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Our Lady of Victories: Religious Violence and Liturgical Revolution in New France

By Thomas Lecaque The Age of Revolutions was born from religious violence and religious violence remained one of the most common characteristics of each revolutionary wave. Anti-papist stories surrounded the 1688 Glorious Revolution, and that rhetoric...
From: Age of Revolutions on 15 Aug 2022

Thoroughly Modern Maxie: Robespierre’s Relevance for Democracy Today

By Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall Maximilien Robespierre has gotten a bad rap in the last 228 years. In popular culture, he has become synonymous with the French Revolution’s “Reign of Terror,” a bloodthirsty man fond of violence. However, this image...
From: Age of Revolutions on 8 Aug 2022

On the Relationship between Journalism and History: Thoughts on the New York Times Haiti Ransom Project

By Paul Cohen Like many historians, I am of two minds about The New York Times’s “Haiti Ransom Project.” On the one hand, the in-depth piece on the massive “reparations” France imposed on its erstwhile colony Haiti in the nineteenth century...
From: Age of Revolutions on 11 Jul 2022

A Commercial (Neo)Colony? The Role of the Merchant Lobby in France’s Recognition of Haitian Independence

By Mary D. Lewis On May 20, 2022, the New York Times published an important series of articles on the impact of the “ransom” Haiti paid to former French planters for their losses during the Haitian Revolution.[1] As the Times made clear, the indemnity...
From: Age of Revolutions on 20 Jun 2022

Teaching Students to Read Secondary Sources with Age of Revolutions

By Erika Vause In his seminal 1961 essay “The Historian and His Facts,” E.H. Carr compared writing history to preparing fish. Carr argued against seeing history as a “corpus of ascertained facts” lying “like fish on the fishmonger’s slab,”...
From: Age of Revolutions on 14 Mar 2022

“Slaves are self-explanatory”: Silencing the Past in Empire Total War (2009)

Age of Revolutions is happy to present its “Art of Revolution” series. You can read through the entire series here as they become available. By Thomas Lecaque Empire: Total War (2009) allows gamers to rewrite history, but only certain parts....
From: Age of Revolutions on 3 Jan 2022

Downloadable Context: Why A Historian of Haiti Came to Study Video Games

*I dedicate this article to the late Tyler Stovall (1954 – 2021), who encouraged my work on histories of race in France as well as on video games, and who mentored and championed a generation of scholars interested in Black France and French colonial...
From: Age of Revolutions on 13 Dec 2021

A Sixth Revolution Around the Sun

By Bryan A. Banks and Cindy Ermus Has it been six years already? It has, and what journey it has been! (Check out the last 5 years worth of round ups here.) This past year has brought on new opportunities and has seen the Age of Revolutions site and...
From: Age of Revolutions on 22 Nov 2021

Dancing Revolution in the Caribbean Basin: Expressive and Revolutionary Movement and Moments in the History of New Orleans

Age of Revolutions is happy to present its “Art of Revolution” series. You can read through the entire series here as they become available. By Chris Smith The great bend in the lower Misi-ziibi (Ojibwe), as it flows to the Gulf of Mexico,...
From: Age of Revolutions on 8 Nov 2021

“Only when French generals will give their daughters in marriage to the Nègres”: Jean-François Petecou and the Other Path to Haitian Freedom

By Miriam Franchina When Haiti proclaimed its independence from France in 1804, Jean-François Petecou was on the other side of the Atlantic in Cádiz, Spain. He had been among the earliest leaders of the 1791 slave insurrection that became the Haitian...
From: Age of Revolutions on 17 May 2021

Sovereignty and the Haitian Revolution in Jean Casimir’s The Haitians: A Decolonial History

Reviewed by Julia Gaffield Casimir, Jean. The Haitians: A Decolonial History. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 2020. 452 pp. Can we really say that the Haitian Revolution was a success? We’ve all heard the question....
From: Age of Revolutions on 29 Mar 2021

Black Haitian Soldiers at the Siege of Savannah

The story of the Black Haitian soldiers serving in the French army in the battles to wrest Savannah, Georgia, from the British in September–October... The post Black Haitian Soldiers at the Siege of Savannah appeared first on Journal of the American...

Register for the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850!

The annual Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, 1750-1850 will be held virtually from February 18-20 & 26-27 and will be free to all who register. You can register for the conference here. For the full list of CRE Board of Directors, click here....
From: Age of Revolutions on 5 Feb 2021

Anne Rossignol, Madame Dumont, and Dr. John Schmidt Junior: Community and Accommodation in Charleston, South Carolina, 1790 – 184

This post is a part of the 2020 Selected Papers of the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, which were edited and compiled by members of the CRE’s board alongside editors at Age of Revolutions. By Suzanne Krebsbach In 1857, physician John...
From: Age of Revolutions on 1 Feb 2021

“Thrown into this Hospitable Land”: Saint-Dominguans in Virginia, 1796-187

This post is a part of the 2020 Selected Papers of the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, which were edited and compiled by members of the CRE’s board alongside editors at Age of Revolutions. By Frances Bell In October 1809, a Frenchman...
From: Age of Revolutions on 26 Jan 2021

Italians Crossing the Caribbean: Two Case Studies

By Miriam Franchina For early nineteenth-century Italian patriots, the Atlantic connected their divided homeland to the revolutionary Americas in a cosmopolitan quest for national independence that defied the order imposed by the Congress of Vienna...
From: Age of Revolutions on 14 Dec 2020

L’Ouverture High School: Race, Place, and Memory in Oklahoma

By Erica Johnson Edwards Growing up white in rural Oklahoma, I only had a few Black schoolmates, did not have any Black teachers, and did not learn about the Haitian Revolution. In fact, I only first learned about this world historical event during...
From: Age of Revolutions on 28 Sep 2020

Vénus Noire: An Interview with Robin Mitchell

Vénus Noire: Black Women and Colonial Fantasies in Nineteenth Century France is a rigorously researched study of Black women in France in the nineteenth century that explores the production of whiteness and blackness through the cultural mania...
From: Age of Revolutions on 31 Aug 2020

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