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Fabrics for the 18th Century and Beyond

Robe a la Francaise, 1770, LACMA M.2007.211 – beautiful and expensive printed cotton One of the top questions I get from budding 18th century costumers is “what fabric should I use?” Luckily, there is ample choice for the Georgian era, though...

Wardrobe Options for Williamsburg 2021

After the heckin’ year+ we’ve all had, I’m so excited to be going to Colonial Williamsburg in mid-June! I haven’t been to that glorious place since 2015. There’s quite the meet-up happening and I’m very excited to hang out with friends old...

1780s Embroidered Italian Gown – Skirts and Sleeves

In the first post on this project, I constructed the bodice front and back. Now it’s time for skirts – the fun part – and sleeves – the evil part. Skirts first. My fabric was blessedly 60 inches wide, so I used two panels with the seam down...

A 1780s Embroidered Italian Gown – Finally

Most of my 2020 was spent in working on – and finishing! – UFOs or “unfinished objects.” I completed my 1760s Sunset Silk Robe a la Francaise, an 1890s linen jacket, a couple 1930s dresses, and the 1630s Bumble Bee Bodice. In...

The February 2021 Collection is Here – {Pre-Order Open!}

Time for the first collection of 2021! This year, the big plan is to do a pre-order every single month through August (yowza!). Our February collection got off to a bit of a late start (thanks for slowing shipping to a crawl, Covid), but we’re technically...

The Death of Cook, 1784, 1787-1788

The Death of Cook, John Cleveley the Younger, 1784, collection unknown.Detail from The Death of Cook, John Cleveley the Younger, 1784, Wikimedia Commons.Detail from The Death of Cook, John Cleveley the Younger, c.1784, Honolulu Academy of Arts via Wikimedia...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 3 Jan 2018

British Heroism at Omoa, 1789

British Heroism at Omoa, artist unkown, in The Gentleman's and London Magazine: Or Monthly Chronologer, August, 1789, Google Books.The latest in the images I have thus far collected of the British tar at Omoa, this print accompanied a brief description...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 27 Nov 2017

Gallant Behaviour of an English Sailor, c.1785

Gallant behaviour of an English Sailor in offering a sword to an unarmed Spaniard to defend himself, at the taking of Fort Omoa, in the Bay of Honduras, October 20th 1779, engraved by John Record after Metz, c.1785, Library of Congress.Here...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 22 Nov 2017

A British Sailor Offering a Sword to an Unarmed Spanish Officer, 1783

A British Sailor offering a Sword to an Unarmed Spanish Officer, engraved by John Thronton, 1783, Library of Congress.Another copy of this print can be found at the National Maritime Museum.In the upper left, sailors bearing cutlasses mount the parapets....
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 20 Nov 2017

The British Tar at Omoa, 178

The British Tar at Omoa, William Humphrey, 1780, British Museum.It has been 238 years since the Battle of San Fernando de Omoa. After Spain's entry into the American Revolutionary War, a British expedition was dispatched to what is today Honduras,...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 15 Nov 2017

Selection of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign Airs, 178

Frontispiece to A Selection of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign Airs, by James Aird, published by J. McFadyen, 1782, Internet Archive.Special thanks to follower Adam Hodges-LeClaire for pointing this one out.Published late in the American Revolutionary...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 30 Oct 2017

The True British Tar, 1785

The True British Tar, Carington Bowles, 1785, British Museum.Beyond the window lies a ship at anchor, but clearly our sailor is a bit more focused on the sacks of Spanish dollars he's procured. His table is scattered with coins and bedecked with bottles...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 18 Oct 2017

Fortune's Favourites: or Happiness in every Situation, 1786

Fortune's Favourites: or Happiness in every Situation, Robert Dighton, printed by Bowles & Carver, 1786, British Museum.Dighton's cartoon shows all classes of society smiling and enjoying their day beneath a blindfolded Fortune, with one hand on a...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 16 Oct 2017

Saint George for England, 1781

Saint George for England, Carrington Bowles, 1781, British Museum.At the base of this print is a poem, surmounted by a bowl of punch:Behold your Saint with Glorious English Fare,Noble Sirloin, Rich Pudding and strong Beer.For you my Heart's of Oak, for...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 12 Jul 2017

Plate from Histoire des naufrages, 1788

Plate from Histoire des Naufrages, engraved by Marillier, 1788, John Carter Brown Library of Early American Images.The curators of the John Carter Brown Library of Early American Images state that this image depicts a small group of survivors...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 21 Jun 2017

A View of Christmas Harbour, 1784

A View of Christmas Harbour in Kerguelen's Island, engraved by Newton after John Webber, 1784, Davidson Galleries.Thanks once more to Adam Hodges-LeClaire for pointing this out to me!The harbor seen here was originally drawn by John Webber over the week...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 22 May 2017

English creamware jug transfer, c.1787

English creamware jug transfer 'Poor Jack,' artist unknown, c.1787, Online Galleries.You can buy this one for yourself over at Online Galleries! It's an original double sided creamware jug with red transfer on both sides. The opposite side (not pictured...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 17 May 2017

Yarico, 1775 and 178

's Man sells a slave woman to another, Guillaume-Thomas-François Raynal, 1775, John Carter Brown Library Archive of Early American Images. Un Anglais de la Barbade, vend sa Maitresse, Jean-Michel Moreau, 1780, John Carter Brown Library...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 15 May 2017

Robinson Crusoe, Plate III, 1781

Plate III to Robinson Crusoe, engraved by James Heath after Thomas Stothard for Novelists' Magazine, 1781, British Museum.Early in Daniel Defoe's The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, the title character is captured in North Africa and...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 8 May 2017

The Profane laying hands on the Over Righteous, c1776-1785

The Profane Laying Hands on the Over Righteous, Robert Sayer, c1776-1784, British Museum.Sayer proudly proclaims that this print is "a real scene on Tower Hill." Robert Dighton, the artist and engraver who created this image for Sayer to produce, gives...
From: British Tars, 1740-1790 on 26 Apr 2017

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