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All a growing, a growing, heres flowers for your gardens

“A handsome young man sells pot-plants to a pretty young woman who stands on a door-step (left); a little girl beside her points eagerly to the flowers. He has a two-wheeled cart drawn by an ass; in it are small shrubs in large pots; two pots of...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 2 Apr 2019

Journée d’études : « Femmes et musées » (Paris, 11 octobre 2017)

La part des femmes constitue un point aveugle de nombreux travaux en histoire de l’art, du patrimoine et muséologie, alors même que les musées représentent une cible pour les féministes des années 1970-1980,...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 4 Oct 2017

Puritan Princess

Today I have the story of the Salem girl who probably came closest to the Gilded Age “dollar princess” stereotype and scenario, whereby American money was wedded to English aristocracy. Yet Mary Crowninshield Endicott (1864-1957) did not really...
From: streets of salem on 21 Feb 2017

The little princess and Gulliver

“Princess Charlotte (three-quarter length) stands at a table looking into a large (chinoiserie) punch-bowl (right) in which Bonaparte frantically swims towards her, among agitated waves, his large hat floating in the water. The Princess, very mature...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 9 May 2016

From Whitechapel promo   Recently updated !

There was a pain, a terrible empty, lonely ache of sorrow and loss, within my ribcage while my heart felt like it had turned to ashes. This then was the end of my journey, this then was the answer that I had sought for so long, this then was the secret...
From: Madame Guillotine on 3 Feb 2015

From Whitechapel is out in paperback!

“This is Melanie Clegg’s best book yet. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of the period allows the reader to relax into the story and be swept along.” Rachael Lucas Set against the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888 the lives of three women intertwine as...
From: Madame Guillotine on 25 Sep 2014

Red Lodge, Bristol

Although this blog is mostly London centric, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have some pretty amazing history stuff going on here in Bristol, albeit on a rather smaller scale. I’ve already written about Bristol Museum, SS Great Britain,...
From: Madame Guillotine on 31 Jul 2014

From Whitechapel GIN necklace giveaway!

Morning world. Well, the launch week of From Whitechapel is drawing to a close now and I have to say that I am so staggered and touched by the kind reception that it received. You’re all brilliant and I really hope that those of you who bought...
From: Madame Guillotine on 28 Mar 2014

From Whitechapel

There was a pain, a terrible empty, lonely ache of sorrow and loss, within my ribcage while my heart felt like it had turned to ashes. This then was the end of my journey, this then was the answer that I had sought for so long, this then was the secret...
From: Madame Guillotine on 24 Mar 2014

The Mystery of Princess Louise – book review

Princess Louise, Graefle, 1864. Photo: Royal Collection Trust/© Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2014 I often feel like Queen Victoria’s rather copious family is treated in much the same way as Henry VIII’s six wives – certainly I felt...
From: Madame Guillotine on 18 Mar 2014

Ripper Street is SAVED

Good news everyone! If like me you’ve wondering how on earth you’re going to survive without a regular dose of Captain Jackson (cor blimey), DS Reid (did you know that he was one cool guy in real life – he used to be really into jumping...
From: Madame Guillotine on 26 Feb 2014

Saving Mr Banks: Mary Poppins, the books, explicated

Dear friends and readers, When Izzy and I arrived at our local better cinema and saw to get into one of the movies a long line thick with people, I was startled to find this was for Saving Mr Banks! which in the trailers had been represented as about...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 27 Dec 2013

Consent - the Moral and Psychological Issues

This is not, strictly speaking, a historical article. Nevertheless, consent is an intriguing concept and especially controversial in terms of current debates about sexuality, violence and assault seemingly ever present in the media today.Oxford Dictionaries...
From: Conor Byrne on 20 Dec 2013

Save Ripper Street!

You don’t need to be much more than even a casual reader of this blog to know that I am a MASSIVE fan of the BBC drama series Ripper Street, which focuses on the trials and tribulations that faced the Whitechapel H Division in the aftermath of...
From: Madame Guillotine on 5 Dec 2013

Ripper Street returns

I’ve been bouncing up and down with excitement about this all day but the second series of Ripper Street starts tonight at 9pm on BBC One. Loads of people didn’t seem to realise that it was about to kick off again so I thought I should probably...
From: Madame Guillotine on 28 Oct 2013

Guest Post – Goldcord Asylum

Hello there campers! I am having a day off today as I’m hosting a guest piece by upcoming authoress of doom and GIN fuelled misery, Jude Starling whose new book Goldcord Asylum came out this week and is BRILLIANT. I’d DEFINITELY recommend...
From: Madame Guillotine on 2 Jul 2013

Writing Update – 30/6/2013

Yup, it’s that time of the week again when I present myself, head bowed with shame, to deliver this week’s writing update, which is intended partially to reassure myself that this book is progressing but mostly so that people will stop asking...
From: Madame Guillotine on 30 Jun 2013

Writing Update – 17/6/13

The women of Whitechapel arming themselves against the Ripper. Nice work ladies. Photo: The Museum of London. Yes, it’s that time of the week when I ramble on about how the Ripper Book is doing. Seriously everyone, this weekly update is probably...
From: Madame Guillotine on 17 Jun 2013

Writing Update – 9/6/13

Christ Church, Spitalfields last weekend. Photo: Melanie Clegg. Ripper Book Progress, week ending 9th June 2013: Current word count – 47,473/90,000. Body count – 4/8. Most overused word – ‘guts’. Favourite line this week – ‘See no evil,...
From: Madame Guillotine on 9 Jun 2013

Writing Update – 26/5/13

Graffiti (now removed) on Artillery Lane, Spitalfields. Photo: Melanie Clegg. Ripper Book Progress, week ending 26th May 2013: Current word count – 40,000/90,000. Body count – 4/8. Most overused word – ‘gin’. Favourite line...
From: Madame Guillotine on 26 May 2013

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