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Covenanter Grave near New Galloway #History #Scotland

Adam MacQuhan, Kells parish, Kirkcudbrightshire. Died 1685. Shields in 1690: ‘Item, The said Col: or Liev: Gen: James Dowglas caused take Adam Macquhan out of his bed sick of a Fever, carry him to Newtoun of Galloway, and the next day shot him dead,...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 21 Apr 2020

The British Army of the Killing Times in the Winter of 1685 #History #Scotland

  On 10 December, 1685, General William Drummond wrote a memorial of the winter quarters appointed for the King’s Scottish Army, aka., the British Army, until further orders. The modern regiments descended from these regiments are @scots_guards,...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 23 Sep 2018

The Execution of Richard Rumbold in Edinburgh, 1685 #History #Scotland

  After Richard Rumbold was captured in Lesmahagow and dragged through the streets of Edinburgh, he faced trial and execution on 26 June, 1685. The day before the assize, the privy council decided how he was to be executed: ‘And June 25th,...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 17 Dec 2017

The Covenanter of The Standard Bearer #History #Literature #Scotland

The story of a boy and his two collie dogs set in the Killing Times… The Standard Bearer by S. R. Crockett (1897) is a novel based on the life of the post-Revolution Covenanter, the Reverend John MacMillan, leader of the McMillanites. It also...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 20 Nov 2016

McWhann’s Stone and a Covenanting Martyr of 1685 #History #Scotland

Twenty years ago, Thorbjörn Campbell first drew the attention of historians to an obscure feature in the landscape, McWhann’s Stone. McWhann’s Stone © Mark McKie and licensed for reuse. ‘Nothing is known of Adam MacQwhan or...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 23 Mar 2016

The Killing Times of 1685: The list of the Dead in Cloud of Witnesses

In 1714, a list of Covenanters who were summarily executed in the fields during the Killing Times appeared in A Cloud of Witnesses. The list was based on the list found in Alexander Shields’ A Short Memorial (1690) and nearly reproduces Shields’...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 18 Sep 2015

The Forfeited Covenanters, 1679 to 1688

In 1690, the Scottish Parliament passed an act rescinding most of the forfeitures which had taken place under the Restoration Stewart regime. The published list is not perfect. It contains minor errors, duplicates some names and fails to mentions some...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 28 Jul 2014

Wanted Rebels and Traitors in Scotland in October, 1681.

In October, 1681, the privy council proclaimed a list of eighty-nine forfeited fugitives from the Presbyterian rising of 1679. (RPCS, VII, 216-8.) 45 of those listed were from Lanarkshire (Nos 1-45), 11 from Ayrshire (Nos 46-56), and 33 from Galloway...
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 20 Jul 2014

Richard Cameron’s Road to Martyrdom Begins: ‘I Will Make Thy Hoofs Brass: And Thou Shalt Beat in Pieces Many People’

In late March, 1680, Richard Cameron and other militant presbyterians began to plot a new direction for the presbyterian movement which would take them into direct confrontation with the Restoration regime. Cameron did not expect to survive the struggle....
From: Jardine's Book of Martyrs on 2 Apr 2013