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In Memoriam | Christopher M. S. Johns (1955–2022)

It is difficult to overstate Christopher’s generous and kind contributions to the HECAA community, collectively and individually, for so many members. And, of course, many readers were also just very fortunate to count him as a dear friend. From Vanderbilt:...
From: Enfilade on 12 May 2022

The Burlington Magazine, April

The eighteenth century in the April issue of The Burlington . . . The Burlington Magazine 164 (April 2022) A R T I C L E S • Lucy Davis and Natalia Muñoz-Rojas, “The Provenance of Het Steen and The Rainbow Landscape by Rubens,” pp. 333–41. New...
From: Enfilade on 18 Apr 2022

The Burlington Magazine, February

The eighteenth century in February’s issue of The Burlington . . . The Burlington Magazine 164 (February 2022) — Northern European Art Nathaniel Dance Holland, Portrait of Christian VII, King of Denmark, 1768, oil on canvas, 77 × 63 cm (Royal Collection...
From: Enfilade on 31 Mar 2022

Sad News: Sir John H. Elliott Has Died

From El Pais: “Muere John H. Elliott, el historiador británico maestro de hispanistas, a los 91 años.”
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 10 Mar 2022

NYT Obituary of Jonathan Brown

Here is a nice obituary of Jonathan Brown.
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 11 Feb 2022

Sad News: Jonathan Brown has Died

See this obituary published by NYU’s Institute for Fine Arts.
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 19 Jan 2022

In Memoriam | Jonathan Brown (1939–2022)

NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts mourns the loss of Jonathan Brown, who passed away at his home in Princeton, New Jersey on January 17, 2022, at the age of 82. Jonathan first joined the Institute in 1973 as its Director, a position he held for five years....
From: Enfilade on 19 Jan 2022

Exhibition | Julie Green: The Last Supper

Installation view of Julie Green’s Last Supper exhibition, Bellevue Arts Museum. ◊    ◊    ◊    ◊    ◊ As noted by many news outlets—including The Art Newspaper, The Washington Post, the Smithsonian Magazine, The New York Times,...
From: Enfilade on 8 Nov 2021

The Burlington Magazine, September 2021

The eighteenth century in this month’s issue of The Burlington . . . The Burlington Magazine 163 (September 2021) E D I T O R I A L • “Nicholas Goodison and The Burlington,” p. 779. A R T I C L E S • David Pullins, Dorothy Mahon, Silvia A. Centeno,...
From: Enfilade on 29 Sep 2021

The Burlington Magazine, March 2021

The eighteenth century in The Burlington (I’m catching up, gradually!) . . . –CH The Burlington Magazine 163 (March 2021) Hubert Robert, Arch of Septimius Severus, 1756; pen with grey and beige washes, 73 × 52 cm (Musée de Valence)....
From: Enfilade on 24 Apr 2021

In Memoriam | Wilhelmina Cole Holladay (1922–2021)

Press release (8 March 2021) from the NMWA: Wilhelmina Cole Holladay, who founded the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA), the first and only museum solely dedicated to championing women through the arts, died on Saturday, 6 March 2021, at the...
From: Enfilade on 10 Mar 2021

BSPHS 45/1 (2020)

The Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies 45/1 (2020) is out now. Things of interest to use include: Rocío Martínez López, “‘For Her Special Consideration:’ Cultural and Diplomatic Demonstrations...
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 8 Jan 2021

Sad News: James Casey Has Died

News from Europe is that James Casey recently passed away.
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 6 Jan 2021

Good Night, Prof. Sharpe

This site takes on at times the nature of a necrology. It already includes half a dozen reminiscences of departed scholars whose path I was lucky to cross. Now I have to add another, but with this one we move down another generation. It is a fortnight...

Sad News: Bartolomé Bennassar Has Died

Bartolomé Bennassar died yesterday, according to the Fundación Española de Historia Moderna.
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 9 Nov 2018

The Burlington Magazine, July 2018

The eighteenth century in The Burlington: The Burlington Magazine 160 (July 2018) E D I T O R I A L • Michael Hall, “At the Royal Academy of Arts,” p. 535. This is the Royal Academy’s year. The venerable London institution has celebrated...
From: Enfilade on 21 Jul 2018

In Memoriam | Linda Nochlin (1931–2017)

From ARTnews: Andrew Russeth, “Linda Nochlin, Trailblazing Feminist Art Historian, Dies at 86,” ARTnews (29 October 2017). Linda Nochlin, the perspicacious art historian who brought feminist thought to bear on the study, teaching, and exhibition...
From: Enfilade on 30 Oct 2017

The Burlington Magazine, August 2017

The eighteenth century in The Burlington: The Burlington Magazine 159 (August 2017) E D I T O R I A L • “Reflected Glory: University Art Collections in Britain,” p. 599. O B I T U A R I E S • Simon Jervis, “Rudolf Hermann Wackernagel...
From: Enfilade on 11 Aug 2017

Tragic News: Bill McCarthy Has Died I only knew him a little, but what a nice, fun guy.
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 17 May 2017

Hugh Thomas Has Died

Hugh Thomas, Baron Thomas of Swynnerton, died earlier this week. See the obituary in El País.
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 10 May 2017

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