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19 Renaissance Society Association Conference : call for papers

Please find hereafter two CfP for the next Renaissance Society Association Conference (to be held in Toronto 17-19 March 2019). The deadline for the submission of proposals is 10 August 2018. Early Modern AnticlericalismsCall for papers for seminar RSA...
From: Dissenting Experience on 20 Jul 2018

No Martyr Here: The Victim Status of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

Amy Fuller writes in History Today online:Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz was a 17th-century poet, playwright and nun. In her native Mexico today she is celebrated as an icon: her old convent is now a university bearing her name; she is the subject of...

Caroline Weber Reminds Us of French Anti-Clericalism

Caroline Weber, author of Queen of Fashion: What Marie Antoinette Wore to the Revolution, wrote in the weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal (subscription required--you might be albe to search for the article and get a "free pass" from The WSJ) to...

A Word to Fanatics, Puritanism and Sectaries

 or, New preachers new! Green the felt-maker, Spencer the horse-rubber, Quartermine the brewer’s clarke, with some few others … With an authentic portrait and memoir of Mr. Praise-God Barebone John Taylor the Water Poet, London 1642 Here...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 6 Jan 2015

Edmund Matthews

Senior tutor at Sidney Sussex College Cambridge, painted by an unknown artist in 1653. Matthews is wearing standard academic clothing, black cap, a gown with hanging sleeves over a doublet with linen cuffs and falling band. The work on his doubled cuffs...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 16 May 2014

A Catalogue of the Several Sects and Opinions (Part 4)

The Anabaptist. believed that candidates for baptism should be able to make a confession of faith at the same time and as such rejected the accepted method of baptising infants. This was a hot topic in the 1640s and long tracts were written about it putting...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 4 Apr 2014

A catalogue of the several sects and opinions in England (Part 2)

Continuing the pictures from the broadsheet from 1646/7, Here are three more.   The Arminian. Arminiansim was founded in the Low Countries and was based on the belief that every man had the free will to achieve his own salvation, and that it wasn’t...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 3 Apr 2014

The True Effigies of Hezekiah Holland

Minister of the Gospell at Sutton Valance in Kent. This is the frontispiece from his tome entitled An exposition, or, A short, but full, plaine, and perfect epitome of the most choice commentaries upon the Revelation of Saint John, published in 1650....
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 27 Feb 2014

A New Play

called Canterburie His Change of Diot. Which sheweth variety of wit and mirth : privately acted neare the Palace-yard at Westminster….Anon  (well it would be wouldn’t it?) 1641 Not so much a play, more a short series of sketches which probably...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 17 Jan 2014

Mystagogus Poeticus

or, The muses interpreter, explaining the historical mysteries, and mystical histories of the ancient Greek and Latin poets. Here Apollo’s temple is again opened, the muses treasures the sixth time discovered, and the gardens of Parnassus disclosed...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 7 Oct 2013

See Heer Malignants Foolerie

retorted on them properly. Satirical pamphlet from 1642 showing Archbishop Laud as a closet catholic. There are three figures shown in the picture increasing in their obvious Catholicism as you look from left to right.  As the title says: The Sound-Head,...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 3 Sep 2013

The True Manner of the Sitting of the lords and Commons

of both Howses of Parliament upon the tryal of Thomas Earle of Strafford, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Etching by Hollar published together with the picture of the subsequent execution in 1641. I’ve already blogged here about the second picture which...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 1 Sep 2013

Richard Sibbes

The independant cleric engraved posthumously in 1635 for a publication of some of his sermons catchily entitled “Bowels Opened or A  Discovery of the Neere and deere Love, Union and Communion betwixt Christ and the Church, and consequently betwixt...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 5 Aug 2013

A Swarme of Sectaries

…and schismatiques: wherein is discovered the strange preaching (or prating) of such as are by their trades coblers, tinkers, pedlers, weavers, sowgelders, and chymney-sweepers. By John Taylor. The cobler preaches, and his audience are as wise as...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 5 Jun 2013

A Seasonable Lecture

or, A most learned oration disburthened from Henry VValker, a most judicious … iron monger : a late pamphleteere and now, too late or too soone, a double diligent preacher : as it might be delivered in Hatcham barne the thirtieth day of March last....
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 17 May 2013

The Humble Petition of Jock of Bread

Satyrical tract from 1648. Jock presents his petition to call for closer union between England and Scotland. Jock in the centre has removed his hat to honour the sergeant who is taking the deposition. He, and the cloaked guys on the left are wearing short...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 24 Apr 2013

The Teares of Ireland part 3

Still James Cranford 1642. These poor souls are being dragged through the streets by their hair, but luckily for us the engraver shows us their petticoats and the rear view of a waistcoat and kerchief. The ruffians are still in doublet and breeches with...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 11 Apr 2013

The Teares of Ireland

wherein is lively presented as in a map a list of the unheard off cruelties and perfidious treacheries of blood-thirsty Jesuits and the popish faction : as a warning piece to her sister nations to prevent the like miseries, as are now acted on the stage...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 9 Apr 2013

James Naylor

Engraving from 1656 by an unknown engraver, James Naylor was a bit player in the Civil Wars, during which he fought as a foot soldier and later in Lambert’s Cavalry in the New Model Army, but came to prominence in the years after.  He developed...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 1 Apr 2013

Richard Baxter

Engraved in 1652 by an unknown artist at age 35, the independent cleric Richard Baxter had taken part in the war as Edmund Whalley’s regimental chaplain for a while until ill health forced him to step down. Baxter wears a segmented daycap with lace...
From: The 1640s Picturebook on 30 Mar 2013

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