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The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner: A Review by Vic Sanborn and an Audio Book Giveaway

Last summer I received an uncorrected manuscript of The Jane Austen Society to read with a request for feedback and any thoughts I had before a final printing. (I assume many other readers also received this request.) Natalie Jenner’s name was not...
From: Jane Austen's World on 14 Jun 2020

The Jane Austen Society: An Interview with Natalie Jenner By Rachel Dodge

It is my pleasure to introduce to you author Natalie Jenner and her debut novel, The Jane Austen Society. Let’s begin with a description of the novel to whet your literary appetites: One hundred and fifty years ago, Chawton was the final home of...
From: Jane Austen's World on 25 May 2020

An Interview with Soniah Kamal, Author of Unmarriageable: Pride and Prejudice in Pakistan by Brenda S. Co

Inquiring readers, Soniah Kamal has written a fascinating version of Pride and Prejudice set in Pakistan, Unmarriageable. The book has become very popular in a wide variety of circles, and, almost a year after its appearance, the author is still busy...
From: Jane Austen's World on 5 Feb 2020

Fatherly Types in Jane Austen’s Novels (and a Bonus Quiz) by Rachel Dodge

Inquiring readers, Rachel Dodge has once again submitted a superb article. This time she describes the fathers in Jane Austen’s novels. This Sunday marks Father’s Day in the U.S. I lost my own father four years ago. This article once again...
From: Jane Austen's World on 17 Jun 2018

Diane Rehm Interviews “Eligible” Author, Curtis Sittenfeld

In 2011, The Austen Project approached best-selling author Curtis Sittenfeld to write a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice, which she entitled Eligible (out in bookstores now). On Thursday, April 21, 2016, Diane Rehm, one of my favorite radio hosts,...
From: Jane Austen's World on 23 Apr 2016

Jane and the Waterloo Map: Interview with Stephanie Barron and Grand Giveaway

Inquiring readers: Jane Austen’s World blog is participating in a tour of Stephanie Barron’s new book, Jane and the Waterloo Map, wherein our favorite author turns sleuth in this Regency-era mystery. I have interviewed Stephanie Barron, author...
From: Jane Austen's World on 9 Feb 2016

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: the book, the graphic novel, the movie

Brainless zombies overrun Regency England in search of ... brains. Can Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy use their warrior skills save England from the zombie hordes? Watch the movie and see.
From: Jane Austen's World on 6 Feb 2016

Jane Austen and the Waterloo Map Blog Tour

Amateur sleuth Jane Austen returns in Jane and the Waterloo Map, the thirteenth novel in Stephanie Barron’s delightful Regency-era mystery series. Award winning author Stephanie Barron tours the blogosphere February 2 through February 22, 2016 to...
From: Jane Austen's World on 2 Feb 2016

Celebrating Pride and Prejudice’s Anniversary, 6 Million Visitors, and a Book Giveaway!

Inquiring readers, In honor of Pride and Prejudice’s 200 year anniversary, Quirk Books is offering 3 free copies of their books: a copy of The Jane Austen Handbook by Margaret C. Sullivan and two copies of the deluxe edition of Pride and Prejudice...
From: Jane Austen's World on 25 Mar 2013

Review and Book Giveaway of The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen by Syrie James

Gentle readers, One lucky U.S. reader is eligible to win a copy of Syrie James’s latest book, The Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen! (See below) In the Missing Manuscript of Jane Austen, author Syrie James attempts a plot device that often trips...
From: Jane Austen's World on 16 Jan 2013

Dear Mrs. Elton

Gentle readers: Good news! Mrs. Elton has returned, but with a twist. Diana Birchall and I hope that you’ll enjoy this interesting development in Mrs. Elton’s life. T’ill next time, and wishing you all the best of holidays … Vic...
From: Jane Austen's World on 19 Dec 2012

Miss Jane Austen’s Guide to Modern Life’s Dilemmas by Rebecca Smith: A Review

This is a review of Miss Jane Austen’s Guide to Modern Life’s Dilemmas: Answers to Your Most Burning Questions About Life, Love, Happiness (and What to War) from the Great Novelist Herself, by Rebecca Smith. 2012 marks the year of Jane Austen...
From: Jane Austen's World on 4 Dec 2012

Sandy Lerner Visits Goucher College – Second Impressions

Inquiring readers, periodically Christine Stewart sends us her impressions in her quest to understand Jane Austen and study her novels and life in Embarking on a Course of Study. Here is her latest submission. Sandy Lerner, whose successful career as...
From: Jane Austen's World on 23 Oct 2012

Celebrating Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: 200 Years of Jane Austen’s Masterpiece By Susannah Fullerton

Celebrating Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice: 200 Years of Jane Austen’s Masterpiece, By Susannah Fullerton was written to celebrate 200 years of that wonderful novel and the extraordinary afterlife it has enjoyed.
From: Jane Austen's World on 19 Oct 2012

A Dance With Jane Austen by Susannah Fullerton – A Review

A Dance with Jane Austen: How a Novelist and her Characters went to the Ball, Susannah Fullterton “Ah”, I said, when I saw Susannah Fullerton’s book in my mail box. “Here’s just the book I need.” Some of the biggest gaps in my Austen...
From: Jane Austen's World on 15 Sep 2012

Murder Most Austen by Tracy Kiely – a Review

Gentle readers, My dear friend Lady Anne has reviewed Tracy Kiely’s latest mystery, Murder Most Austen. As always, you will enjoy her take on a new book. I make my politest curtsy to her and thank her kindly for her services and for her elegant...
From: Jane Austen's World on 12 Sep 2012

Celebrating 5 million visits with a Kindle eBook give away of Searching for Captain Wentworth

You’ve supported Jane Austen’s World since 2006, now it’s time to give back. Inquiring readers, I have enjoyed your comments and been most humbled by your visits. On the day that the 5 millionth reader visits my blog, I am giving a gift...
From: Jane Austen's World on 8 Sep 2012

Review: Searching for Captain Wentworth by Jane Odiwe

Searching for Captain Wentworth, by Jane Odiwe. Time travel has always presented a logical difficulty for authors: How to make such a romantic notion seem plausible? I have a way of dealing with time travel stories – suspend disbelief and enjoy the...
From: Jane Austen's World on 6 Sep 2012

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