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Two Recent Reviews of Titles from the Journal of the American Revolution Books Series

Two outstanding reviews of titles in the Journal of the American Revolution Books Series were recently published. In the Spring 2018 issue of Army... The post Two Recent Reviews of Titles from the Journal of the American Revolution Books Series appeared...

George Washington’s 1781 Campaign Design Revealed

George Washington closed a July 31, 1788 letter to Noah Webster noting that Webster’s “desire of obtaining truth is very laudable, I wish I... The post George Washington’s 1781 Campaign Design Revealed appeared first on Journal of the...

The French Bread Connection

It was the letter that forced Washington to give up his dream of recapturing New York. Gen. Jean-Baptiste Donatien de Vimeur, comte de Rochambeau,... The post The French Bread Connection appeared first on Journal of the American Revolution.

Le Plus Détaillée: The July 1781 Reconnaissance of New York

Continental Army general George Washington sat atop his horse ignoring the “smart skirmish” raging around him.[1] He could have joined his soldiers in attacking... The post Le Plus Détaillée: The July 1781 Reconnaissance of New...

Unappreciated Allies: Choctaws, Creeks, and the Defense of British West Florida, 1781

Two months after Spain entered the American Revolutionary War on June 21, 1779, the governor of Spanish Louisiana, Don Bernardo de Galvez, launched an... The post Unappreciated Allies: Choctaws, Creeks, and the Defense of British West Florida, 1781 appeared...

Yorktown National Battlefield: The Encampment Tour

Almost anyone that develops a passion for history can point to an event deep within themselves that spawned an imaginative interpretation of events, and... The post Yorktown National Battlefield: The Encampment Tour appeared first on Journal of the American...

Command and Control During the Yorktown Campaign

The definitions of joint command of land, maritime, air and other forces as practiced by the United States military today were unknown to those who practiced warfare in the eighteenth century. However, the concepts outlined in contemporary definitions...

A Yorktown Footnote: The Last Days of Col. Alexander Scammell

The highest ranking Continental Army officer to be killed during the Siege of Yorktown in 1781 was Col. Alexander Scammell, 34-year old commander of the New Hampshire Regiment.[1] The descriptions of his capture and wounding in the many published accounts...

Three Dates, One Action? The Demarests at New Bridge, 1781

One of the finest sources for anecdotal, first-hand accounts of the Revolution is the U.S. Pension & Bounty Land Applications in the National Archives. They contain vivid snippets of military service, actions, genealogical information, social culture,...

Who Really “Crossed the T” in the Battle of the Saintes?

When de Grasse’s fleet left Yorktown for the Caribbean on November 4, 1781, he was already planning how to pursue the second objective of the July 17, 1781, de Grasse/Saavedra Conventions. The objectives that he had agreed to with the Secretary of State...

The Groton Riots of 1781

On Tuesday, October 9, 1781, at 5:00 that afternoon, as an American flag unfurled over Grand Battery 13A at Yorktown, George Washington personally set light to an eighteen-pounder announcing to Charles Cornwallis that his end was not far off. As the hurtling...

Planning the Final Action: George Washington and Rochambeau, May 1781

After the Americans’ stunning victory at Saratoga on October 17, 1777, King Louis XVI ordered his ministers to negotiate a formal alliance between France and the United States. Conrad Alexander Gérard of France and Benjamin Franklin, Silas Deane, and...

Dripping in Gold

Ever heard the tune ‘Crave You’ by Flight Facilities? “I walked into the room dripping in gold Yeah dripping in gold I walked into the room dripping in gold Dripping in gold A wave of heads did turn, or so I’ve been told Or so...
From: Life Takes Lemons on 3 Mar 2014

Race to the Dan: “Pushed with Great Expedition”

It had been a tense three weeks in the Carolinas for General Nathanael Greene, the commander of the American southern army.  In the wake of General Daniel Morgan’s decisive victory at Cowpens on January 17th, 1781, General Greene moved to reunite his...

Cavalry: Swords before Pistols

“…the sword is the most destructive and almost only necessary weapon a dragoon carries.”[1] So wrote Major Richard Call of the 3d Light Dragoons to Governor Thomas Jefferson in March of 1781.  At first glance it may seem odd that a light horseman...

Mutiny of the Pennsylvania Line

Woodcut of a scene in the Pennsylvania Line Mutiny. Source: NY Public Library Dear Mr. History:  What happened with the famous mutiny of the Pennsylvania Line that occurred January, 1781?  Did the soldiers have legitimate grievances? What does such...

The Whale-boat Men of Long Island Sound

Example of whaleboats in a 1690 painting by Abraham Storck. Source: Stichting Rijksmuseum het Zuiderzeemuseum When the Continental Congress first commissioned the use of private ships and boats of war in April 1776, they specified that each vessel’s...

Washington’s Deviation to Virginia

General Washington received the disappointing news on August 14, 1781. Comte De Grasse’s powerful French fleet of nearly thirty warships was not sailing for New York as Washington had long hoped, but was instead destined for the Chesapeake Bay. Washington’s...

"War in itself, however distant, is indeed terrible, but when brought to our very doors—When those we..."

“War in itself, however distant, is indeed terrible, but when brought to our very doors—When those we most love are personally engaged in it, When our friends and neighbors are exposed to its ravages, when we know assuredly that without sacrificing...
From: Revolutionary Thoughts on 3 Sep 2013

Grading British General Benedict Arnold

Prior to September 1780, Benedict Arnold earned a great reputation among Patriots for his bold, brave actions at Quebec, Valcour and Saratoga.  In return for his treason, Arnold received commission as a General in the British army but the question remained...

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