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Entangling the Quebec Act: Transnational Contexts, Meanings, and Legacies in North America and the British Empire – A Review

Ollivier Hubert and François Furstenberg, eds., Entangling the Quebec Act: Transnational Contexts, Meanings, and Legacies in North America and the British Empire (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2020). Adam Nadeau...
From: Borealia on 10 May 2021

Wounded Feelings: How to Sue for Emotional Distress (Review)

Katie Barclay Eric H. Reiter, Wounded Feelings: Litigating Emotions in Quebec, 1870-1950 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press for the Osgood Society for Canadian Legal History, 2019), pp. 482 + xiii. This week as I write this (much delayed – sorry...
From: Borealia on 26 Apr 2021

New Books in Early Canadian History, May-December

Dani Reimer and Keith Grant Welcome to Borealia’s Spring 2020 roundup of forthcoming books on early Canadian history. The list is drawn from publishers’ catalogues and websites, featuring books scheduled for release between now and the end...
From: Borealia on 25 May 2020

The First Book: Advice From Someone Barely Qualified To Give It

Jeffers Lennox Having a first-time author give advice about publishing a book is kind of like having a new parent offer tips on surviving an infant. In both cases, the person is likely sleep-deprived, the process was a blur, and it’s too early to...
From: Borealia on 11 Sep 2017

Colonial Relations: The Douglas-Connolly Family and the Nineteenth-Century Imperial World: A Review

Ann Little Adele Perry, Colonial Relations: The Douglas-Connolly Family and the Nineteenth-Century Imperial World (Cambridge University Press, 2015), Critical Perspectives on Empire series. If you’re on Twitter this summer of 2017, perhaps your...
From: Borealia on 5 Jun 2017

New Books in Early Canadian History, 2016: Part

Keith Grant Welcome to Part 2 of Borealia’s 2016 roundup of forthcoming books on early Canadian history. (You can find Part 1 here.) The list is drawn from publishers’ catalogues and websites, including books scheduled for release...
From: Borealia on 29 Aug 2016

St. Robert Southwell's Influence

Next month, from St. Augustine's Press: Southwell's Sphere: The Influence of England's Secret Poet by Dr. Gary Bouchard:Once feared by Queen Elizabeth I and admired by William Shakespeare, Robert Southwell, s.j. (1561–1595), clings today to...

The Prince of Wales in Spain

This is a good summary of the events behind the subject of Laura Cumming's book The Vanishing Velazquez:In the spring of 1623 Charles, Prince of Wales, the young heir to the English and Scottish thrones donned a false wig and beard and slipped out of...

From OUP Next Month: Bad Queen Bess?

From the publisher, Oxford University Press: Bad Queen Bess? analyses the back and forth between the Elizabethan regime and various Catholic critics, who, from the early 1570s to the early 1590s, sought to characterize that regime as a conspiracy...

New Books in Early Canadian History, 2016 Preview: Part 1

Keith Grant Welcome to the first Borealia roundup of forthcoming books on early Canadian history. The list includes books scheduled for release in 2016, with information compiled from publishers’ catalogues and websites. I plan to post Part...
From: Borealia on 20 Jan 2016

Starting Off the New Year Royally

I am about half way through Robert Royal's A Deeper Vision: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Twentieth Century, published by Ignatius Press:In this wide-ranging and ambitious volume, Robert Royal, a prominent participant for many years in debates...

'the true life of a man is in his letters'

From Oxford University Press comes this new book about Blessed John Henry Newman:John Henry Newman was one of the most eminent of Victorians and an intellectual pioneer for an age of doubt and unsettlement. His teaching transformed the Victorian Church...

Eagerly Awaiting: "Adventures in the Book Pages"

My review copy is in the mail, coming from across the pond and through US Customs, but Francis Phillips of The Catholic Herald has already read it and reviews Adventures in the Book Pages: Essays and Reviews here, with some insights from Edward Short...

A Fifteenth Anniversary

Edited by Travis Curtright, Director of Humanities and Liberal Studies and Associate Professor of Humanities and Literature at Ave Maria University and research fellow of the Center for Thomas More Studies at the University of Dallas, this forthcoming...

Next to Read: Robert Barlett's History of Saints

One of my birthday presents is Robert Bartlett's Why Can the Dead Do Such Great Things? from Princeton University Press:From its earliest centuries, one of the most notable features of Christianity has been the veneration of the saints--the holy dead....

What I'm Reading Now: Newman as Spiritual Director

I purchased this book in the Kindle edition to read for more background to the Newman lecture next February:John Henry Newman (1801-1890) was a man who sought to integrate life and holiness. He believed that the spiritual life needed to be lived in an...

For My Review: Gareth Russell's Tudor Overview

Amberley Publishing sent me a review copy of Gareth Russell's new book, An Illustrated Introduction to THE TUDORS, part of their "Illustrated Introduction" series. My first impressions are that this is a well-illustrated (as befits the title) biographical...

New From Father Ian Ker: Newman on Vatican II

Oxford University Press will publish a new book by Father Ian Ker, Newman on Vatican II, this fall (September 28, 2104). This will clearly be an important book, as it addresses one of the most common statements about Blessed John Henry Newman and the...

And It Arrived on My Birthday! A Review Copy from Gracewing

This looks like a fascinating study of a period that's not so well known in the history of Catholicism in England after the English Reformation--and I do agree that the usual view of that era is that it was very quiet and stagnant: Persecution Without...

This Week's Reading Assignment

  I'm almost to Italy in this book by Jo Anne Cammarata Sylva from Newman House Press--by that I mean that John Henry Newman is discussing that essential Mediterranean journey with Richard Hurrell Froude. Of course, Italy, including his...

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