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Johnson Cook: Patriot Warrior

In the fall of 1796, just months before George Washington’s presidency ended, thirty-six-year-old Revolutionary War veteran Johnson Cook (1760-1848), a Connecticut native, petitioned the... The post Johnson Cook: Patriot Warrior appeared first on Journal...

The Curious Case of Zacheus Holmes

The United States pension and land bounty records furnish us with a multitude of fascinating stories. It is important, however, to weight them against... The post The Curious Case of Zacheus Holmes appeared first on Journal of the American Revolution.

A Spy Wins a Purple Heart: The Amazing Tale of Daniel Bissell and the Military Order of Merit

On June 8th, 1783, Gen. George Washington issued the following orders to the Continental army from his headquarters in Newburgh, New York: Serjeant Bissel of the 2d Connecticut regt. having per­formed some important services, within the immediate...