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The Ashburnham House fire

The British Library’s manuscript collection is built on that amassed by antiquarian Sir Robert Cotton in the early 17th century. Gifted to the nation in 1701, it was stored at Essex House on the Strand for several years before safety concerns led...
From: Mathew Lyons on 24 Nov 2020

Fair Ladies

Columbus is persona non grata these days, of course, but a hundred years ago and more his day was big in Salem and elsewhere, and the Columbian Exposition of 1893 was even bigger. The Essex Institute was charged with furnishing an entire room...
From: streets of salem on 21 Nov 2020

The Second Mobbing of Jesse Saville

After a Gloucester crowd attacked Samuel Fellows and Jesse Saville in September 1768, both men went to work for His Majesty’s Customs Service.The Customs Commissioners were expanding their force, to collect and to use Townshend Act revenue, and...
From: Boston 1775 on 20 Nov 2020

The first Svengali

Whenever Dominic Cummings makes the headlines, commentators reach for the same word to describe his relationship with the prime minister: he is Boris Johnson’s Svengali, they write. But who was the original Svengali? Svengali is one of those rare...
From: Mathew Lyons on 20 Nov 2020

Torricelli and Glass

Evangelista Torricelliby Lorenzo Lippi, circa 1647Evangelista Torricelli (1608–1647) is remembered as the inventor of the mercury barometer. Lesser known are a number of significant contributions he made to mathematics, astronomy and physics. There...
From: Conciatore on 20 Nov 2020

Appel à communication : Glass in Architecture: Production, use and conservation (Romont, 5-6 Nov 21)

Glass in Architecture: Production, use and conservation (Romont, 5-6 Nov 21) Vitromusée Romont, November 5 – 06, 2021 Deadline: Jan 15, 2021 Glass in architecture from the pre- to the post-industrial era: Production, use and conservation...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 19 Nov 2020

Appel à publication : Heritage, Special Issue. Stained Glass: Materials, Methods, and Expressions

Heritage, Special Issue: Stained Glass: Materials, Methods, and Expressions September 16, 2020 – August 31, 2021 Deadline: Aug 31, 2021 Heritage, an international peer-reviewed open access journal of cultural and natural heritage science published...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 19 Nov 2020

Appel à communication : Arts contemporains et indigénéités

Journée d’étude « Arts contemporains et indigénéités », 26 mars 2020, École normale supérieure, Département ARTS Cette journée d’étude a pour objectif...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 19 Nov 2020

Art Detectives: Anne Birch by George Romney

The portrait of Anne Birch is housed at the Phoenix Art Museum and is described by them as George Romney’s depiction of Anne Birch reveals why his portraits were so in demand. Elegantly dressed, seated languidly on a bench in a dark glade that opens...
From: All Things Georgian on 18 Nov 2020

A Fashionabe Mama

A fashionable mama breastfeeds her baby in Friedrich Tischbein's Portrait of a Family, c.1795-1800, via Museumslandschaft Hessen Kassel. See more #gloriousGeorgians on Twitter!

Rodrigo, “Influence of Meteorological Conditions on the Yellow Fever Epidemic,” “Atmosphere,” April

Fernando S. Rodrigo, “The Influence of Meteorological Conditions on the Yellow Fever Epidemic in Cádiz (Southern Spain) in 1800: A Historical Scientific Controversy,” Atmosphere 11/4 (2020).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 17 Nov 2020

Creating John Gregory’s Bas Reliefs at the Folger

Who carved the John Gregory’s bas reliefs on the facade of the Folger? Reader’s of last week’s Collation post will know that the apparently obvious answer—John Gregory—is incorrect. Sculptor John Gregory definitely created...
From: The Collation on 17 Nov 2020

November 17

What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago today? “A Collection of HYMNS for social Worship … By that eminent and illustrious Servant of Christ, the late Rev. GEORGE WHITEFIELD.” In the weeks after George Whitefield’s...
From: The Adverts 250 Project on 17 Nov 2020

Lord Dartmouth’s War of Words, 1775

It was late 1775, and William Legge, the 2nd Earl of Dartmouth, was looking out the window of his office in Whitehall, London, thinking... The post Lord Dartmouth’s War of Words, 1775 appeared first on Journal of the American Revolution.

Hildegard of Bingen

The visions began when Hildegard of Bingen was young – perhaps as young as three. But unlike many mystical religious experiences, the visions did not come in dreams or ecstatic states; ecstasy, she thought, was a defect. They came like a cloud of...
From: Mathew Lyons on 17 Nov 2020

Coup in Peru Webinar

*** Hosted in conjunction with Smith College and Baruch College, Age of Revolutions is happy to present the recording of the “Emergency Webinar: Coup in Peru” held this past Friday, November 13th. Javier Puente (Smith College moderated...
From: Age of Revolutions on 16 Nov 2020

A philosopher queen remembered

Ahilyabai Holkar, queen of the Malwa kingdom in north-west central India, part of the Maratha empire, died on 13 August 1795, having reigned for nearly thirty years. She came to power in 1767 after the deaths of her father in law, Malhar Rao Holkar, and...
From: Mathew Lyons on 16 Nov 2020

Colloque en ligne : « Penser autrement les lettres et les arts : la voie/x de la scolastique (1500-1700) » (16-20 novembre 2020)

  Colloque en ligne : « Penser autrement les lettres et les arts : la voie/x de la scolastique (1500-1700) » (16-20 novembre 2020) Ce colloque est organisé dans le cadre du projet Schol’Art. Débuté...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 14 Nov 2020

Appel à contribution pour le n° 34 de la revue Marges : Éthique et/ou esthétique

Appel à contribution pour le n° 34 de la revue Marges : Éthique et/ou esthétique Date limite des propositions : 1er janvier 2021 Ces dernières décennies ont vu une prise en considération de plus en plus importante...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 14 Nov 2020

Joseph Paul – An Unscrupulous Norfolk Artist – Part 3

Welcome back to this, the concluding part of the rollercoaster which has been the story of Joseph Paul’s life. If you missed the first two parts here are the links for you – Part 1  Part 2 To date we have had the deaths of three wives,...
From: All Things Georgian on 11 Nov 2020

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