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Twelfth Night (National Theatre) @ National Theatre At Home

The choice of the National Theatre to broadcast Simon Godwin’s Twelfth Night to homes to mark Shakespeare’s deathday on 23 April was a canny one; a crowd-pleasing comedy, with known quantities (Oliver Chris as Orsino and the...
From: The Bardathon on 24 Apr 2020

Screening: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by the National Theatre

The NT Live screening of Dream will take place in selected Irish cinemas on 17 October, 22 October, 3 November, and 6 November. For details, see the NT Live website. [Copied from the NT Live website.] ‘The course of true love never did run smooth.’...
From: Shakespeare in Ireland on 7 Oct 2019

Richard II (Almeida/NT Live) @ Nottingham Broadway Cinema

For those who remember the Berliner Ensemble’s extraordinary Richard II, which came to the UK in 2006 as part of the RSC’s Complete Works Festival, Joe Hill-Gibbins’s new production of the play for the Almeida may have struck a chord....
From: The Bardathon on 15 Jan 2019

Antony and Cleopatra (National Theatre/NT Live) @ Broadway Cinema

In November, Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo became the first pair of co-leads in over thirty years to win the two Best Actor prizes at the Evening Standard Theatre awards. The casting alone, perhaps, made this not entirely unexpected; two Oscar-nominated...
From: The Bardathon on 7 Dec 2018

Review: Julius Caesar – National Theatre Live

The National Theatre’s Julius Caesar, screened in cinemas around Ireland on March 22nd, opened with the usual live screening announcements. Microphone in hand, the announcer informed us of the running time, advertised upcoming NT events, and cautioned...
From: Shakespeare in Ireland on 24 Mar 2018

A Network of Vagrant Gaols

Once declared a vagrant by a magistrate, the person would be taken into custody and would begin their journey back ‘home’. Home in this context meant the parish where they held legal settlement, which in many cases was where they (or their...
From: Migrant Histories on 20 Jan 2017

Unintentional Migrants to London

This is the slightly-altered text of the paper I delivered at the British Society of Eighteenth Century Studies (BSECS) conference in Oxford, January 2017. Figure 1: Adam Crymble, ‘Depots used by Henry Adams to convey vagrants into and outo Middlesex,...
From: Migrant Histories on 8 Jan 2017

The Month That Urban Middlesex Had No Vagrants

Figure 1: The Boundaries of Westminster, Middlesex, the City of London, and Southwark.[1]In the late eighteenth century, ‘London’ meant many things. Technically, ‘London’ was the ‘City of London’, the dark blue area...
From: Migrant Histories on 29 Nov 2016

Irish Vagrant ≠ Scottish Vagrant

Figure 1: Zannoni Map of the British Isles, 1771.[1]Scotland and Ireland were both far away from London as far as eighteenth century travellers were concerned. For the Irish, getting to London involved a dangerous sea journey across the Irish sea. For...
From: Migrant Histories on 11 Oct 2016

Where London’s Vagrants Weren’t From

Vagrants expelled from Middlesex (1777-1786) by parish of origin, using the ‘Vagrant Lives’ dataset[1] and the ‘GIS of the Ancient Parishes of England and Wales 1500-1850’ shapefiles.[2] Parishes sending more than 20 vagrants highlighted...
From: Migrant Histories on 19 Sep 2016

Whipped and deported: England’s historic resistance to free movement of labour

Authorisation to send a vagrant back to her parish, 1784. Powys County ArchivesFor some in the Leave campaign, the right to freedom of movement enshrined in the European Union was a bitter pill to swallow, because it let them – outsiders –...
From: Migrant Histories on 2 Aug 2016

Madness nay, Grief: “Hamlet” at the Barbican

There seems to me two ways in which playgoers assess whether they liked a production or not. The first is based on whether they agree with (or where moved by) a claim or perspective of the performance—if it was “relatable”… Read...
From: Bite Thumbnails on 28 Nov 2015

Hamlet (Sonia Friedman Productions/NT Live) @ The Light, Leeds

Fortunately, given that I was extremely poorly during last night’s screening, everyone and their doctorate seems to have written about Hamlet already. There are really great pieces out there by Tom Cornford, Holger Schott Syme, Eoin Price, not to...
From: The Bardathon on 30 Oct 2015

Guest Post – The Eye of the Camera in Filmed Theatre

It is with enormous pleasure that I welcome the first ever guest blog post on DigitalShakespeares. Over the past summer, Mary Odbert, one of our wonderfully talented MA students at the Shakespeare Institute, has been acting as a research assistant on...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 20 Oct 2015

National Theatre Live: Hamlet

The National Theatre’s Hamlet featuring Benedict Cumberbatch is coming to the Champaign-Urbana area! You have two chances to catch it. It plays tonight at 7:00PM at the Goodrich Savoy 16 theatre, and then November 1st at the Art Theatre in...
From: Early Modern Workshop on 15 Oct 2015

Everyman (National Theatre/NT Live) @ The Broadway Cinema, Nottingham

The introduction to Chiwitel Ejiofor’s Everyman and his friends, a sequence that must have taken up a good ten minutes of drug snorting, swearing, shagging, drinking, fighting, dancing and selfie-snapping, set out Rufus Norris and Javier de Frutos’s...
From: The Bardathon on 17 Jul 2015

Shakespeare and the live broadcast – part 1

At long last, the monograph is finally done, the edited collections are out, the marking is completed, the exam boards are past, the summer is here, and digital Shakespeare returns! (For me, at least) It’s been a long, good, but hard year, with...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 24 Jun 2015

Call for Papers – Digital Shakespeare

Next year I’ll be co-organizing a seminar on ‘Digital Shakespeare’ for the World Shakespeare Congress in Stratford-upon-Avon and London, along with the fabulous Penelope Woods (University of Western Australia), Siobhan Keenan (De Montfort...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 22 Jun 2015

The curse of Lear? — NTLive, 2011 and 2014

Macbeth is the Shakespearean play actors and directors are most superstitious about, but I wonder if Lear might be gaining on the ol’ Scottish play as far as live recordings go? The most famous instance of technical mishap in other otherwise fairly...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 3 May 2014

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