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Covenanter Grave at Craighaugh near Eskdalemuir #History #Scotland

Andrew Hislop, Craighaugh, Eskdalemuir parish, Dumfriesshire. Died 1685. Shields in 1690: ‘Sir James Johnstoun of Westerhall, caused apprehend Andrew Hislop in the parish of Hutton in Anandale delivered him up to Claverhouse, and never rested untill...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 23 Apr 2020

The Killing of the Covenanter Andrew Hislop #History #Scotland

A nineteenth-century etching of John Graham of Claverhouse reluctantly ordering the summary execution of Andrew Hislop near Eskdalemuir in May, 1685. There are different versions of how Hislop was captured and executed, and his story was recalled in later...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 30 Oct 2016

How the Covenanters of the Killing Times got their Gravestones #History #Scotland

The 1701 general meetings of the Cameronians decided to record and mark the graves of the martyrs of the Killing Times of 1685. From the resolutions passed in the meetings below, it appears that two projects for honouring the martyrs ran in parallel....
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 8 Jun 2016

The McMillanites in Eskdalemuir #History #Scotland

The McMillanites were a fragment of the Society people that rejected the Revolution Settlement of 1689 to 1690. After many of the Society people rejoined the Church in 1690, some dissenters formed what could be called the “Continuing” Societies....
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 11 Apr 2016

The Story of the Killing of Andrew Hislop, Covenanter. #History

The shooting of Andrew Hislop is one of the most interesting of the Killing Times of 1685, as an allegedly notorious persecutor, John Graham of Claverhouse, reluctantly carried out the field execution. Andrew Hislop’s Grave © Walter Baxter...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 27 Sep 2015

The Killing Times of 1685: The list of the Dead in Cloud of Witnesses

In 1714, a list of Covenanters who were summarily executed in the fields during the Killing Times appeared in A Cloud of Witnesses. The list was based on the list found in Alexander Shields’ A Short Memorial (1690) and nearly reproduces Shields’...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 18 Sep 2015