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Shakespeare’s Birthday in lockdown,

King Edward VI School wreath, 2020 The nearest Saturday to Shakespeare’s Birthday has for several decades been the day on which the town of Stratford-upon-Avon holds its biggest celebrations of the year. Birthday Celebrations have been held in some...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 25 Apr 2020

The Woman in the Moon: In Conversation with Edward’s Boys

It’s Friday, and we’re hurrying across London Bridge in the rain towards a part-carpeted Methodist Church in London’s Eastcheap: that Elizabethan-sounding nook somewhere loosely between Crutched Friars and Leadenhall (more Tudor echoes)....
From: Before Shakespeare on 13 Mar 2018

Angles on Shakespeare in Stratford 2018

Nothing of Woman in Me poster There’s never any shortage of Shakespeare-related events in Stratford, not just performances at the Royal Shakespeare Company or activities at the Shakespeare properties managed by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust....
From: The Shakespeare blog on 21 Feb 2018

In Remembrance of Richard Spender

Richard Spender Had Shakespeare died at the age of 21 we would all be the poorer. He would never have written anything of note: without knowing it, we would have lost his insights into human life, expressed in unrivalled poetry through vivid characters...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 14 Nov 2017

Thomas Nashe and the end of Summer

The poster for Edward’s Boys production of Summer’s Last Will and Testament Now the autumn equinox has passed summer is really over and it’s fitting that the boy players of Shakespeare’s School, Edward’s Boys, are performing...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 22 Sep 2017

Edward’s Boys in summer 2017

A scene from Edward’s Boys production of The Dutch Courtesan I’ve written lots of posts mentioning Edward’s Boys, the brilliant troupe of boys from King Edward VI School in Stratford-upon-Avon who, under the leadership of Deputy Head...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 10 Jul 2017

Shakespeare Birthday Celebrations 2017 in Stratford-upon-Avon

The band at the head of Bridge Street In 2017 I am more aware than ever how lucky I am to live in Stratford-upon-Avon, able to take a full part in the whole weekend of the Birthday Celebrations, not just the day itself. So many events take place...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 23 Apr 2017

Tim Pigott-Smith and Shakespeare

Tim Pigott-Smith as King Lear Since the announcement of Tim Pigott-Smith’s death on Friday 7 April 2017 tributes have flooded in for this much-loved and admired actor. Many have also commented that in the last few years he was reaching his peak....
From: The Shakespeare blog on 10 Apr 2017

Shakespeare’s Schooldays brought to life

King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon On Tuesday 4 April I addressed the pupils of King Edward VI School in Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s School, at their morning assembly, part of our efforts to publicise the town’s two hundred-year...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 7 Apr 2017

Edward’s Boys and Thomas Middleton’s A Trick to Catch the Old One

Programme cover for Edward’s Boys On Sunday 12 March 2017 I attended the last of four performances given by Edward’s Boys of Thomas Middleton’s city comedy A Trick to Catch the Old One. It was another triumph for this group, led by...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 14 Mar 2017

Beaumont’s The Woman Hater and Edward’s Boys

Now, a real theatrical treat. On 11 March 2016 I attended the latest production by Edward’s Boys, the all-boy company directed by Perry Mills of King Edward VI School, Stratford-upon-Avon, The Woman Hater. The play is a study of outrageously obsessive...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 12 Mar 2016

News about Shakespeare’s School

The Schoolroom, King Edward VI School, Stratford Last week the news broke that Stratford’s King Edward VI School (Shakespeare’s School) has won its bid for £1.4 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund. This is excellent news: this money...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 15 Jul 2015

Celebrating 2016 in Stratford-upon-Avon: preparations begin

Big School at KES 2016 will be the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, and preparations are well under way to celebrate in the town where he was born and died. Projects are afoot everywhere, and I’m going to write a couple of posts giving up...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 9 Feb 2015

Floral offerings for Shakespeare’s Birthday

Shakespeare’s Birthday has been celebrated in Stratford-upon-Avon for very nearly two centuries. Over this period there have been many changes, but the floral procession from the centre of the town to Holy Trinity Church remains their central feature. It...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 18 Dec 2014

Celebrating Shakespeare’s 450th in Stratford

Some souvenirs of the 1964 celebrations So how do you celebrate Shakespeare’s 450th birthday? The RSC are holding a fireworks display and on Saturday a day of events. The town is expecting bumper crowds on Saturday for its special parade, and for...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 24 Apr 2014

Stratford’s historic spine, Shakespeare forgery and April Fools

  Away on holiday last week, but still in touch with email and twitter, I spotted lots of Shakespeare and Stratford-related stories in the press and online. My post on the Market House coincidentally went live on the same day that a new book was...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 10 Apr 2014

John Lyly’s Galatea by Edward’s Boys

Galatea is the first full play by Lyly that Edward’s Boys, the schoolboy troupe from King Edward VI School in Stratford, have performed, and I’d guess that it won’t be the last. Nowadays Lyly is largely remembered as one of the prime...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 19 Mar 2014

Galatea (Edward’s Boys) @ King Edward VI School

I first encountered Lyly in the form of a heavily cut production of Endymion performed by the junior boys of King Edward VI School in 2009, back before they were even known as Edward’s Boys. Having missed their 2010 Mother Bombie, it was something...
From: The Bardathon on 18 Mar 2014

If music and sweet poetry agree: Stratford-upon-Avon’s Festival

Performing the fanfare for the Stratford-upon-Avon Music Festival On Saturday morning Stratford-upon-Avon’s Music Festival began with a Festival Fanfare entitled Lend Me Your Ears, played by the brass ensemble from King Edward VI School. Performed...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 13 Oct 2013

Dido, Queen of Carthage: Marlowe and Shakespeare’s visions of Troy

Dido, Queen of Carthage is one of Christopher Marlowe’s least-performed and least-read plays. It’s sometimes been suggested that this unpopularity has been caused by it being an early, perhaps undergraduate effort. Recently there has been...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 25 Sep 2013

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