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Of Astrolabes and Wine

Further evidence that astrolabes are infiltrating culture is the name of winery in New Zealand: Astrolabe. A winery in New Zealand has adopted the name “Astrolabe.” Unfortunately, this winery is not really named after the instrument. Instead,...
From: Darin Hayton on 15 Oct 2019

Gourd Water Bottles. Were They Sealed?

Water bottle gourd found at Bents Fort.17th & 18th Century water & wine gourds.Were they lined inside?To date I have not been able to find any primary documentation suggesting that water bottle gourds were actually sealed inside. However, this...
From: A Woodsrunner's Diary on 1 Apr 2019

Q&A with Coll Thrush

Today Coll Thrush speaks with The Junto about his most recent book, Indigenous London: Native Travelers at the Heart of Empire, which examines that city’s history through the experiences of Indigenous travelers—willing or otherwise—from...
From: The Junto on 12 Sep 2017

The Arts of Spinoza & Pacific Spinoza

For information about this conference, visit
From: Spinoza Research Network on 10 May 2017

Shakespearean replicas then and now

A few weeks ago at a local book fair I bought a collection of engravings of Shakespeare’s Birthplace all dating from the nineteenth century. Shakespeare’s Birthplace was a major tourist attraction, and one which changed in appearance several...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 24 Mar 2017

The Arts of Spinoza: extended deadline

EXTENDED DEADLINE for submissions for “The Arts of Spinoza + Pacific Spinoza” conference, Auckland, 26-28 May 2017: Abstracts will now be accepted up to Tuesday 14 February, midnight NZST. Send to Abstracts submitted...
From: Spinoza Research Network on 1 Feb 2017

Dead Admirals Society (and Much, Much More) in New Zealand

This week, I’m delighted to welcome back Sam McLean as my guest blogger! Sam runs the excellent British Naval History website, and recently paid a lengthy visit to New Zealand, where he has family. Over to you, Sam! *** Occasionally, opportunities...
From: Gentlemen and Tarpaulins on 16 Jan 2017

The Arts of Spinoza and Pacific Spinoza

THE ARTS OF SPINOZA + PACIFIC SPINOZAInterstices Under Construction symposium, 26-28 May 2017. The University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology, Aotearoa New Zealand Plenaries / keynotes include: MOIRA GATENS MICHAEL LEBUFFE SUSAN RUDDICK...
From: Spinoza Research Network on 25 Nov 2016

Scotsman, 19 March 1842, p.

Monument to the late Earl of Durhum.–The New Zealand Company have voted ţ105, towards the erection of the monument to the Earl of Durham–the noble earl having been the first governor of this important company. Publication Information: Newspaper Title:...

Scotsman, 17 February 1841, p.

() The dinner given on Saturday by the New Zea land Company to Lord John Russell will serve to re move all apprehensions if any are yet entertained with regard to the relations between that colony and the Government of the parent state. Many of the...

Scostman, 19 March 1842, p.

–The New Zealand Company have voted ţ105 towards the erection of the monument to the Earl of Durham–the noble earl having been the first governor of this important company. Publication Information: Newspaper Title: Scostman Newspaper Location:...

Scotsman, 22 September 1841, p.

A very lively and interesting scene occurred on Fri day off the West India Dock entrance at Blackwall by the preparation for departure of three fine vessels with “improvers” for “Nelson” the second colony of New Zealand. The...

Scotsman, 24 November 1841

–The following data will show the number of emigrants from the United King dom with their destination during the year 1840 derived from official sources:– To N. American Col. 27025 To Van Diem. Land 281 United States 38495 West Australia 233 West...

Scotsman, 17 November 1841, p.

()–”Among the latest ar rivals is Mr Swainson F.R.S. the eminent natu ralist by the Jane from London. He has pur chased a house and intends to reside here with his family. The Governor Captain Hobson is daily expected from Auckland on a visit...

A Tale of Exploration, Adventure... and Cannibals

Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne (St Malo, France, baptised 22nd May 1724 - Tacoury's Cove, Bay of Islands, New Zealand, 12th June 1772)Marc-Joseph Marion du FresneIt is only fair to warn you that today's tale is a grisly one; it's a story of adventure, exploration...

The Allen Family of Glasgow & Inchmartine

Arms granted to John Allen in 1779 and matriculated to Henry Howard Allen in 1878 (Crown Copyright) Courtesy of Jonathan Allan It has been some time since I last uploaded a family tree, and last week I added an extended and updated version of the Allen...
From: A Parcel of Ribbons on 21 Jan 2014

Tales from the Reading Room – Wish You Were Here Challenge Update!

Just over a year ago, we set our readers and fellow library and archive fans a challenge.  We asked you to send us postcards, either from your travels or from where you live, if possible with a library / archive/ museum theme or just something plain...
From: Finding Shakespeare on 31 Jul 2013

Returning to Trollope via maps, televisuality & Australia (!)

David Suchet as Melmotte facing them all (from Davies’s 2001 TWWLN adaptation — in the last phase Suchet has in mind Charles Laughton’s moving performance as Quasimodo) Dear friends and readers, I’ve returned to Trollope with...
From: Ellen And Jim Have A Blog, Two on 23 Mar 2013

Australian and New Zealand Shakespeare Association Biennial Conference | Shakespeare and Emotions [Call for Papers]

In collaboration withThe Arc Centre of Excellence in the History of Emotions27 – 30 NOVEMBER, 2012at the University of Western AustraliaTHEME: “SHAKESPEARE AND EMOTIONS”The study of emotions in history and literature is a burgeoning field in Early...
From: The Renaissance Diary... on 27 Nov 2012

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