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Simon Patrick, Advice to a Friend (1673)

By Brenda Collins This blog provides a useful outlet for the publication and exchange of information about the increasing complexity of findings of female book owners. It enables connections at an individual level to be made between time, space and...

‘An Unnatural Rebellion’: How the British Perceived the American Revolution

Today I’d like to welcome a new guest to All Things Georgian – Jordan Baker. Jordan holds a BA and MA in History from North Carolina State University. He is a lover of all things historical and concentrates his research and writing on the history...
From: All Things Georgian on 20 Sep 2021

Exhibition | Mary Ronayne: Fool’s Paradise

From the press release, via ArtFix Daily: Mary Ronayne: Fool’s Paradise HOFA Gallery, London, 16–29 September 2021 Mary Ronayne, The Farthington Family Portrait with Settee, 2021, enamel and emulsion on wood panel, 120 × 90 cm. Irish figurative painter...
From: Enfilade on 16 Sep 2021

Death by dangerous driving of a stagecoach

From the early 1800s, coach design was much improved and, in part, so were roads. By the 1820s coaches could travel at about 12 miles an hour with four horses rather than six as had been used previously. Coach drivers also were much smarter in their appearance...
From: All Things Georgian on 13 Sep 2021

New teasers from Strelets-R

I think these are Bavarian firing line. Looking good. 
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 11 Sep 2021

Malplaquet 1709

 Today's anniversary is this battle.
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 11 Sep 2021

Huntington Commissions Wiley to Paint New, ‘Blue-Boy’ Inspired Work

Press release (9 September 2021) from The Huntington: Kehinde Wiley, A Portrait of a Young Gentleman San Marino, The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, 2 October 2021 — 3 January 2022 The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical...
From: Enfilade on 11 Sep 2021

Louis XVI’s Execution: An Eyewitness Account | Leboucher

After Victor Hugo’s death, and before the publication of his letters (many of which remain unpublished), Paul Maurice published Memoirs of Victor Hugo. This was not chronological autobiography but was, as Maurice remarked, “A sort of haphazard...

World’s Oldest Denim Fabric as Inspiration

From (with coverage also at HypeBeast). . . Tom Shearsmith, “Diesel to Reproduce World’s Oldest Known Jeans Fabric,” The Industry.Fashion (3 September 2021). Diesel has announced it is to honour Genoa, the birthplace of Jeans,...
From: Enfilade on 9 Sep 2021

Mr. William Shakespear’s Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies (1685)

By V. M. Braganza Title page of the Fourth Folio of Mr. William Shakespear’s Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies (1685), up for auction at Christie’s as part of the Theodore B. Baum sale in September 2021. But this rough magicI here...

30th Anniversary of Robert Carter’s ‘Deed of Gift’

Staggered over time, the manumission took decades to complete. A certificate of freedom for one of the freedmen reads, “Dennis Johnston, a Male Negro aged about twenty seven years of dark Complexion five feet ten or eleven inches, stout and well made...
From: Enfilade on 6 Sep 2021

Exhibition | Virginia Lee Montgomery: Sword in the Sphin

Virginia Lee Montgomery (VLM), Sword in the Sphinx, 2018, resin, steel, rust, concrete, enamel. As installed at Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens, New York in 2018. ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊ Opening this month at Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park:...
From: Enfilade on 4 Sep 2021

A Brief History of Crime Literature | Stephen Basdeo

By Stephen Basdeo, a historian and writer based in Leeds, UK.[1] Unless otherwise stated, all images are from books in my private collection. There are few subjects that interest us more generally, than the adventures of robbers and banditti. In...

Regency “Privy” Matters: Feminine Hygiene, Bodily Functions, and Childbirth

After my previous article on Regency Women: Beauty Behind the Scenes, I realized that the things I really want to know more about concerning Jane Austen’s Regency women aren’t (and weren’t) discussed as much as other topics such as beauty regimes....
From: Jane Austen's World on 2 Sep 2021

Keeping Law and Order in the Liberty of the Savoy according to Joseph Ritson | Stephen Basdeo

By Stephen Basdeo, a historian and writer based in Leeds, UK. This article is taken from a conference paper due to be given tomorrow at the British Crime Historians’ Symposium, University of Leeds. Joseph Ritson (personal collection) Abstract...

Addressing Colonialism and Historic Slavery at the National Trust

Illustration by Michael Kennedy for Sam Knight’s article in The New Yorker (23 August 2021), p. 31 The National Trust released its Interim Report on the Connections between Colonialism and Properties Now in the Care of the National Trust, Including...
From: Enfilade on 25 Aug 2021

The Walker Expedition to Quebec 1711

 One of the worst disasters in British naval history occurred today in 1711. Read about it here
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 22 Aug 2021

Humours of May Fair (1760): or, Scenes of 18th-Century Life | Anonymous

 ‘The Humours of May Fair’ is an interesting poem, written at the middle of the eighteenth century, which depicts the scenes that could be seen at the annual May Day celebrations (so not a celebration held in Mayfair, London, but a fair held in the...

Strelets-R WSS 1/72 Dutch Cuirassiers

 HereAll the details of the WSS range here
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 13 Aug 2021

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