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Taking a fly

A scene beside a river: In the foreground two men who had been fishing have been pulled into the river by the rope attached to a ferry that is crossing to the other side when the horse that is pulling it bolts down stream. A third man is about to fall...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 5 Aug 2022

The man of fashion’s manual

Frontispiece shows two gentlemen with red heart-shaped faces and a red heart at their calves. Title: The man of fashion’s manual : containing instructions and rules for games of chance, and charioteering. By due attention to which, (it is confidently...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 12 Nov 2021

Sailors conversing on horseback

“Social satire; two sailors on horseback, one with a pipe in his hatband on a small white horse with a spotted handkerchief on a stick attached to its bridle, the other smoking a pipe on a large brown horse; they ask each other how their journeys on...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 21 Jul 2021

Riding apparatus for timid horsemen

An older gentleman is on horseback strapped into a contraption that limits the horses movement (as such, it won’t move above a trot pace), limits any jolting movements and also provides shade and cover through the attachment of an umbrella. In the left...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 15 Jul 2021

Guns & Stalking Horses.
From: A Woodsrunner's Diary on 27 Nov 2018

April 17

What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago this week? Boston Post-Boy (April 11, 1768).“Two young HORSES.” Samuel Harnden placed an advertisement seeking to sell “two young HORSES” in the April 11, 1768,...
From: The Adverts 250 Project on 17 Apr 2018

Mary Hicks Witch of Huntingdon

On 28 July 1716 Mary Hicks was condemned at the Huntingdon assizes for witchcraft and executed. According to the published narrative of her case, Mary dwelt in Huntingdon with her husband Edward and their 9-year-old daughter Elizabeth, the ‘Aple...
From: Early Modern Medicine on 11 Apr 2018

Over weight, or, The sinking fund, or, The downfall of faro

“Lady Buckinghamshire, enormously fat, is seated in profile to the right in an open chariot which sinks through a rectangular aperture in front of the Weigh-House, its weight being too great for the apparatus for weighing wagons. She throws up her...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 17 Apr 2017

October 19

GUEST CURATOR: Lindsay Hajjar What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago this week? New-Hampshire Gazette (October 17, 1766).“A Beautiful Saddle MARE” Owning nice things was a luxury that not every colonist had the...
From: The Adverts 250 Project on 19 Oct 2016

Casualties of War

The Battle of Waterloo left 40000 men and 10000 horses dead on the field. Between cavalry, dragoons, officer’s mounts, and draft animals, the armies of the day were heavily dependent on horses, and so the horses also became casualties.  Among...
From: Kirby and his world on 11 Oct 2016

Pack Saddles Link.
From: A Woodsrunner's Diary on 24 Jun 2016

Historical Trekking-Period Quotes.

Victuals well dressed by Pamela Patrick-White. WILLIAM BYRD'S DIVIDING LINE HISTORIES Mid 18th century. "Till this Night I had always lain in my Night Gown, but upon Tryal, I found it much warmer to strip to my shirt, & lie in naked Bed with my gown...
From: A Woodsrunner's Diary on 22 May 2016


A Tented Wagon By Paul Sandby.
From: A Woodsrunner's Diary on 9 Nov 2015

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth

By Jacqeuline Schoenfeld Like Lisa Smith, I am a sucker for animal stories. As a child (and young adult) some of my favorite movies included Homeward Bound, Babe and George of the Jungle. There is something irresistible about an American Bulldog, a Golden...
From: The Sloane Letters Blog on 21 Jul 2015

Animal Charms in the Later Middle Ages

By Laura Mitchell For some reason animal charms in the medieval record are a rare breed. Secrets literature, magical experiments, and natural magic abound with animals as the subject (texts on virtues often focus on the special properties of animals...
From: The Recipes Project on 31 Mar 2015

How to Identify, Harvest, Extract and Process Amadou For Fire Lighting !

Please note that this is NOT a period way of charring tinder. Tinder materials were charred directly in the fire, & then the smouldering ember was smothered in a tinderbox. But, this video is very good & in my opinion well made. It does show the...
From: A Woodsrunner's Diary on 3 Mar 2015

A love letter to old Finn

{Finnegan in 2004} My dear and very old horse Finnegan was mercifully put out of his pain in the wee hours of this morning, Valentine’s day. Dawn Townshend, who has lovingly looked after him for decades at her stable in Petawawa, sent me...
From: Baroque Explorations on 14 Feb 2015

A Horse Cures the King’s Evil in 1688

Is this the story of a miraculous horse, an astute farmer or just a good joke? In his diary, Alexander Shields recorded the following: ‘August [1688]. I was told, by ane eye witness, of a horse in or about the foot of Annandale, that cured the King’s...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 2 Oct 2014

Thomas Worsley

When George III came to the throne, he and the Earl of Bute had a plan, and part of it involve installing the new King’s favoured people in the Office of Works, reflecting his (and Bute’s) interest in architecture. The first appointment was...
From: Kirby and his world on 5 Sep 2014

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