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This is the list of active blogs currently included in EMC. Blogs are removed from the list if they become inaccessible for aggregation: usually this means that the blog has been taken down completely, though in a few cases the blog is still online but has been password-protected or no longer has a findable RSS feed.

17th-century American Women   more info art gender new_worlds
17thC   more info gender
18th Century Religion, Literature, and Culture   more info gender print religion
18th-century American Women   more info art c18th gender material
18thC Cuisine   more info practice c18th material
A Covent Garden Gilflurt's Guide to Life   more info c18th culture politics
A Cuppe of Newes   more info resource
A Parcel of Ribbons   more info c18th new_worlds
A Thousand Times Worse Than Death   more info culture digital politics
A Trumpet of Sedition   more info military politics revolution
A Woodsrunner's Diary   more info practice new_worlds social
A Wretched Scrowl   more info gender philosophy
Aaron T. Pratt - Scholar & Bookseller   more info print
Abraham Adcock   more info c18th culture music
Adventures of the Virtual   more info digital philosophy
Age of Revolutions   more info new_worlds revolution
Airs, Waters, Places   more info culture place social
Alberti's Window   more info art culture
alicedolan   more info c18th material
All Things Georgian   more info c18th social
Alsatia   more info crime digital place
American Duchess: Historical Costuming   more info practice material social
anchora   more info print shakespeare
Anglo-Iberian Relations   more info politics religion
Anita Guerrini   more info medicine science
Anno Domini 1672   more info military
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Centraal   more info science
ANZAMEMS Inc   more info resource
Archaeology of Reading   more info digital print
asidenotes   more info drama print
Ask the Past   more info fun print
At the Sign of the Golden Scissors   more info practice material
Atelier   more info art c18th material
austenonly   more info c18th culture
Bardfilm   more info practice shakespeare
Baroque Explorations   more info culture social
Before Shakespeare   more info practice drama
Being Protestant in Reformation England   more info death material religion
Bex Unsworth   more info culture material print
Bite Thumbnails   more info drama shakespeare
Black Africans in Renaissance Europe   more info art culture
Blogging Shakespeare   more info practice drama shakespeare
Blogging Sidney's Sonnets   more info poetry
Board of Longitude project   more info c18th science
Bodleian Ballads   more info digital print
bonæ litteræ: occasional writing from David Rundle, Renaissance scholar   more info culture politics
Borealia   more info c18th culture politics print
Boston 1775   more info c18th new_worlds revolution
Brian Sandberg: Historical Perspectives   more info religion revolution
British Army Lineages   more info military
British Tars, 1740-1790   more info c18th material military
British Virginia   more info digital new_worlds sources
C18thGirl   more info c18th crime gender
Cambridge Early Modern French Seminar   more info resource
Cardiff Shakespeare   more info resource shakespeare
Cardinal Wolsey's Today in History   more info politics tudors
CEMS   more info resource
CERAE Impressions: A Blog   more info culture resource
Cerisia Cerosia   more info culture digital drama
Charlevoix   more info new_worlds
Chronologia Universalis   more info philosophy science
Civil War Petitions   more info digital medicine military social
Claude Willan   more info c18th digital print
Coins, Crime and History   more info c18th crime economy material
Colonial Latin America   more info new_worlds resource
Commonplace Cultures   more info c18th digital print
Community Libraries   more info new_worlds print
Conciatore   more info material science
Confessions of a Ci-Devant   more info politics
Conor Byrne   more info gender politics tudors
Contemporary Jacobean Society   more info culture gender
Conversing Criminally   more info c18th crime religion
Conversion Narratives in Early Modern Europe   more info religion
Cooking in the Archives   more info practice material
Copious but not Compendious   more info digital economy new_worlds
Corpus Newtonicum   more info digital science
Court Medicine   more info medicine politics
cradledincaricature   more info art c18th digital print
CRECS//   more info c18th culture resource
Criminal Intent   more info crime digital
Culloden Battlefield   more info practice c18th military
Cultures of Knowledge   more info culture digital resource
Current-flow   more info digital
d i a p s a l m a t a   more info digital material print
Daniel Powell   more info digital print
Darin Hayton   more info science
David Library of the American Revolution   more info c18th new_worlds
De Rohan à Turenne   more info military
Deviant Maternity   more info crime gender medicine
Diane Jakacki   more info digital drama print
Diary of a Mantua Maker   more info practice c18th material social
Digital Miscellanies Index   more info c18th digital poetry
Digital Shakespeares   more info digital shakespeare
DigitalArk Project Blog   more info digital material science
Digitising the York Cause Papers   more info digital social
Discourses of Suffering in Seventeenth-Century England   more info gender religion
dispositio   more info drama shakespeare
Dissenting Experience   more info culture religion resource
distillatio   more info practice material science
Domestic Devotions   more info gender religion
Douce Blog   more info print sources
Dr Anne L. Murphy   more info economy gender
Dr Dianne Hall   more info gender religion
Dr Jennifer Evans   more info gender medicine
Dr Joanne Paul   more info philosophy politics tudors
Dr Johann Gregory   more info culture drama shakespeare
DrAlun   more info medicine social
Early English Drama and Performance   more info drama resource
Early Modern Architecture   more info art resource
Early Modern at Otago   more info philosophy religion science
Early Modern Ballads   more info music print
Early Modern Catholicism Network   more info religion resource
Early Modern Dialogues   more info philosophy religion
Early Modern English Music   more info culture music
Early Modern Exchanges   more info new_worlds resource
Early Modern Experimental Philosophy   more info philosophy science
Early Modern Food Network   more info material
Early Modern France   more info politics religion
Early Modern Lines   more info culture
Early Modern Medicine   more info gender medicine
Early Modern Network St John's Newfoundland   more info new_worlds resource
Early Modern News Networks   more info politics print
Early Modern Notes   more info crime digital gender
Early Modern Online Bibliography   more info digital
Early Modern Paleography   more info sources
Early Modern Post   more info digital politics
Early Modern Practitioners   more info digital medicine
Early Modern Prisons   more info crime social
Early Modern Theatre   more info practice drama shakespeare
Early Modern Thought Online: The Blog   more info digital philosophy
Early Modern Whale   more info crime culture print
Early Modern Women: Lives, Texts, Objects   more info art culture gender
Early Modern Workshop   more info resource
Early modern/medieval histories   more info print religion
Early. Modern.   more info culture
earlymodernengland   more info politics social
earlymodernjohn   more info social
Economic Growth in History   more info economy
Economic History Blog   more info economy
Edmond Hoyle, Gent.   more info c18th print
Edward Vallance   more info politics revolution
Eighteenth Century Fiction Journal   more info c18th
Eighteenth-Century Ireland Society   more info c18th resource
Eighteenth-Century Media   more info art culture material print
Eighteenth-century Recipes   more info c18th medicine
eighteenth-century social history   more info c18th gender social
Elizabethan Hull   more info local tudors
Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two   more info c18th gender
EM Spanish History Notes   more info resource
emroc   more info material medicine
Enchanted History   more info crime culture
END   more info c18th digital print
END - Early Novels Database   more info c18th digital print
Enfilade   more info art resource
English Republican Works in Europe c.1640-1871   more info philosophy politics revolution
Erfurt and Wittenberg   more info religion
ESEMP's Notebook   more info philosophy resource
Everything Early Modern Women   more info gender resource
fashioning the early modern   more info culture economy material
Finding Charles Clark   more info print
Finding Shakespeare   more info material print shakespeare
Finnish Luther studies   more info religion
FME   more info philosophy resource
Folger Shakespeare Library   more info practice shakespeare
fourth degree burn   more info drama
Gastronomy Archaeology   more info practice culture material
Gender and Work in Early Modern Europe   more info economy gender social
Gentlemen and Tarpaulins   more info military
Georgian Cyberworlds   more info c18th
Georgian Gentleman   more info c18th social
Georgian London   more info c18th social
Gilbert Mabbott   more info politics print revolution
Giorgione et al...   more info art
Global Encounters   more info culture economy material
Good Gentlewoman   more info gender social
Gossip and Nonsense   more info culture
Halley's Log   more info science
hannahbarkerhistory   more info c18th economy gender
Harlots, Harpies and Harridans   more info gender
Hearth Tax Online   more info economy social sources
heather froehlich   more info digital drama gender
Here Begynneth A Lytell Geste of Robin Hood...   more info c18th crime print
his story, her story   more info gender
historianess   more info new_worlds social
Histories of Emotion   more info culture medicine
History Monograph   more info religion
History of Finance   more info economy resource
History of Parliament   more info politics
Historyonics   more info c18th digital social
historywomble   more info new_worlds social
Hobbinol's Blog   more info poetry
Holy Smoke. A PhD blog about heritagisation of religion   more info digital religion
Homo Gastronomicus   more info material
Hoydens and Firebrands   more info gender social
Hyde Collection Catablog   more info digital sources
I Love Shakespeare   more info practice shakespeare
In the Words of Women   more info c18th gender sources
Incognito: The Prince and I   more info c18th medicine sources
Incunabula Project blog   more info digital sources
Infamous Scribblers   more info c18th gender
Inner Lives   more info culture material religion
Innovation, Utility and Expertise in Early Modern European Science   more info resource science
Interleaves   more info digital shakespeare
Intoxicants and Early Modernity   more info economy material social
Isis' Wardrobe   more info practice material social
Jane Austen's World   more info c18th culture
Jardine's Book of Martyrs   more info politics revolution
Jill Burke's Blog   more info art gender
Joanne Begiato Muses on History   more info c18th gender social
John Donne Society Digital Prose Project   more info digital philosophy religion
Journal of the American Revolution   more info practice c18th revolution
Kirby and his world   more info art c18th
Kriegsbuch   more info military
Le blog de l'APAHAU   more info art material resource
Legal History Miscellany   more info crime
Leghorn Merchant Networks   more info social
Life Takes Lemons   more info culture gender social
Linguistic DNA   more info digital philosophy print
LOL Manuscripts!   more info fun sources
Longitude Papers Blog   more info digital science
Madame Guillotine   more info art c18th culture
Madame Isis' Toilette   more info practice c18th material
Magia Posthuma   more info culture
Magnificat   more info practice culture music
Manicule   more info c18th digital print
Map of Early Modern London   more info digital place
marginal notes   more info print
Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century   more info art c18th culture
Mark Greengrass   more info digital politics religion
Mary Tudor: Renaissance Queen   more info tudors
Masoret   more info religion
Material Histories   more info material
Mathematical Treasures   more info science sources
Mathew Lyons   more info politics tudors
Medieval and Early Modern Student Association   more info resource
memorious   more info new_worlds religion science
Mercurius Politicus   more info politics print revolution
Michael Ullyot   more info digital poetry
Microcosmus Hypochondriacus   more info medicine
Migrant Histories   more info crime digital place social
Migration and the Public Sphere Before Telegraphy   more info c18th economy
Miranda Kaufmann - Blog   more info social
Mistris Parliament   more info gender politics religion
Mr. Pepys' Small Change   more info economy material
My Early Modern World   more info gender poetry   more info local resource social
Naomi Clifford   more info c18th crime gender social
Newcastle Early Modern Forum   more info resource
News on the Rialto   more info resource shakespeare
North West Early Modern Seminar   more info resource
Of Pilcrows: Lessons on Books & Teaching   more info drama print
On the archival trail of William Macintosh   more info c18th new_worlds print
One-Shilling Verses   more info c18th military
Origins of Science as a Visual Pursuit   more info art print science
Out of Time   more info print science
Outlander Adventures in the 18th Century   more info practice c18th material
Panacea: Musings on the History of Medicine   more info medicine
parezco y digo   more info digital new_worlds
Parthenissa   more info culture drama
Perceptions of Pregnancy   more info gender medicine
Performing Humanity   more info culture gender
Persistent Enlightenment   more info c18th philosophy politics revolution
Pox and prejudice?   more info culture medicine
Praeludia Microcosmica   more info philosophy religion science
Pre-Elizabethan England   more info tudors
Project Alex: all about Alessandro de' Medici   more info politics
Project Silex   more info poetry religion
Queen Mary Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies   more info c18th resource
Ramblings of a Renaissance Man   more info drama print religion
Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions   more info c18th sources
RECIRC   more info gender print
Recreating the French Habitant in the Illinois Country   more info practice c18th
RECSO   more info c18th resource
Recusants and renegades   more info religion social
RenaiBlog   more info resource
Renaissance Lit   more info resource
Renaissance Magic   more info culture
renaissanceissues   more info art culture
Republic of Thought   more info politics
Res Obscura   more info medicine science
ReScript   more info digital social
Research Fragments   more info print
Revolutionary Thoughts   more info revolution
Richard who?   more info new_worlds
Robert Hooke's London   more info science sources
Romantic London   more info c18th culture digital place
Runaway Slaves in Britain   more info c18th digital new_worlds
Ruth's Adventures In Research   more info c18th gender politics
Sarah A Bendall   more info gender material
Scalable Reading   more info digital drama
SCEMS   more info resource
Secrets of the Hellfire Club   more info art social
Selling Enlightenment   more info c18th print
Sellswords, mercenaries and condottieri   more info military politics
Serena Dyer   more info c18th material
Serena Dyer   more info c18th material
Serendipities   more info crime culture
Shakespeare and the Bible   more info print religion shakespeare
Shakespeare Anniversary   more info resource shakespeare
Shakespeare Confidential   more info shakespeare
Shakespeare in Ireland   more info drama resource shakespeare
Shakespeare's England   more info culture print social
Shaping Sense: The Paramaterial Phantasy   more info culture philosophy print
SilkDamask   more info practice art material
Siris   more info philosophy religion
Six Degrees of Francis Bacon   more info digital social
Sixteenth Century Scholars   more info culture
Skulking in Holes and Corners   more info military
Somerville Historian   more info religion
Spinoza Research Network   more info philosophy resource
Stoicism and Early Modern Philosophy   more info philosophy
streets of salem   more info art material
Stuarts Online   more info politics resource revolution
Supernatural Histories   more info culture death religion
Susanna Calkins, Author   more info crime social
Suzannah Lipscomb   more info tudors
Tales from Star Chamber Elizabeth   more info crime politics sources
Taverns Project   more info place social
Tea in Eighteenth-Century Britain   more info culture economy material
telling the flesh   more info c18th gender medicine
Text Creation Partnership   more info digital resource sources
Textual Studies, 1500-1800   more info print resource
The 1640s Picturebook   more info practice material military
The 18th-Century Common   more info c18th
The Adverts 250 Project   more info c18th economy material
The Age of Oddities: Reading the Eighteenth Century   more info c18th
The Bardathon   more info practice shakespeare
The Bardolator   more info shakespeare
The Bills of Mortality & Sudden Violent Death   more info c18th social
The Bookfish   more info drama shakespeare
The Chirurgeon's Apprentice   more info medicine
The Collation   more info culture print
The Conveyor   more info print sources
The Crooke Book   more info science sources
The Diary of Samuel Pepys   more info social sources
The Dublin Print Project   more info c18th print
The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century   more info c18th culture
The Eagle Clawed Wolfe   more info military politics
The Early Modern Blog   more info resource
The Early Modern Intelligencer   more info resource
The Early Modern World   more info culture gender
The EMREM Forum   more info resource
The Franco-British Network for 17th and 18th Century Research/ Le Reseau Franco-Britannique pour les chercheurs du 17e et 18e siecle   more info c18th resource
The Freedom of the Streets   more info gender place social
the generous georgian: dr richard mead   more info c18th medicine
The Gorboduc Project   more info drama tudors
The Great Parchment Book   more info digital sources
The History Fox   more info gender medicine social
The History of Love   more info c18th gender social
The History Woman's Blog   more info politics
The Hurd Library   more info c18th print
The Joyful Molly   more info c18th military
The Junto   more info new_worlds revolution
The Lady's Magazine (1770-1818): Understanding the Emergence of a Genre   more info c18th gender print
The Long Eighteenth   more info c18th
the many-headed monster   more info social
The Medicine Chest   more info c18th medicine
The Power of the Criminal Corpse   more info crime material
The Print Shop Window   more info c18th culture print
The Private Life of William Pitt (1759-1806)   more info c18th politics
The Recipes Project   more info material medicine
The Renaissance Diary   more info resource
The Renaissance Girl...   more info art culture drama
The Renaissance Mathematicus   more info science
The Reverend's Big Blog of Leather   more info practice material
The Seacoast of Bohemia   more info drama
The Seventeenth Century Lady   more info culture
The Shakespeare blog   more info shakespeare
The Sloane Letters Blog   more info medicine science sources
The Spinning Project   more info economy material social
The Stone and The Shell   more info c18th digital
The Stuart Successions Project   more info politics print
The TannerRitchie Blog   more info sources
The Three Piece Puzzle   more info place politics
The View from the Eighteenth Century   more info c18th culture
The Virtual Paul's Cross Project   more info practice digital place religion
Theosophical Transactions   more info religion
Things C18th   more info c18th material
Thinking in Arden   more info shakespeare
This Gaudy Gilded Stage   more info c18th gender
Thomas Morris   more info medicine
Thrumpledum Thrum   more info drama poetry
Transregional History   more info politics religion social
Traveling Scriptorium   more info material print
Tudor and other studies   more info tudors
Tudor stuff: Tudor history from the heart of England   more info social tudors Blog   more info tudors
TudorsOnFilm Blog   more info practice tudors
Tympan and Frisket   more info drama print
Vade Mecum   more info print
Vast Public Indifference   more info material social
Versailles and More   more info c18th culture
Vesalius Census   more info medicine print science
Vespers 1610, An Early Music Blog   more info practice music
Visualizing English Print   more info digital drama print
Voces de la Historia   more info culture resource
Voice of the Elephant-Shrew   more info crime gender
Voltaire Foundation   more info c18th philosophy science
Wars of Louis Quatorze   more info military
wartsandbrawls   more info religion social
Web4Ren Forum (W4RF)   more info philosophy resource
William Eamon   more info science
Wine Dark Sea   more info digital shakespeare
Witchcraft in Poland   more info crime gender
Women Writers, 1660-1800   more info c18th gender
Women's Work in Rural England, 1500-1700   more info economy gender social
Writing Privacy   more info culture
Writing the Renaissance   more info culture
Wynken de Worde   more info culture print