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Renaissance science – XXXV

Whether they were introducing materia medica into the medical curriculum at the universities, going out into the countryside to search for and study plants for themselves, leading students on field trips to do the same, establishing and developing botanical...
From: The Renaissance Mathematicus on 18 May 2022

the many-headed monster is 10: looking forward

This year we are celebrating ten years of blogging about the unruly sort of clowns and other early modern peculiarities. But we are also laying out plans for the next ten years, because it felt like it was time to make some fundamental changes in how...
From: the many-headed monster on 16 May 2022

The Royal kalendar

Complete and correct annual register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, for 1800 Title: The Royal kalendar, or, Complete and correct annual register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, for the year 1800 : including a complete and...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 12 May 2022

Scotland’s premier topographer

For those of us, who grew up in the UK with real maps printed on paper, rather than the online digital version offered up by Google Maps, the Ordnance Survey has been delivering up ever more accurate and detailed maps of the entire British Isles since...
From: The Renaissance Mathematicus on 11 May 2022

Medieval and Early Modern Centre: Editing in Australia

ATTENTION ALL EDITORS OF TEXTS Professor Paul Eggert has recently published an article on Editing in Australia (see article), showing the breadth and depth since the nineteenth century of scholarly textual editing in this country. As Paul says, his article...
From: ANZAMEMS Inc on 11 May 2022

The House of Dudley by Joanne Paul

As the nine-year-old Edward VI rode through London on the way to his coronation in Westminster Abbey in February 1547, he paused for a while to watch a man perform on a tightrope strung from the steeple of St Paul’s. He might have been advised to study...
From: Mathew Lyons on 4 May 2022

ANZAMEMS Conference Registration!

This is just a reminder that registration for the 2022 ANZAMEMS Conference on Reception and Emotion is open! Registration will close on 24 June. To register, please visit our conference website and click the big red ‘Register for the Conference’ button!...
From: ANZAMEMS Inc on 4 May 2022

Finding Dates in an Early Modern Manuscript

It’s Day of Digital Humanities 2022. (I’m not sure if I’ve ever done anything to mark a #DayOfDH. I’m probably cleaning data most years. I rather enjoy cleaning data, but that doesn’t mean I want to write about it.) This year, I’m mostly...
From: Early Modern Notes on 28 Apr 2022

The case of the poor straw-hat-makers

Title: The case of the poor straw-hat-makers, in the counties of Hartford, Bedford, Buckingham, &c. Publication: [London] : [publisher not identified], [1720?] Catalog Record File 652 A3 C337 720 Acquired March 2021
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 28 Apr 2022

One Hundred Delightful Tastes of Tofu: How Doable Was an Early Modern Japanese Recipe?

By Sora (Skye) Osuka Tofu Hyakuchin (豆腐百珍, One Hundred Delightful Tastes of Tofu Recipes), originally published in 1782, is often considered the first cookbook that only focuses on one ingredient and the beginning of the Hyakuchin-mono (百珍物,...
From: The Recipes Project on 28 Apr 2022

CfP: American Society for Theatre Research (ASTR): ‘Catastrophe’ at Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel, New Orleans, LA, 3-6 November

Deadline for Proposals: 1 June 2022 Further information can be found here. Two sessions (at least) will be of interest to member of PPCN: Then and Now: Disaster and Adversity in Medieval Performance – organised by Jacqueline Jenkins (Calgary) and Susannah...
From: Early English Drama & Performance on 25 Apr 2022

Almansa 1707

 Photo from this weekend by Alessia Maria Simona GiordaToday's anniversary. Wiki
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 25 Apr 2022

Almansa 1707

This weekend reenactors from all over Europe have assembled at Almansa for a battle and so forth, This photo is by Alessia Maria Simona Giorda who has come down from Italy. 
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 24 Apr 2022

My Charming Ancestor: Lost Spells and Sick Cattle

By Catherine Flood My 6x great grandfather, Timothy Butt, was a charmer. I discovered this recently when I came across a copy of a manuscript he wrote in a box of family papers.[i] Mostly a day book of accounts for his farm in Tillington, Sussex, it also...
From: The Recipes Project on 23 Apr 2022

Medieval and Early Modern Centre April Newsletter

Medieval and Early Modern Centre, April 2022 Newsletter April is a quieter month for events: Easter, mid-semester break, and Anzac Day land squarely in its middle and – hopefully – give us all some much-needed respite. This month’s MEMC lunchtime...
From: ANZAMEMS Inc on 20 Apr 2022

Rice Bread in Sixteenth-Century Italy

By Lena Breda While scholars are broadening our understanding of food in early modern Italy, one curiously absent ingredient from such pictures is rice. Rice (or oryza sativa) is hypothesized to have been brought to Europe as early as 400 BCE [1], used...
From: The Recipes Project on 14 Apr 2022

ANU Seminar: “Patterns, Outliers, and Teasers: Reception of Early Modern Women’s Writing”

Centre for Early Modern Studies, ANU, Seminar 1, 2022: On-line, April 26, 6pm.“Patterns, Outliers, and Teasers: Reception of Early Modern Women’s Writing” Please join us to hear Marie-Louise Coolahan, Professor of English at the National University...
From: ANZAMEMS Inc on 8 Apr 2022

The case of the makers of and dealers in cards and dice

Title: The case of the makers of and dealers in cards and dice. Published: [London] : [publisher not identified], [1718?] Catalog Record File 652 A3 C337 718 Acquired March 2021
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 7 Apr 2022

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