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The Duke Buys a Wife

Once upon a time in December 1744… Selling a Wife by Thomas Rowlandson (1812-14) An ostler named Jefferyes decides to rid himself of his wife. He ties a halter around her neck and hauls her, like he would any poor beast, to an inn in Newbury called...
From: Life Takes Lemons on 7 Mar 2014

Handsome Devils and Their Digs: 1st Baron Dover

The handsome George Agar-Ellis (1st Baron Dover), his digs, and his lady wife
From: Life Takes Lemons on 22 Jan 2014

The Lady in the Punchbowl

Lady Diana was an heiress worth £30,000 and a renowned Elizabethan beauty. She married firstly Henry de Vere, 18th Earl of Oxford, who died within a year of their nuptials following a fever after a battle.  She later joined with with the 1st Earl of...

Married By Morning: A True Story

Portrait of Duchess of Hamilton by Gavin Hamilton (1752-53) Commissioned by the Duke of Hamilton He first sees her at an Opera House masquerade.  She is the shy Gunning sister, demure compared with the spirited and more beautiful Maria, but the Duke...
From: Making History Tart & Titillating on 23 May 2013

Lord Chesterfield on Trivial Pursuits, Day 7 REPOST

Originally posted 1/2/11 Dear Lord Chesterfield, As a lady of substantial cranial proportions, I say with all humility that I simply cannot countenance the follies of my age.  To dance and make merry?  Bah!  ‘Tis a waste of sturdy, spinster feet. ...
From: Life Takes Lemons on 12 Jan 2013

Lord Chesterfield on Political Atmosphere, Day 6 REPOST

Originally posted 12/31/10 Dear Lord Chesterfield, I solemly swear before God and country that all politicians are liars and thieves!  They never accomplish what they vow, and upon my soul, there is a not a noble man among such a house of fools. ...
From: Life Takes Lemons on 10 Jan 2013

Lord Chesterfield on Secrets, Day 5 REPOST

Originally posted 12/30/10 Dear Lord Chesterfield, Recently at a party a most scintillating secret was relayed to me by an acquaintance and I simply cannot bear to keep it to myself!  If I go and whisper this trifle of a tale to say, a few of...
From: Life Takes Lemons on 8 Jan 2013

Lord Chesterfield on Domestic Affairs, Day 4 REPOST

Originally posted 12/29/10 Dear Lord Chesterfield, After fighting with my beau, I decided to confide the subject of our quarrel to several of my closest friends. Now I’m afraid I have made a mess of the situation, for where my beau and I have promptly...
From: Life Takes Lemons on 6 Jan 2013

Lord Chesterfield on Giving Compliments, Day 3 REPOST

Originally posted 12/28/10 Dear Lord Chesterfield, I was recently watching a splendid film called ‘Pride and Prejudice’ (centuries ahead of your time, I’m afraid, old boy) and couldn’t help but cringe upon the following scene...
From: Life Takes Lemons on 4 Jan 2013

Lord Chesterfield on Friendship, Day 2 REPOST

Originally posted 12/27/10 Dear Lord Chesterfield, I find myself in a common predicament these days:  I have an abundance of friends when I have no real need of them and few friends when I do.  What, pray, is the difference between a true friend and...
From: Life Takes Lemons on 2 Jan 2013

The Sagacious Letters of Lord Chesterfield REPOST

For the next 12 days I’ve scheduled a series that may assist with your resolutions for 2013  (naw, probably not, but I’m trying here).  I didn’t get many blog hits back in 2010, so with any luck these reposts will be fresh for the...
From: Life Takes Lemons on 31 Dec 2012

Comte de Buffon: Not to be Confused with Buffoon

“Genius is only a greater aptitude for patience” by François-Hubert Drouais (1753) The Leclercs Late in his life the prolific French naturalist Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, wrote that he had inherited his intellect and morality...
From: Life Takes Lemons on 25 Nov 2012

6 Reasons Dashwood’s Monks Sucked at Satanism

The moralist may want to decry the Monks of Medmenham as holy terrors, devil-begotten and dancing down the moon, but in reality they were Rabelasians. Were they bawdy?  Of course.  Hedonistic?  Definitely.  But Satanists?  I think not.
From: Life Takes Lemons on 23 Aug 2012