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Historic Shops of Lisbon

My first and last purchases in Lisbon were books titled Historic Shops of Lisbon and Historical Shops in Lisbon and in between I tried to visit as many of the shops featured in these two books as possible: and then some. It was very clear to...
From: streets of salem on 22 Mar 2019

Portuguese Pavement

Like everyone else in the world, I admire Portuguese sidewalks, paved in mosaic patterns of polished white and black limestone, hand-cut and hand-laid: calçada Portuguesa is definitely an important part of Lisbon’s municipal identity,...
From: streets of salem on 20 Mar 2019

Guest Post: Fashion from Japan and France: Nightgowns in Colonial Brazil

Today’s guest post comes from Rachel Zimmerman (Ph.D., University of Delaware), Assistant Professor of Art History at Colorado State University-Pueblo. She has been studying the art and architecture of the Brazilian town of Minas Gerais since...
From: The Junto on 8 Oct 2018

Spanish History at the RSA, March 22-24, 2018, New Orleans

Here are some panels of interest to us at the Renaissance Society of America Conference in New Orleans, March 22-24, 2018. I am only including full panels devoted to Spanish history and allied fields, not single papers in a thematic panel. So, think of...
A. Katie Harris Aaron Stamper Adam G. Beaver Adam Jasienski Alejandra Giménez-Berger Amanda J. Wunder Amelia R Mañas Amy Williamsen Andrea Gehlert Andrew Keitt Anna More Anna-Lisa Halling Anne J. Cruz Antonio Bernat-Vistarini Artemis Preeshl Ascension Mazuela-Anguita Barbara A. Simerka Benito Navarrete Prieto Benjamin J. Nelson Borja Franco Bruno Pomara Saverino Cammy Brothers Carolyn Nadeau Carolyn Salomons Catherine Infante Catherine Rachel DiCesare Cathy Hall-van den Elsen Christopher B. Weimer Christopher D Johnson Christy Anderson Claudia Mesa Conferences/colloquia/seminars/lectures Cristina Muñoz-Delgado Daniel Hershenzon Daniel Strum David A. Boruchoff David Karmon David Kidger Davide Scotto Deborah R. Forteza Eli Cohen Elizabeth B. Davis Elizabeth C. Black Elizabeth Gansen Elizabeth R. Wright Elizabeth Rhodes Emil Volek Emily Colbert Cairns Emily Francomano Emily Monty Encarnación Juárez-Almendros Erin Kathleen Rowe Fabrizio D'Avenia Felipe Pereda Felipe Valencia Fernando Loffredo Francesc Esteve Mestre Francisco Bautista Perez Francisco Javier Escobar Borrego Freddy Dominguez Frederick A. de Armas Glen E Carman Heather Bamford Ilenia Colon Mendoza Immaculada Rodríguez Moya James S. Amelang James W. Nelson Novoa Jasmine R Cloud Javier Castro-Ibaseta Javier Irigoyen-Garcia Javier Jiménez Belmonte Jeanne Gillespie Jelena Sánchez Jennifer Saracino Jenny Marie Forsythe Jessica Weiss Jesus Cruz Jimena Gamba Joana Balsa de Pinho John T. Cull Jonathan Edward Greenwood Jorge Sebastián Lozano José Luis Gastañega Ponce de León José Riello Joseph Connors Juan Pablo Gil-Osle Juan Vitulli Julie D. Campbell Katarzyna K Starczewska Kathleen M Comerford Kelley Clark Magill Kelley Helmstutler-Di Dio Kelly Huff Kerry K Wilks Kimberly Borchard Kira von Ostenfeld Laura R. Bass Leah Middlebrook Lisl Schopflin Livia Stoenescu Lu Ann Homza Luis Javier Cuesta Hernández Marcy Norton Margaret A Morse Margaret R. Greer Margarita Restrepo Maria Cristina Quintero Marina S. Brownlee Marta Albalá Pelegrín Mary E. Barnard Mercedes Alcalá-Galan Mercedes García-Arenal Michael Armstrong-Roche Michael S Agnew Miguel Alejandro Valerio Miriam Bodian Nhora Lucia Serrano Nicolas Martin Vivalda Nicole D Legnani Nieves Romero-Díaz Noa Yaari Or Hasson Paul Carranza Paul Joseph Lennon Payton Philips Quintanilla Philippe Rabaté Rafael Zafra Renaissance Society of America Robert A. Maryks Robin Mary Bower Rodrigo Cacho Rosalie Hernández Sacramento Roselló-Martínez Samantha Jane Hughes-Johnson Scott K. Taylor Sophia Blea Nuñez Spencer Weinreich Stacey Parker Aronson Steve Vásquez Dolph Susan Byrne Suzanne Duff Tanya J. Tiffany Teresa J Clifton Timothy McCallister Vanessa Alvarez Portugal Victor Manuel Mínguez William N. Ambler Xavier Gil Pujol Yoel Castillo Botello Yonatan Glazer-Eytan Zahira Vélez Bomford
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 16 Mar 2018

Le Portugal de Voltaire: un royaume sans lumières

Honoré Daumier, jésuite cherchant à détériorer la statue de Voltaire. Lithographie parue dans Le Charivari du 22 septembre 1869. Voltaire a très tôt développé une piètre opinion...
From: Voltaire Foundation on 24 Oct 2017

EMROC News from the Renaissance Society of America Conference

Written by Hillary Nunn The Renaissance Society of American conference this spring showcased a fantastic series of presentations involving EMROC members and their research. Recipes were a real presence during the Chicago meeting, as were digital projects...
From: emroc on 23 May 2017

Relocating British Orientalism in Portugal

Fig.1. An Orientalist folly? Monserrate Palace and Gardens, Sintra, Portugal (© L. Châtel) Perched high up on the Portuguese hills of Sintra, Monserrate, with its interlace of Moorish, neo-Gothic and Alhambresque features (Fig. 1...
From: Voltaire Foundation on 14 Nov 2016

Port Wine, War and Eccentricity

It's a delight to welcome Alicia Quigley back to the salon today to chat about port wine, war and eccentricity! Two lucky commenters will receive free copies of “Lady, Lover, Smuggler, Spy.” The winners will be randomly chosen one week after...

Buçaco – the Palace, Forest and Convent

Picture taken on our first night at the Palace; a balmy June eveningThis week I’m staying at Buçaco Palace Hotel (Palace Hotel do Buçaco). I’d visited the Palace and its surrounding forest back in the summer of 2013, during a...
From: Anglo-Iberian Relations on 7 Jun 2016

[Album of proofs of illustrations for publications….

An album compiled by Thomas Coates, solicitor and sometime secretary to the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, containing 340 proofs of wood engravings mounted on 68 leaves, with section titles and descriptions: Illustrations of the Hindoos...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 19 May 2016

Portuguese and Spanish history on the early modern stage: ‘The Battle of Alcazar’ (Part 3)

  A detail from the only known representation of  the Battle of Alcazar, which accompanies Miguel Leitão de Andrade’s eyewitness account in his Miscelânea (1629). It depicts the outnumbered Portuguese army, surrounded...
From: Anglo-Iberian Relations on 28 Apr 2016

Appel à communication : « Copies of Paintings in Portugal, Spain and the New World » (Lisbonne, 11-12 octobre)

Copies of Paintings in Portugal, Spain and the New World Lisbon, Fundação Gulbenkian, October 11 – 12, 2016 Deadline: Apr 29, 2016 Copies of Paintings in Portugal, Spain and the New World, 1552-1752. International Congress, Lisbon,...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 26 Feb 2016

Song of the Sea Maid: An Interview with Rebecca Mascull

I am thrilled to welcome Rebecca Mascull to the salon today to chat about the inspiration, history and magic that has gone into her new novel, Song of the Sea Maid.  Before we begin though, I must take a moment to let you know what a wonderful book...

Treasures from the Library at Alcobaça Monastery, Portugal (Part 1: Introduction)

Part 1: Introduction During a trip to Ushaw College Library (in Country Durham) this summer, I came across items from the collection once held at Alcobaça Monastery in Leiria, Portugal. I am now working on a journal article about one of the...
From: Anglo-Iberian Relations on 2 Dec 2015

Portuguese and Spanish history on the early modern stage: ‘The Battle of Alcazar’ (Part 2)

A detail from the only known representation of  the Battle of Alcazar, which accompanies Miguel Leitão de Andrade’s eyewitness account in his Miscelânea (1629). It depicts the outnumbered Portuguese army, surrounded by...
From: Anglo-Iberian Relations on 6 Nov 2015

Portuguese and Spanish history on the early modern English stage: ‘The Battle of Alcazar’ (Part 1)

Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounced it to you, trippingly on the tongue: but if you mouth it, as many of your players do, I had as lief the town-crier spoke my lines… O, it offends me to the soul to hear a robustious periwig-pated fellow...
From: Anglo-Iberian Relations on 26 Jun 2015

The Pharmaca of Jozeph Coelho: A Family of Converso Apothecaries in Seventeenth-Century Coimbra

By Benjamin Breen The apothecaries of early modern Portugal were tradesmen, and, although they were typically literate and well read, they left few archival records. The “Pharmaco de Jozeph Coelho,” a little-known manuscript housed in the National...
From: The Recipes Project on 20 Nov 2014

Appel à communication : « Pour la plus grande gloire du Portugal: la politique culturelle et le Commerce artistique au temps de Jean V du Portugal (Rotterdam, 26-31 Juillet 2015)

Jean V du Portugal (1689-1750) a propulsé le Portugal dans l’arène de la politique internationale, et a hissé le prestige du pays à un niveau sans précédent. Sa politique impériale s’est étendu sur de vastes territoire en Afrique,...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 29 Oct 2014

"Dom Pedro did not die. Only ordinary men die, not heroes."

Pedro I of Brazil (aka The Liberator, Lisbon, Portugal, 12th October 1798 – Lisbon, Portugal, 24th September 1834)We make a trip to South America today to witness the last act in the life of Pedro, Duke of Braganza, founder of the Empire of Brazil and...

Portugal. Cork harvesting, processing and use 60 years ago.

This would have been the way it was done in the 18th century. Note the axes used, these are  still still being made and used today.
From: A Woodsrunner's Diary on 28 Aug 2014

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