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Disability in the Eighteenth-century

We came across an engraving posted on social media by Dr Hannah Greig recently and for those of you who know of our propensity for disliking unsolved mysteries we were immediately intrigued and wanted to see if there was any more information about the...
From: All Things Georgian on 31 Jan 2019

Hall, Barton and Goodwin: three grand old men of the RSC

Peter Hall as he was when taking over the RSC, circa 1961 At the end of August it begins to feel that summer is coming to a close and autumn is on its way. While this can feel like the time when things start to close down for winter, for many people it’s...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 31 Aug 2018

Revealing NEW information about Dido Elizabeth Belle’s siblings

We’re very excited to be able to bring you some new information about Dido Elizabeth Belle. Dido was the natural daughter of a former African slave woman and Sir John Lindsay; she was brought up alongside her cousin, Lady Elizabeth Murray at their...
From: All Things Georgian on 26 Jun 2018

We fly by night on ‘the wings of love’… to Hull

Around midnight, or just shortly thereafter, Miss Mary Burton crept out of her father’s house at Gainsborough in Lincolnshire, into the waiting arms of her lover, William Fields, a draper from Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire. William must have...
From: All Things Georgian on 24 Apr 2018

Kingston Shakespeare Seminar: Shakespeare and New Historicist Theory

Our first KiSS session on Thursday October 6 features Dr Neema Parvini discussing his book Shakespeare and New Historicist Theory, published by Bloomsbury in Arden Shakespeare’s Shakespeare and Theory series, coming out in January 2017. In our new...
From: The Renaissance Diary on 6 Oct 2016

When Minutemen Marched into Marshfield

So in 1775 there were a hundred British soldiers stationed in Marshfield, mostly on the estate of Nathaniel Ray Thomas. Their commander was Capt. Nisbet Balfour of the 4th Regiment.And on the morning of 20 April, according to Isaac Thomas (who was nine...
From: Boston 1775 on 15 Jul 2016

Another immigrant’s tale

I’ve just heard about a case in which an American Shakespeare academic hoping to remain in this country has been arrested and remains in custody. Dr Paul Hamilton received his PhD from the Shakespeare Institute in Stratford in 2015 and remains a...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 26 Jan 2016

Kidnap and Attempted Murder in the 18th Century: Viscount Valentia’s ancestry

Arthur Annesley, Baron Altham and Viscount Valentia was the downfall of Grace Dalrymple Elliott.  Their indiscretion in a London bagnio (a high class brothel) led to her divorce from her portly little doctor of a husband, John Eliot. Although...
From: All Things Georgian on 26 Nov 2015

The Wars of the Roses at the Rose, Kingston

Trevor Nunn In an interview published in February 2014 Trevor Nunn explained that it was his aim to direct all of Shakespeare’s plays “before I hang up my boots”, with only seven left to go. “I’m very keen to do a particular...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 6 Jul 2015

Shakespeare and Waste Podcast

If you weren’t able to make ‘Shakespeare and Waste’ at the Rose in Kingston last weekend, you can now hear podcasts of the plenaries by Prof Scott Wilson and Dr Peter J. Smith:
From: Cardiff Shakespeare on 28 May 2015

Shakespeare and Waste: Inaugural Conference for Kingston Shakespeare Seminar in Theory

Shakespeare and Waste:Inaugural Conference for Kingston Shakespeare Seminar in Theory (KiSSiT)The Rose Theatre, Kingston, 23 May, 201511.00-11.15. Welcome (Rose Theatre, the Gallery)11.15-13.00. Panel 1 (Gallery)Christian Smith (University of Warwick),...
From: The Renaissance Diary on 23 May 2015

CFP: KiSSIT Conference - Shakespeare and Waste

The inaugural KiSSIT conference will take place at the Rose Theatre on Saturday 23 May, 2015, on the theme of SHAKESPEARE AND WASTE. Auditors are also encouraged to attend. Confirmed speakers include Scott Wilson (Kingston University) and Peter Smith...
From: Early Modern Workshop on 6 Apr 2015

CFP: Shakespeare and Waste (Kingston Shakespeare Seminar in Theory)

ANNOUNCING A NEW SERIES OF SHAKESPEARE EVENTS FOR POSTGRADUATE STUDENTS AND EARLY CAREER SCHOLARS Kingston Shakespeare Seminar (KiSS), part of the London Graduate School, announces the launch of Kingston Shakespeare Seminar in Theory (KiSSiT): a series...
From: Cardiff Shakespeare on 1 Apr 2015

Call For Papers: Shakespeare and Waste

From: Dr Johann Gregory on 26 Mar 2015

Shakespeare’s marvellous sweet music

Elizabethan musicians Shakespeare’s own use of music, and the many ways in which Shakespeare’s works have inspired composers in the centuries since he wrote them, are among the most recurrent for this blog. And I can’t let a few events...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 15 Oct 2014

So Heavy a Trial: The Burning of New York’s First Capital

“We are hellishly frightened,” Gouverneur Morris wrote to a friend on October 8, 1777.[1] Morris was attending to the business of the New York State legislature in Kingston, a town one hundred miles north of New York City. The old Dutch village had...

‘Her Vagrant Majesty’ of Puddletown, Dorset

Puddletown, Dorset     Sporting Magazine, volume 21 dated 1803 reported:- ‘A short time since, the youngest son of the late Peter Stanley, commonly known by the appellation of King of the Gypsies, started from the town-pump in...
From: All Things Georgian on 14 Aug 2014

A Fortuitous Fortnight

They say it never rains but it pours – would this count as one of the worst opening lines ever? Try this for a writing exercise. Jot down the worst opening line ever. You’ll be surprised how difficult this is, once you put your mind to it....
From: Witchcraft in Poland on 1 Jun 2014

Garrick and Shakespeare Conference

Melanie Bigold, Rob Gossedge, and Irene Morra from Cardiff University will be speaking at the Garrick and Shakespeare conference in June. Find out more below: Wednesday 25 June – Friday 27 June 2014 Venue: Rose Theatre, 24-26 High Street, Kingston...
From: Cardiff Shakespeare on 29 May 2014

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