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A Jane Austen Christmas by Rachel Dodge

Christmas with Jane Austen Many Austen fans enjoy thinking about how Jane and her family celebrated Christmas. They wonder, did she give gifts, “deck” the halls, or have a Christmas tree? As most Austen fans know, many of the Christmas traditions...
From: Jane Austen's World on 16 Dec 2017

Visiting Jane Austen’s Home: Celebrating 200 Years in Hampshire, Rachel Dodge

“Ah! there is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort.” This line from Mrs. Elton in Emma is quite humorous, but the quote itself holds an eternal truth for most of us. There really is no place like one’s own home. For Jane Austen,...
From: Jane Austen's World on 8 Jul 2017

Jane Austen and Duck Eggs

Last week a colleague at work, who lives in one of the prettier areas of rural Virginia, brought a dozen duck eggs to work. She had purchased them from a local farmer. Several of us pounced on these exotic avian gifts, since most of us obtain eggs from...
From: Jane Austen's World on 26 Jun 2017

A Walk Through Chawton, Jane Austen’s Home

Inquiring readers, In celebration of the 200 year anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s Emma, frequent contributor, Tony Grant, visited Chawton House to view a special exhibit. Read his post about the exhibit on Jane Austen in Vermont...
From: Jane Austen's World on 30 Apr 2016

Internship: Chawton House Library

Chawton House Library, a registered charity, conserves a unique collection of women’s writing...
From: Early Modern Workshop on 17 Feb 2016

Jane Austen’s ring and Kelly Clarkson

The other main item of interest that held sway during the Summer-I-was-absent-due-to-injury was the rather contentious issue of the sale of Jane Austen’s turquoise ring and its purchaser, Kelly Clarkson. Jane Austen’s Ring, and Note from Eleanor...
From: austenonly on 10 Nov 2013

A Drive Through Chawton Village

Tony Grant’s recent pictorial visit to Chawton was so popular that I thought you might like to see what the village surrounding the house looks like.  You might want to reference Tony’s images with these, which were taken with Google maps....
From: Jane Austen's World on 25 May 2013

Pride and Prejudice: Having a Ball at Chawton House

Pride and Prejudice: Having a Ball was filmed in Chawton House. For this BBC2 production, Regency ball was reconstructed in a way that Jane Austen's contemporaries knew well, but whose meaning in many instances has been lost to us.
From: Jane Austen's World on 17 May 2013

Simon Langton, Director of the 1995 TV Production of “Pride and Prejudice”, to give a talk at Chawton House

You may care to know that Simon Langton, shown below talking to Lucy Scott the actress who played Charlotte Lucas, and who was Simon Langton from the book,”The Making of Pride and Prejudice” by Sue Birtwistle and Susie Conklin the director...
From: Austenonly on 13 Feb 2013

The One Show and Martha Lloyd’s Household Book

On Monday evening BBC 1′s The One Show had a typically different take on the celebrations for the bicentenary of the first publication of Pride and Prejudice. They broadcast a small item, presented by the comedian Arthur Smith, about Martha Lloyd’s...
From: Austenonly on 30 Jan 2013

Mr Bennet’s Message to us…200 years on

This morning, while eating my toast and marmalade, I heard this entertaining Audio Boo clip ,which was part of BBC Radio 4′s Broadcasting House programme. ©BBC Written by the witty Sue Limb and performed by Timothy West,it is a three-minute long...
From: Austenonly on 27 Jan 2013

John Mullan on BBC2′s The Culture Show: “Our Love Affair with Pride and Prejudice”

This week’s edition of BBC2′s The Culture Show, presented by the delicious Andrew Graham-Dixon, has a wonderful, small section( just over 5 minutes long) presented by Professor John. Filmed on location at  Chawton House on a very snowy day,...
From: Austenonly on 25 Jan 2013

A Reminder: today is the last day for entries to the Jane Austen’s House Museum’s Blog Giveaway

If you would like to enter the Give-away Competition organised to celebrate the first anniversary of the Jane Austen’s House Museum’s blog then you have until the end of today 17th January to enter. You can do so by adding a comment to this...
From: Austenonly on 17 Jan 2013

Merry Christmas…and a short visit to St Nicholas’ Church,Chawton.

This will be my last post this year, and I thought it rather appropriate to pay a quick  visit St Nicholas’ Parish Church, Chawton. The Finger Post in Chawton village ©Austenonly Chawton village has many treasures…The Jane Austen House Museum,...
From: Austenonly on 18 Dec 2012

Sandy Lerner Visits Goucher College – Second Impressions

Inquiring readers, periodically Christine Stewart sends us her impressions in her quest to understand Jane Austen and study her novels and life in Embarking on a Course of Study. Here is her latest submission. Sandy Lerner, whose successful career as...
From: Jane Austen's World on 23 Oct 2012

Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine and Chawton House Library

The Emporium at JASNA’s 2012 AGM in NYC provided several delightful surprises, among which was meeting the staff of Jane Austen’s World Magazine and Chawton House Library a their respective booths. Jane Austen’s Regency World editor,...
From: Jane Austen's World on 15 Oct 2012

Chawton House Library’s New Website and an Appeal to Restore Mary Pennington’s Sampler

A few weeks ago I wrote that Chawton House Library were about to launch a new website. It is now live and ready for you to explore. Chawton House Library’s New Website Go here to see it...
From: Austenonly on 23 Aug 2012

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