Text Mining the State Papers

19 April 2021

Calendars of State Papers and Networking Archives Most of the quantitative research on the Networking Archives project has been using the metadata from the digitised correspondence...

Women in the State Papers Online - Through the Data

15 April 2021

You can’t search for women in the State Papers Online. There’s no way of knowing how many letters they wrote, or received, or how often they were mentioned. If you know...