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 Antonio Neri's family arms, from the vestibuleof the Palazzo Marzichi-Lenzi, Florence.Archiater was a title used in ancient times for the doctors of Roman Emperors. Later, this term was applied to the head physicians of rulers throughout Europe....
From: Conciatore on 12 Feb 2021

Sonnet for a Barber

 Possible portrait of Lodovico Domenichi,British Museum, inventory #1867,1012.650This is a post about a 16th century poet who was best friends with alchemist/glassmaker Antonio Neri's grandfather, Jacopo, and who may even be the inspiration for...
From: Conciatore on 10 Feb 2021

The Duke's Oil

 Trajan's Column, RomeGiovanni Battista Piranesi (1758)In the seventeenth century, alchemy was a dangerous business. Yes, there were risks of sanctions by the authorities, which could be very harsh, but great dangers also lurked in the chemicals...
From: Conciatore on 5 Feb 2021

Alchemist Cardinal

 Portrait of Francesco Maria del MonteOttavio Leoni (1578–1630)In the early seventeenth century, Cardinal Francesco Maria del Monte served as the unofficial Florentine cultural ambassador in Rome. He regularly entertained visiting dignitaries...
From: Conciatore on 3 Feb 2021

Neri's Travels

 “Roma,” Antonio Neri,from Tesoro del Mondo (Neri 1598–1600).The length and breadth of Antonio Neri's travels are far greater in thumbnail biographies and off hand remarks than can be substantiated by actual documentation. While...
From: Conciatore on 1 Feb 2021

Neri and the Kabbalah

  Kabbalistic Sephiroth Tree,from Portae Lucis, Paulus Ricius (Trans.)Augsburg, 1516.Kabbalah is a form of mysticism practiced within the Jewish tradition. In the early seventeenth century, there was a great deal of interest in Kabbalistic...
From: Conciatore on 27 Jan 2021

Don Antonio de' Medici

 Don Antonio de' MediciFrontispiece from Pierfilippo Covoni 1892In 1612, Priest Antonio Neri published his book of glassmaking recipes. L'Arte Vetraria went on to become a primary reference for glass artisans throughout Europe. He dedicated...
From: Conciatore on 22 Jan 2021

Eyes of a Lyn

 The seal of the Accademia dei Lincei.In the spring of 1612, Florentine priest Antonio Neri published his book on glassmaking. L'Arte Vetraria was the first printed book devoted to the formulation of glass from raw materials, but unfortunately...
From: Conciatore on 20 Jan 2021

The Glassmaker and The Astronomer

 Portrait of Galileo Galilei, 1636 (detail),by Justus Sustermans (1597-1681).Galileo Galilei lived almost simultaneously with glassmaker and alchemist Antonio Neri. Both were employed by the Medici royal court in Tuscany and both spent considerable...
From: Conciatore on 18 Jan 2021

Aventurine Glass

 Small amphora in aventurine glass,Murano, Salviati.With all its glitz and sparkle, aventurine (avventurina) stands out as a flamboyant extrovert among the varieties of glass. Developed and perfected on the Venetian island of Murano, also known as...
From: Conciatore on 15 Jan 2021

Reflections on the Mirror

 Jan van EyckThe Arnolfini Portrait (1434)L’Arte Vetraria, Antonio Neri's 1612 book, would eventually become the glassmakers' bible throughout Europe. By 1900 it had been translated into five different languages besides the original Italian;...
From: Conciatore on 8 Jan 2021

Art and Science

 Jacopo Ligozzi,1518,  fanciful glass vessels,ink and watercolor on paper.Antonio Neri's writing on glassmaking and alchemy was distinguished from that of many contemporary authors in that his work was all deeply rooted in hands-on experience. He...
From: Conciatore on 4 Jan 2021

Emerald Green Glass

 Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, walking on palm leaves. Pietro Lorenzetti 1320For Western Christians, Easter week begins with "Palm Sunday," a feast day that falls on the Sunday before Easter and celebrates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. His...
From: Conciatore on 1 Jan 2021

Turquoise Glass

  Turquoise glass stampof calif Mustadi  c.1170.It is estimated that turquoise is among the earliest gems ever mined. With colors that vary from pastel green to a bright sky blue, it has adorned Egyptian sarcophaguses of 5000 years ago,...
From: Conciatore on 30 Dec 2020

Golden Yellow Glass

Yellow Neon Chandelier, 1995Dale Chihuly.(Columbus, Indiana Visitors Center). "Very few people know how to make colors like golden yellow and solid red well. These are difficult and troublesome in the art of glassmaking, since in making them you...
From: Conciatore on 28 Dec 2020

Ultramarine Blue

 Scrovegni  Chapel, PaduaFrescos and ultramarine ceiling, Giotto 1306.In his fifteenth century handbook for painters, Cennino Cennini said, "Ultramarine blue is a color illustrious, beautiful and most perfect, beyond all other colors; one could...
From: Conciatore on 25 Dec 2020

Gold Ruby Glass

 A gold florin.Legend claims gold ruby glass was discovered when a nobel threwa gold coin into a glass maker's crucible.Antonio Neri is best remembered for writing L'Arte Vetraria. It was the first printed book entirely devoted to the formulation...
From: Conciatore on 23 Dec 2020

Don Giovanni in Flanders

 Spanish attack on a Flemish village,Attr:  Pieter Snayers. (click to enlarge)In the winter of 1603-04, Glassmaker Antonio Neri embarked on what would become a seven-year-long visit to Antwerp, possibly the most productive period of his...
From: Conciatore on 18 Dec 2020

Sulfur of Saturn

 The Roman Goddess Ops, 'sweet'-heart (and wife)of Saturn, Peter Paul Rubens c. 1630,“Abundance (Abundantia).” [1]Antonio Neri’s 1612 book on glassmaking, L'Arte Vetraria, devotes an entire chapter to making artificial...
From: Conciatore on 16 Dec 2020

Paste Gems

Pastes (glass) set in silver openwork (Portugal c. 1750)Victoria and Albert Museum, London.Acq. nr. M.68-1962In many ways, the story of artificial gems traces the story of glass technology itself. From ancient times, when glass could only be produced...
From: Conciatore on 14 Dec 2020

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