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Herefordshire orchards, a pattern for all England

Bookplates of Horace Walpole and Paul Latcham. Unidentified contemporary MS pharmaceutical calculation on front flyleaf recto. MS list of contents in 18th-c. hand on front flyleaf verso, possibly in Michael Lort’s hand Author: Beale, John,...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 16 Sep 2014

M. Annaei Lucani Pharsalia

Formerly owned and bound by Horace Walpole, gifted to an unknown recipient with note ‘Ex dono editoris Mr. Horace Walpole'; also with a few 19th century booksellers’ notes on end leaves. Purchased in the 19th century by the then Earl of...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 7 Aug 2014

Aeschini Socratici dialogi tres graece et latine

 Horace Walpole’s copy with his bookplate and note on fly-leaf. Includes life of Aeschines and Jean Le Clerc’s Silvae Philologicae. Author: Aeschines, Socraticus, 4th cent. B.C. Title: Aeschini Socratici dialogi tres graece et latine...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 12 May 2014

Sketchbook of views, landscapes, ruins, castles…

Album of ca. 40 pen and ink, wash, and one color drawing of scenes in Yorkshire, most dated (30 April 1799-9 June 1801) and “drawn on the spot”, with the artist’s identification of the locales, buildings, and ruins. The first is dated...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 9 May 2014

Correspondence with Horace Walpole, 1736-1796

James Granger to Horace Walpole, 24 July 1764 Horace Walpole to Charles Lyttelton, 22 May 1736 Horace Walpole to Bertie Greatheed, 22 February 1796 Horace Walpole to Sir William Hamilton, 18 February 1776 Horace Walpole to Thomas Pitt, 5 June 1764 Horace...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 7 May 2014

Songs and poems of love and drollery

Horace Walpole’s copy Author: T. W. (Thomas Weaver), 1616-1663. Title: Songs and poems of love and drollery. By T.W. Published: [London : s.n.], Printed in the year, 1654. Catalog Record 49 1992 Acquired May 2005
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 5 May 2014

Visiting the sick

Printmaker: Gillray, James, 1756-1815, printmaker. Title: Visiting the sick [graphic] / J. Gillray fec[i]t. Published:[London] : Pubd. July 28th, 1806, by H. Humphrey, 27 St. James’s Street, [1806] Catalog Record  & Digital Collection 806. Acquired...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 2 May 2014

A catalogue of the royal and noble authors of England

Uncut copy with misprint in running title on p. 74. Interleaved, without illustrations, genealogical tables or music. Extensively annotated and corrected throughout by the author in preparation of the definitive edition (which was never published)....
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 30 Apr 2014

A lecture on wigs illustrated by a man who does not wear one

6 plates of dignitaries in official wigs, law wig, bar wig, reverend wig, etc., the top 5 with cutouts revealing face on the 6th plate which is depicted with natural uncut and unattractive locks. Title: A lecture on wigs illustrated by a man who does...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 28 Apr 2014

Fables ancient and modern

Inscribed on front free endpaper by Edeard Cheney and with his library stamp: “From the Strawberry Hill ale, once belonging to Maria Stewart, the step mother of Horace Walpole, July 7th 1842.” Author: Dryden, John, 1631-1700. Title: Fables ancient and modern :...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 25 Apr 2014

The ladies toilet

Adapted from work originally published as L’art de la coëffure des dames françoises (Paris, 1765) Author: Legros, Sieur, fl. 1765. Title: The ladies toilet, or, The art of head-dressing in its utmost beauty and extent : Exemplified in a...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 24 Apr 2014

Les principales avantures de l’admirable Don Quichotte

 Bound in vellum with blind tooling. Spine title lettered by hand: Avantures de Don Quichotte. Bookplate of Horace Walpole with Strawberry Hill shelfmark and with bookstamp of Horace N. Pym Author: Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616. Uniform...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 22 Apr 2014

Bookseller & author

In the center of a book-lined room the bookseller, with a pen behind his ear, his hands in his pockets, glasses pushed to the top of his head, stands looking down disdainfully at a manuscript being offered to him by a thin, timid looking man who stands...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 21 Apr 2014

The architecture of A. Palladio in four books

Horace Walpole’s copy, with his ms. annotations and bookplate. Bookplate of the Leicester and Leicestershire Society of Architects. Author: Palladio, Andrea, 1508-1580. Uniform Title: [Quattro libri dell'architettura. English]  Title: The...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 17 Apr 2014

An architectural inspection

Unsigned drawing of two men, one of whom may be the architect, looking over an active construction site with work men engaged in various activities on the ground and on the scaffolding around a townhouse(?). Creator: Rowlandson, Thomas, 1756-1827,...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 11 Apr 2014

A great stream from a petty fountain

A torrent of taxes gushes from the mouth of Lord Henry Petty, chancellor of the exchequer, emptying into the “Unfathomable Sea of Taxation” in which John Bull is drowning in full view of greedy cormorants representing members of the Grenville...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 10 Apr 2014

An account of what seemed most remarkable…

 Issued in 1872 with title: Hogarth’s frolic. Author: Forrest, Ebenezer, active 1774. Title: An account of what seemed most remarkable in the five days peregrination of … Messieurs Tothall, Scott, Hogarth, Thornhill, and Forrest....
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 9 Apr 2014

Six old women discussing their cats

 Two rows of women quarter-length and in profile, some cradling cats in their arms, with captions inscribed in ink near each figure: This is my Queensbury the finest Tom Cat in England; I’m going to see Arabella’s catery she had two...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 8 Apr 2014

The English baronage from William I to James I

514 colored drawings of the arms of English barons, including the kings and queens of England from William the Conqueror to James I. Title: The English baronage from William I to James I, [18th century?] Catalog Record Folio 49 3499 Acquired January...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 7 Apr 2014

Catalog of pictures at Raynham Hall

Room by room manuscript listing of pictures at Raynham Hall, including the painting “Belisarius” by Salvatore Rosa, acquired by Charles, second Viscount Townshend. Also includes paintings by Anthony Van Dyck, Peter Lely, and Godfrey Kneller. Title:...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 3 Apr 2014

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