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Why Read Historical Fiction Set in Sixteenth Century France? Reason #3

Still looking for reasons to read or write historical fiction set in Renaissance France? Here's one sure to convince you.Reason #3: DRAMAThere's something about Renaissance dynasty dramas that strongly appeals to modern television audiences. From 2007-2010,...
From: Writing the Renaissance on 28 Sep 2020

In the Name of the Family: Sarah Dunant, Lucrezia Borgia and Niccolo Machiavelli

The long wait for the sequel to Blood and Beauty is finally over, and oh my goodness, the wait was worth it.  In the Name of the Family delivers in spades on the promises at the end of the last book  for more searching into the motivations that...
From: renaissanceissues on 2 Mar 2017

Samantha Morris's new book on Cesare Borgia

Today, I am very happy to host the first of two blog tours from Made Global. Today, we have a guest post from Samantha Morris, who has written on Cesare Borgia, the notorious yet fascinating Renaissance statesman, as part of Made Global's In a Nutshell...
From: Confessions of a Ci-Devant on 17 Nov 2016

Blood and Beauty

I like Sarah Dunant’s writing very much, for its lucidity, sense of colour and also her careful attention to historical detail which grounds her characters in a believable and three- dimensional world. In Blood and Beauty, as has been remarked on...
From: renaissanceissues on 24 Aug 2014

"Like A Cup Of Wine Before Victory" Interview with Ana Ularu from "The Borgias"

I am incredly honoured to host an interview with Ana Ularu whio played Charlotte D'Albret in "The Borgias". The interview was conducted by my dear friend Dragos Moldoveanu of Asociaţia „Institutul pentru Studii Renascentiste” (The Institute...
From: Loyalty Binds Me on 12 Feb 2014

[Review] Blood & Beauty by Sarah Dunant

"The more outrage the better. That way people will fear us while we are alive and never -ever- forget us when we are dead"I think it's a well known fact amongst my readers that I am very picky when it comes to novels about the Borgia family. Given the...
From: Loyalty Binds Me on 16 Jan 2014

On This Day In History - Rodrigo Borgia Is Born

Starting off the year as I mean to go on, I thought I'd drop in with a little "On This Day In History" post for you all.On 1st January 1431, Rodrigo Borgia was born in Xatvia Spain. His birth name wasn't actually "Borgia" but "Lanzol", and only took his...
From: Loyalty Binds Me on 1 Jan 2014

Cesare Borgia's Marriage to Charlotte D'Albret

Charlotte in "Borgia"After Cesare Borgia finally got rid of his Cardinal's robes, it was down to him to continue on the Borgia dynasty. Since the death of his brother Juan in 1497, there was no male descended destined to carry on the Borgia name and had...
From: Loyalty Binds Me on 29 Sep 2013

Happy Birthday Cesare Borgia!

Mark Ryder as CesareIt seems that many consider today to be the birthday of the great Cesare Borgia. And so, I thought I would do a very little post today just to say...Happy Birthday Cesare! Whilst his exact date of birth is not known, only that...
From: Loyalty Binds Me on 13 Sep 2013

Borgia vs The Borgias - The Characters of Cesare, Lucrezia, Rodrigo and Giulia

When asked about TV shows on the Borgia family, at least 95% of those you ask will automatically mention "The Borgias" by Showtime. If you tell them there is another show, made by the French production company Canal +, many will not know what you are...
From: Loyalty Binds Me on 8 Sep 2013

[Looking Back] An Interview With Isolda Dychauk

Looking back again today. Not long ago, the lovely Isolda Dychauk did an interview with me about her role in the second season of Borgia: Faith & Fear. Here is is again!Isolda as Lucrezia in Borgia: Faith & FearFirst of all Isolda, thank you so...
From: Loyalty Binds Me on 13 Aug 2013

[Looking Back] The Borgia Apartments, The Vatican

Due to a bit of writers block I thought I would share a post I did a while ago, all about my trip to the Borgia apartments at the Vatican.The Disputation of St Catherine - PinturicchioAfter Rodrigo Borgia became Pope in 1492, he planned a whole new set...
From: Loyalty Binds Me on 9 Aug 2013

[Review] Borgia Faith & Fear - Episode 2: Ash Wednesday

I'm going to keep today's review short and sweet, given that I'm exhausted and feeling somewhat worn down. Episode 2 of Borgia's second season is named "Ash Wednesday" and based around the symbolism of Ash Wednesday. For those not entirely sure of what...
From: Loyalty Binds Me on 2 Aug 2013

A Birthday Wish From Cesare Borgia

You will all know by now just how much I respect Cesare Borgia, and how much time I spend reading and researching the man. For a very long time I have wanted his personal motto "Aut Caesar, Aut Nihil" done as a tattoo, and today I finally had it done....
From: Loyalty Binds Me on 31 Jul 2013

[Review] Borgia: Faith & Fear ~ Season 2 Episode 1: "The Time Of Sweet Desires"

I'm sure you will all remember my review of Borgia: Faith & Fear's first season and that I was rather impressed with it. I found it much more riveting, and much more accurate than the equivalent Showtime series "The Borgias". And so when I had the...
From: Loyalty Binds Me on 30 Jul 2013


I was in Florence on the anniversary of Savonarola’s execution. On 23 May 1498 the Dominican friar and two of his fellow monks, Fra Domenico and Fra Silvestro Maruffi, were hanged and burned for heresy in the Piazza della Signoria. Savonarola...
From: Harlots, Harpies and Harridans on 25 Jul 2013

Blood and Beauty

On this day in 1493, the thirteen year old Lucrezia Borgia was married to her first husband Giovanni Sforza in an opulent wedding held within the precincts of the Vatican in Rome. The bride’s father had been Pope for less than a year and the wedding...
From: Madame Guillotine on 12 Jun 2013

Did you watch The Borgias? [poll]

I think one of my favorite things about The Borgias tv show was the fashions and amazing hair styles. Not that everyone could possible pull it off (let's face it you needs lots of locks) but here is a fun hair tutorial on how to get the 'look' I...

An Interview With Isolda Dychauk

Today I am very excited to have the lovely Isolda Dychauk here on Loyalty Binds Me for a short interview about her role as Lucrezia Borgia in "Borgia: Faith & Fear". As I'm sure you're all aware, "Borgia" is my favourite adaptation of the history...
From: Loyalty Binds Me on 3 May 2013

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