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31 Aug 2017
We’re back! After celebrating our 1000th article and taking a summer break, we’re back in the saddle again with... »

CONFERENCE RESPONSE: After Before Shakespeare by Eoin Price

31 Aug 2017
After Before Shakespeare The Before Shakespeare conference is over. But while the Before Shakespeare project continues, those... »

“you are the only Man in America that dares to do right on all public Occasions”

31 Aug 2017
While I knew of ELIZABETH WILLING POWEL, I confess I did not appreciate the close relationship she had with George Washington.... »

Slavery Advertisements Published August 31, 1767

31 Aug 2017
These advertisements appeared in colonial American newspapers 250 years ago today.  Daily updates also available on... »

Johan Boxel 1672 manual

31 Aug 2017
Well, at last it is available on Google Books, "The Exercise of arms" by Johan Boxel, Capt. Lt of the Colonel's Compagnie... »

CFP: Attending to Early Modern Women 2018: Action and Agency (11/15/17; 6/14-17/18)

31 Aug 2017 June 14-17, 2018 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Call for Proposals (pdf) Over its time in Milwaukee,... »

The Hancocks’ Dinner Table

31 Aug 2017
Ticonderoga, New York, boasts the most accurate recreation of the Hancock mansion that used to stand on Beacon Hill. The... »
From: Boston 1775

Dutch drillbook of 1673

31 Aug 2017
Edwin over at Rampjaar 1672 found this free ebook. It's in Dutch but there's a lot pike and shot pics to enjoy and it's free!... »

August 31

31 Aug 2017
What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago today? Boston-Gazette (August 31, 1767).“Stage-Coach... »

Period flags

31 Aug 2017
From the Boxel Manual. also a short description of Regiment Flags, like the one of the (Scottish) Colonel Kirckpatrick: Yellow... »


31 Aug 2017
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31 Aug 2017
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31 Aug 2017
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31 Aug 2017
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Hang’d, Drawn, and Quartered! “Spectacular Justice” during the Medieval and Early Modern Period

31 Aug 2017
Katherine Royer’s new book, The English Execution Narrative, 1200-1700 (2015) analyses the meanings behind the often... »

Colloque : « Collections, Displays & The Agency of Objects » (Cambridge, 20-23 septembre 2017)

31 Aug 2017
Collections, Displays & The Agency of Objects Keynes Library, The Cambridge Union Society 20/09/2017 – 23/09/2017... »

Losing our History

31 Aug 2017
The national discussion over Confederate war memorials is centered on the implicit question: who owns history? Often... »


31 Aug 2017
Ares. HermesAr. Did you hear Zeus's threat, Hermes? most complimentary, wasn't it, and most practicable? 'If I choose,' says... »
From: Siris

Teaching Anne Bradstreet through deformance

31 Aug 2017
This evening in EN340 is the first class of full-on literary analysis, and we are reading several of Anne Bradstreet’s... »

Herzog, “Struggling over Indians” in “Empire By Treaty”

31 Aug 2017
Tamar Herzog has a chapter, “Struggling Over Indians: Territorial Conflict and Alliance-Making in the Heartland of... »

The Tale of Orpheus: A Twenty-First Century Take on the First ‘True’ Opera

1 Sep 2017
In September 2017, a cast of singers and musicians will perform Monteverdi’s groundbreaking opera, L’Orfeo, in... »
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