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The Forfeited Covenanters, 1679 to 1688

In 1690, the Scottish Parliament passed an act rescinding most of the forfeitures which had taken place under the Restoration Stewart regime. The published list is not perfect. It contains minor errors, duplicates some names and fails to mentions some...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 28 Jul 2014

The ‘Levelling Fury’ of William Young in Strathaven

Strathaven Castle They said he was distempered and much crazed in his judgment, but William Young, a tailor in Strathaven who was executed in 1684, evaded Claverhouse, attacked Strathaven castle, escaped from prison and may have been a companion of James...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 26 Jun 2013

James Renwick’s Preaching ‘Near Paisley’ in 1684

Soon after the Carolina Merchant banishments, James Renwick preached at Greenock and ‘near Paisley’. Both preachings almost certainly took place before Tuesday 29 July, 1684. According to Alexander Shields, Renwick’s preaching ‘near Paisley’...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 5 Dec 2012