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The Balloon as a Symbol of the Republic

By Chanelle Reinhardt The “aerostat” (a lighter-than-air aircraft also known as a “balloon”) was a pivotal element of French material culture in times of revolution. It can be counted among the various objects that became...
From: Age of Revolutions on 9 Sep 2019

Osprey reveal forthcoming Campaign series books

CAM: Malplaquet 1709In 1709, after eight years of war, France was on her knees. Things were so bad that King Louis XIV offered to end the War of Spanish Succession on humiliating terms. The allied powers refused Louis’ offer, believing that...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 26 Aug 2019

Marlborough's War Machine

Haven't read this but I have read books by the author. Anyone read it? Here
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 17 Aug 2019

Tracing the Aftermath of the American Revolution: An Interview on the Patriot Paths Protect

***** Today, digital humanities projects abound, and offer scholars and students new ways of understanding the past, present, and future. Charles A. Sherrill, the State Librarian and Archivist with the Tennessee State Library and Archives, headed up one...
From: Age of Revolutions on 12 Aug 2019

The armies and wars of the Sun King vol. 1

Out today and shippingthe first of four volumes on the Army of Louis XIV by renowned author Rene Chartrand. Colour plates by Ed Dovey.THE ARMIES AND WARS OF THE SUN KING 1643-1715. VOLUME 1: THE GUARD OF LOUIS XIV
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 21 Jun 2019

Appel de Textes — Service militaire, citoyenneté et culture politique : études des milices au Canada atlantique, 17

Présentation : L’Institut d’études acadiennes de l’Université de Moncton, le Gregg Centre for Study of War and Society, incluant le Network for the Study of Civilians, Soldiers and Society, et le Département...
From: Borealia on 13 May 2019

Call for Papers — Military Service, Citizenship and Political Culture: Militia Studies in Atlantic Canada, 17

Introduction: The Institut d’études acadiennes at the Université de Moncton, the Gregg Centre for the Study of War and Society at the University of New Brunswick, and the Department of History at the University of New Brunswick including...
From: Borealia on 13 May 2019

In the Emperor's Service by Laurence Spring

Wallenstein's army 1625-34 This is the third 30 Years War book I have read by Laurence Spring and it is probably the best yet. Full analysis of the army from rations to quartering - coat colours and standards - arms and armour as well as tactics are all...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 10 May 2019

The Zulu Iklwa: Evidence of an African Military Revolution in the Nineteenth Century

By Jacob Ivey In 2016, the History Channel’s competitive weapon manufacturing reality show “Forged in Fire” included a final segment that instructed contestants to construct a “Zulu iklwa,” or short stabbing-spear made famous...
From: Age of Revolutions on 15 Apr 2019

Fighting for Liberty

Helion have engaged Steve Carter to create the definitive book on the Monmouth Rebellion. Out next year. In the meantime Steve is tweeting his adventures and his research with the hashtag #‎FightingForLiberty. Today he is visiting Norton St Philip...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 14 Apr 2019

Charles XI’s War: The Scanian War between Sweden and Denmark, 1675-1679 (Century of the Soldier)

By Michael Fredholm von Essen.I have for a long time wanted a comprehensive English language book on the Scanian war (fought between Denmark and Sweden in the 1670s) and finally one has come out and I am not disappointed one bit. It covers all the major...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 7 Apr 2019


Charles XI's warHope everybody is ready for Salute. Helion will have the new title on the Scanian war (see pic) there as well as the new Wallenstein's army book - acclaimed Italian artist Bruno Mugnai will be there to talk about his new series on late...
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 4 Apr 2019

The army of August the Strong in the Great Northern War

Thought I would post this again as it's a useful book and goes well with the other GNW books you might have.  Art Sascha Lunyakov
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 1 Apr 2019

French Arms Drill of the 18th Century: Historical Arms Series, No. 19 Houlding, J.A

This booklet is worth tracking down if you are interested in the subject. Showing the developments from the 17thc up to the end of the Seven Years War. It's only a booklet but worth having.
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 24 Mar 2019

Scanian war book imminent

Helion books say 'Michael Fredholm von Essen's book on the Scanian War 'Charles XI's war' will be out at Salute in April 2019.Sergey Shamenkov is the artist who is currently working on the art work for the book.'
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 10 Mar 2019

Lace Wars L & F Funcken 1977

This pair of books was very influential and well used. In French originally also German editions. 
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 9 Mar 2019

Uniforms of the Seven Years War, 1756-1763, John Mollo Malcolm McGregor Blandford Press 1977

As it's World Book Day I thought I would post a book that I like. This one was responsible for an interest with me in the Seven Years War. It still seems relevant so many years later. I have collected some of the plates on a Pinterest page
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 7 Mar 2019

Coming soon from Helion

Apparently ready for Salute. Contains 12 colour plates for flags and 4 plates of figures.
From: Wars of Louis Quatorze on 3 Mar 2019

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