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This Week on Dispatches: Robert Davis on Georgia and the American Revolution

In this week’s Dispatches host Brady Crytzer interviews distinguished historian Robert “Bob” Davis about Georgia’s unique role in the American Revolution as the colony that... The post This Week on Dispatches: Robert Davis...

Carries the Palm

Jesus' entry into Jerusalem, walking on palm leaves. Pietro Lorenzetti 1320For Western Christians, this week began with "Palm Sunday," a feast day that falls on the Sunday before Easter and celebrates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. His procession...
From: Conciatore on 19 Apr 2019

James Willing and the Mississippi Expedition

The story of the Revolutionary War tends to focus on operations and events east of the Appalachian Mountains, with good reason as most of... The post James Willing and the Mississippi Expedition appeared first on Journal of the American Revolution.

Vitriol of Venus

Crystals of Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate(Vitriol of Venus)Vitriol of Venus was one of the most cherished items in Antonio Neri’s chemical library. In his book, L'Arte Vetraria, he describes its effect in glass this way:To your great contentment,...
From: Conciatore on 17 Apr 2019

Reviews in the March 2019 RQ

Renaissance Quarterly 72/1 (2019): Javier Lorenzo reviews A Maturing Market: The Iberian Book World in the First Half of the Seventeenth Century, Alexander S. Wilkinson and Alejandra Ulla Lorenzo, eds, (Brill, 2017). Catherine Ballériaux reviews...
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 16 Apr 2019

An essay on teaching retired adults in Oscher Institutes of Lifelong Learning

Typical catalogue Dear friends and readers, Anyone who reads this or my other blogs regularly know for the past five to six years now I have been working as a volunteer teacher in two local Oscher Institutes of Lifelong Learning. Each spring and fall,...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 14 Apr 2019

This Week on Dispatches: Brian O’Malley on the 1776 Horror Show

In this week’s Dispatches host Brady Crytzer interviews Brian O’Malley about the sudden release of 2,000 “sickly and emaciated” Continental soldiers and sailors in 1776... The post This Week on Dispatches: Brian O’Malley...

Crocus Martis

The many different alchemical symbols used to denote crocus martis.In order to understand the seventeenth century glass recipes of Antonio Neri and for that matter, any alchemical recipes, it is first necessary to have a grasp of the chemical...
From: Conciatore on 12 Apr 2019

Tales from the Archives: Drinkable Gold for the King of Siam

In my first months of co-editing duties here at The Recipes Project, one of my many delights has been the opportunity to dig back in our archives to rediscover posts I’ve loved over the years, to see them with fresh eyes. As a historian of Japan,...
From: The Recipes Project on 11 Apr 2019

Salem 1897

Salem 1897: William McKinley was President of the United States, Roger Wolcott was Governor of Massachusetts, and the Salem Evening News published an Illustrated History of Salem and its Environs, which includes photographs of many mustachioed...
From: streets of salem on 10 Apr 2019

Ascherson Reviews Elliott, “Scots & Catalans” in the NYRB, April 18, 2019

The New York Review of Books, April 18, 2019. Neal Ascherson reviews J.H. Elliott, Scots and Catalans: Union and Disunion (Yale, 2018).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 8 Apr 2019

The Neighbors

"Portrait of Giamologna"by Hendrick GoltziusIn Florence, directly across the street from the Palazzo Neri, where glassmaker Antonio Neri spent his youth (now the Marzichi-Lenzi), was the residence and workshop of famed sculptor Giambologna. This two-building...
From: Conciatore on 8 Apr 2019

Hudibras vanquish’d by Trulla

“Hudibras is sprawled on the ground with Trulla, a large country-woman, astride him fending off angry villagers, including a cobbler and a butcher, wielding clubs; to left, Ralpho is held by a man with a rope and another with a sword”–...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 4 Apr 2019

Colloque international : « Corps, objets, images en action. La performativité du rituel funéraire dans l’Italie préromaine » (Paris et Nanterre, 11-12 avril 2019)

Colloque international : « Corps, objets, images en action. La performativité du rituel funéraire dans l’Italie préromaine » (Paris et Nanterre, 11-12 avril 2019) Dates et lieux : le 11 avril à l’École...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 3 Apr 2019

The Duke of Devonshire and Charlotte Spencer

In an earlier blog, we looked at the life of Charlotte Williams, illegitimate daughter of the 5th Duke of Devonshire; Charlotte was brought up in the duke’s household by his beleaguered wife, Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. It has proved to be...
From: All Things Georgian on 2 Apr 2019

The Chesapeake Tobacco Economy - Indentured Servants & Angry Native Americans

The Chesapeake was immensely hospitable to tobacco cultivation. Profit-hungry settlers often planted tobacco, before they planted corn; seeking fields to plant tobacco, these new immigrants plunged farther away from the river valley and closer to the...
From: 17th-century American Women on 4 Jun 2017

CNN et recherche de schémas visuels

2016 Visual Patterns Discovery CNN et recherche de schémas visuels Présentation par Olivier Bonfait Isabelladi Lenardo, Benoit Seguin, Frédéric Kaplan, Visual Patterns Discovery in Large Databases of Painting. Lien vers le...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 1 Apr 2019

Retrouver les motifs similaires entre image d’art à l’aide du Deep Learning

2016 Visual Link Retrieval in a Database of Paintings Retrouver les motifs similaires entre image d’art à l’aide du Deep Learning Présentation par Nicolas Gonthier   Benoit Seguin, Carlotta Striolo, Isabella diLenardo et...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 1 Apr 2019

La base de données LexArt : présentation et utilisation

La base de données LexArt : un nouvel outil sur la terminologie artistique dans l’Europe moderne   Le programme LexArt La base LexArt fait partie d’un vaste projet de recherches sur la naissance de la théorie de l’art...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 1 Apr 2019

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