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Olivia Emeline Lane Dresses, c.1827-1835: Hand Sewn in Stratham, NH

 Olivia Emeline Lane Dresses, c.1827-1835, Stratham, NH I recently spent time trying to untangle some of the storyline and chronology for a box of Lane family textiles housed at the Stratham Historical Society, Stratham, NH.[i] The memories and names...
From: SilkDamask on 17 Aug 2022

The Justin Morrill Homestead

Another week: another pink Gothic Revival house! If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on a Gothic Revival kick for a while. It’s a style you can’t help but notice, and Salem is fortunate to have some notable examples, but I think it was spending...
From: streets of salem on 12 Jul 2022

I Went for the Wallpaper

I love Waterhouse Wallhangings, a company which has been manufacturing wallpapers based on historical patterns for decades, and will do anything or go anywhere to see their papers in situ, so when I saw an instagram post about a recently-completed restoration...
From: streets of salem on 28 Jun 2022

Local Color: Salem June

This is going to be an odd post which will start out sweet and end up a bit sour, but I can promise you that it will be colorful throughout. There’s one aspect of Salem’s history that I never seem to be able to cover completely, despite the longevity...
From: streets of salem on 11 Jun 2022

Shakespeare’s Come Home – the story completed

The restored statue is revealed On Friday 22 April 2022 the project to restore the 1769 statue of Shakespeare to the Town Hall was finally completed. I wrote recently about the process of conservation and placing the statue back in place. The money to...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 24 Apr 2022

The female instructor; or, Young woman’s companion

Title: The female instructor; or, Young woman’s companion: being a guide to all the accomplishments which adorn the female character … With many pleasing examples of illustrious females. To which are added, useful medicinal receipts, and a concise...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 1 Apr 2022

Domed Doors

Salem is a great city for doors. There are so many exemplary doors in a succession of architectural styles: First Period, Georgian, Federal, Greek and Gothic Revival, all the Victorian varieties. There are simple plank doors, multi-paned doors, louvred...
From: streets of salem on 1 Apr 2022

Winter Salem, Day and Night

This is a rather lazy picture post: I’m basking in the glow of the publication of my book and rather drained from teaching AND I have some nice pictures of Salem on my camera roll so I thought I would just share them. Salem is really lovely after snowfalls:...
From: streets of salem on 20 Feb 2022

John Remond’s Struggle for Citizenship

I’ve written about the Remonds, the African-American family who lived, worked, and strove for a succession of causes in nineteenth-century Salem quite a bit, but I think there is more to write, and more to learn. I live right next to Hamilton Hall,...
From: streets of salem on 10 Feb 2022

The women’s army of Dahomey

Founded in the early 17th century, the west African kingdom of Dahomey was a bellicose, expansionist state. It is said the king’s primary duty was to ‘make Dahomey always larger’; one 18th-century king, Agaju, boasted that – whereas his grandfather...
From: Mathew Lyons on 10 Feb 2022

February 6

GUEST CURATOR: Declan Dunbar What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago today? “IRISH LINNENS.” This advertisement is about an item that many colonists purchased in the years before the American Revolution. Colonists imported...
From: The Adverts 250 Project on 6 Feb 2022

Regency Home and Life: Videos about Jane Austen’s World

Inquiring readers,  In January of this year I published a post regarding podcasts and zoom workshops about Jane Austen. In this post, I am offering a series of YouTube videos, some of which might not last long as a link, so please view them asap. I’ve...
From: Jane Austen's World on 3 Feb 2022

Museums are living things that evolve with us

The Museum of the Home in Shoreditch. Located at a small distance from the street markets, old factory buildings and designer shops in hipstery Shoreditch is London’s Museum of the Home. From a distance, the complex looks a bit like an eighteenth-century...
From: The History Woman's Blog on 18 Jan 2022

A new book on Vauxhall Gardens!

If you have loved Bridgerton, Vanity Fair, Sanditon and the many other books and TV series to feature a twirl around Vauxhall Gardens you will welcome this new volume of essays by David E. Coke, a leading expert in London’s pleasure gardens of the 18th...
From: Naomi Clifford on 6 Jan 2022

Christmas at Home and Away

Our Christmas was Covid-impacted like everyone else’s, but it ended up being just lovely, with most of our time spent with my brother and brother-in-law in Salem eating, drinking, playing bad board games and watching movies. We went up to York Harbor...
From: streets of salem on 27 Dec 2021

Rachel Adams and Fragments of Her Embroidery, c. 1789

Tucked away safely in a dresser drawer in the Stone School Museum of the Newmarket Historical Society (New Hampshire) are several fragments of what were most likely bed hangings (the donor notes for a canopy bed), made of homespun, hand-woven linen and...
From: SilkDamask on 27 Dec 2021

A Samuel McIntire Sofa

There is an extraordinary auction coming up in a few weeks at Skinner featuring the art and antiques of a Beacon Hill couple. Among the maritime and China Trade paintings and colonial furniture is an amazing c. 1805 mahogany sofa attributed to Salem’s...
From: streets of salem on 6 Nov 2021

The Rebecca Nurse Homestead

As I write this on a sunny warm Saturday afternoon, there’s a line of cars extending down my entire street which has been continuous since about 10:00 this morning; I’m sure every other entry road into Salem is the same. My windows are open so I can...
From: streets of salem on 16 Oct 2021

Summer Sunday Stroll in Salem

Sometimes I try to look at Salem as a tourist, a casual tourist taking a stroll, rather than with my historian/resident intensity. It doesn’t work for long, but I can pull it off for a few hours. I haven’t been home for very many weekends this summer,...
From: streets of salem on 10 Aug 2021

Afar from Home: A Poem of the Gold Rush | W. D.

This poem was written by a person known only as “W.D.” and published in the London Journal in 1860, which was then edited by Pierce Egan the Younger (1814–80).[1] The poem might refer to the Gold Rushes of the mid-1800s, when explorers seeking to...

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