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6 Hamlet soliloquies

As the heatwave rages on, we offer this as a public service to all our readers: cool down with the prince of Denmark’s soliloquy. Six different approaches compiled by Vincent More to reflect on the differences laid bare by performance: Benedict...
From: Blogging Shakespeare on 7 Aug 2018

Shakespeare and the actors

Andrew Scott as Hamlet, Almeida 2017 The annual Olivier Awards ceremony took place on 8 April 2018, and this year, sadly, there were no awards for any Shakespeare productions. Even more unusually, there were only three nominations, all for Robert Icke’s...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 12 Apr 2018

Hamlets onstage in 2017

Tom Hiddleston as Hamlet Of all Shakespeare’s plays, it’s Hamlet that holds most fascination for audiences, and new productions often make the headlines. In recent years we’ve seen Maxine Peake at the Royal Exchange in Manchester in...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 7 Sep 2017

The Hollow Crown reviews in The Glassy Margents

¶ Back in 2014, I reviewed a series of teleplays produced by the BBC called The Hollow Crown. Starring Tom Hiddleston, the three-part miniseries based on William Shakespeare’s “Richard II,” “1 Henry IV,” “2 Henry...
From: Bite Thumbnails on 10 Jan 2017

The Plays We Overlook: The Two Noble Kinsmen

The Plays We Overlook: The Two Noble Kinsmen By James Cappio Is there any play in the canon less known than The Two Noble Kinsmen? And not just because of what Moe the bartender did to the manuscript in The Simpsons (see illustration). There it is on...
From: Blogging Shakespeare on 20 Nov 2016

Guest post – Shakespeare, social media, and everyday creativity

Over the past five weeks I’ve been working with Holly Reaney, as part of the University of Birmingham’s Undergraduate Research Scholarship programme. Holly has just completed the first year of her BA in English at UoB and has been helping...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 1 Aug 2016

Shakespeare 400 continues

Shakespeare’s monument in Holy Trinity Church Following the fabulously successful but exhausting weekend celebrating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, and his 452nd birthday, I’ve had a few days rest from the blog, but it...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 1 May 2016

Madness nay, Grief: “Hamlet” at the Barbican

There seems to me two ways in which playgoers assess whether they liked a production or not. The first is based on whether they agree with (or where moved by) a claim or perspective of the performance—if it was “relatable”… Read...
From: Bite Thumbnails on 28 Nov 2015

Hamlet (Shakespeare; dir. Lyndsey Turner), Barbican, London, October 2015

A set reminiscent of the dilapidated stately home that Alex Eales designed for Katie Mitchell’s Alles Weitere Kennen Sie aus den Kino in Hamburg, except more vast: its wide stretch fills the massive proscenium of the Barbican and recedes far into...
From: dispositio on 22 Oct 2015

National Theatre Live: Hamlet

The National Theatre’s Hamlet featuring Benedict Cumberbatch is coming to the Champaign-Urbana area! You have two chances to catch it. It plays tonight at 7:00PM at the Goodrich Savoy 16 theatre, and then November 1st at the Art Theatre in...
From: Early Modern Workshop on 15 Oct 2015

Shakespeare on-screen news

Bill: the movie There’s a real “back to school” feel around now with evenings drawing in and a chill in the air. A great moment then to get cheered up with the latest film about Shakespeare, Bill the Movie, released on 18 September...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 15 Sep 2015

Queuing for tickets to the Cumber-Hamlet is not a new phenomenon

Today’s post is a guest blog by Miranda K. Gleaves, who has been volunteering with us again this summer. The Independent reported earlier this month that Benedict Cumberbatch fans had been queuing in the cold for up to 20 hours to get...
From: Finding Shakespeare on 21 Aug 2015

“To be or not to be”: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet

Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet. Photo by Johan Persson So Benedict Cumberbatch, playing Hamlet in Lyndsey Turner’s production of the play at the Barbican Theatre in London, has bowed to pressure by moving “To be or not to be” from the...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 21 Aug 2015

Jumping through the hoop: Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet

Benedict Cumberbatch By the time this post goes live, the latest production of Hamlet to be staged in London will have received its first two performances. I’m writing of course about Benedict Cumberbatch’s Hamlet at the Barbican Theatre....
From: The Shakespeare blog on 7 Aug 2015

Shakespeare onstage 2015

Benedict Cumberbatch In the last couple of weeks lots of announcements for Shakespeare productions in the UK  in 2015 have been made, and booking opened. This post contains links to just some of what’s going to be on offer this year. It’s...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 6 Feb 2015

The British Shakespeare Association, Education and reality TV

Almost every Shakespeare-related cultural organisation puts education high on its agenda, in particular offering to help teachers engage their students. While many are in effect promoting their own services, the British Shakespeare Association “is...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 28 Nov 2014

Sherlock Holmes, October 2014

Exciting news for all fans of Sherlock Holmes and come on, let’s face it, who ISN’T a fan?! Oh, shush, you at the back. Anyway, the much anticipated Museum of London exhibition about our favourite super sleuth is kicking off on the 17th of...
From: Madame Guillotine on 18 Jun 2014

Shakespeare and Sherlock

Sidney Paget’s 1904 illustration of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous characters in literature. So compelling has Arthur Conan Doyle’s brilliant detective proved to be since the stories were written over a century ago...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 6 May 2014

Shakespeare’s heroes on stage and screen

Simon Russell Beale in rehearsal for King Lear. Photograph by Mark Douet Shakespeare is never short of media attention, but just at the moment some of his heroes or at least his leading men, are much in the news. This week King Lear begins its previews...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 15 Jan 2014

Steven Moffat Does It Again

Needless to say, this is a spoilerfest. I had my problems with all of Season 3 of Sherlock, to be honest. “The Empty Hearse” was overstuffed with endless montages of swooping shots of Central London and hectic jump cuts around the Tube, all...
From: dispositio on 14 Jan 2014

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