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Victor Hugo’s Early Modern Outlaw Play: “Hernani” (1830)

Stephen Basdeo is a historian and lecturer based in Leeds, UK. He researches the life and works of several British and French ‘mysteries’ authors including George W.M. Reynolds, Pierce Egan the Younger, Eugene Sue, and Victor Hugo. He is also currently...


Dear ANZAMEMS ECRs and HDR Students, I’m writing to provide an update on the ANZAMEMS DEVELOPMENT SCHEME (ADS), our forthcoming workshop series for HDR students and ECRs. Since our last communication with the ANZAMEMS membership, we have finalised the...
From: ANZAMEMS Inc on 13 Oct 2021

Graduate Conference in Premodern Studies

The Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library has extended the deadline for submissions to their graduate conference in premodern studies. Graduate students in premodern studies at Northern Illinois University may want to consider submitting...

Journée d’étude | DANTE

À l’occasion du 700e anniversaire de la mort de Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), le musée Rodin a souhaité mettre à l’honneur le grand poète florentin cher au sculpteur à travers une journée d’études. Dante est à l’Italie ce que le Penseur...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 6 Oct 2021

ePublic of Letters

I tuned in online this week for the launch of the ePublic of Letters lecture series, organized by Monique O’Connell and Brian Maxson. Brian Maxson did a nice job of kicking off this new lecture series with a lecture on Vespasiano da Bisticci, Florentine...

CFP Macbeth in European Culture

Macbeth in European Culture, International SymposiumUniversity of Murcia (Spain)22-24th March, 2022 Despite its Scottish-Anglo setting and its close relationship to the politics of the Stuart regency, Macbeth has proven one of Shakespeare’s most suggestive...
From: ANZAMEMS Inc on 1 Oct 2021

SCEMS Autumn Schedule 2021

SCEMS Autumn Semester 2021 We are delighted to be hosting a selection of events this semester both in person and online, including lectures, seminars, and masterclasses. See below for our upcoming events: Thursday 7th October, 17:15– Maxine Berg (Warwick)...
From: SCEMS on 30 Sep 2021

A Spider at the Pulse

By Yijie Huang I received a gift from my supervisor this spring, a vial of “POSITIVITY Pulse Point Oil” from ESPA. As a historian of pulse diagnosis in early modern medicine, I am fascinated by it–not so much by the joyful fragrance, but by what...
From: The Recipes Project on 30 Sep 2021

The British Royal Family continue to act as an Emotional Regime

By Gordon D. Raeburn (Bishop Grosseteste University) At the start of September 2021, a leak of secret documents revealed the plans in place for the eventual death of Queen Elizabeth II.[1] Early indications suggest a genuine leak, rather than one planned,...
From: Histories of Emotion on 27 Sep 2021

Journées d’études : « Les artistes de la modernité face à l’Égypte antique » (Paris, 8 et 9 octobre 2021)

Journées d’études : « Les artistes de la modernité face à l’Égypte antique » Dans le cadre de l’exposition « Giacometti et l’Égypte antique » (21 juin – 10 octobre 2021) à l’Institut Giacometti organisée en collaboration avec le...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 21 Sep 2021

Cycle de conférences : « L’École des Modernités » (Paris, septembre 2021-juin 2022)

L’École des Modernités Le cycle de conférences de l’École des Modernités contribue à une histoire de l’art moderne, en faisant intervenir les grands spécialistes de la période (1905-1960). Comme Alberto Giacometti, nombre d’artistes étrangers...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 21 Sep 2021

Galatea 101: Performing John Lyly in the 21st Century

Galatea (c.1584) enjoyed some more research and development with actors in August 2021, as it heads towards a production in collaboration with Wildworks, when director Emma Frankland gathered theatremakers at the 101 Outdoor Creation Space (thanks to...
From: Before Shakespeare on 20 Sep 2021

“Like a Collapsible Concertina”: Cosmetic Interventions in Fin-de-Siècle London

Jess Clark In the Fall of 2020, new reports revealed a marked increased in cosmetic procedures—surgery, injectables, and other dermatological treatments—over the course of the COVID pandemic. During the global crisis, some men and women of means have...
From: The Recipes Project on 16 Sep 2021

CFP: EMSJ to mark EMROC’s tenth year

We are pleased to announce that Early Modern Studies Journal will be publishing a special issue entitled “Celebrating Ten Years of the Early Modern Recipes Online Collective.” We hope that you’ll consider submitting work to commemorate EMROC’s...
From: emroc on 13 Sep 2021


INVENTORYING PRE-MODERN TEXTS IN VICTORIAN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE COLLECTIONS School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies Monash University Scattered throughout Victoria are hundreds of manuscripts, fragments, and other documents from different...
From: ANZAMEMS Inc on 13 Sep 2021

Virtual Rome

My students in HIST 420 The Renaissance at Northern Illinois University recently discussed the intellectual movement of Humanism in the Renaissance, focusing especially on the Humanists’ fascination with antiquities and their nostalgia for ancient Rome....

Paleography Studies

The Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library is offering a series of courses in paleography studies intended for graduate students in the humanities. Paleography skills are vital for manuscript studies and archival work in the discipline...

Multidisciplinary Graduate Conference in Premodern Studies

The Center for Renaissance Studies at the Newberry Library is currently organizing its annual Multidisciplinary Graduate Conference in Premodern Studies. Graduate students in premodern history at Northern Illinois University are encouraged to submit...

Luke Hutton’s “Black Dogge of Newgate” (1596) | Stephen Basdeo

Stephen Basdeo is a historian and writer based in Leeds, UK. Spanish Origins During the sixteenth century a new genre of popular literature arrived in England. Adapted from literature that was flourishing in Spain, a stream of printed books...

Call for contributions: Daphnis, German culture of the early modern period

Coffee and Tobacco – ignitors of sociability? The last Daphnis issue focuses on the sociability discourse in early modern Leipzig. This includes social practices like singing student and drinking songs like the ‘Dunkelmännerlied’ or eating goose...
From: ANZAMEMS Inc on 23 Aug 2021

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