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The Knowles Riot and the Boston Militia

In November 1747, the Royal Navy under Admiral Charles Knowles (c. 1704-1777, shown here) impressed some men in Boston. There was a war on—the War of Jenkins’ Ear or King George’s War—and the navy needed sailors to fight.Impressment...
From: Boston 1775 on 3 Jun 2020

The Disappearance of Jonathan Sewall

In the mid-1760s, Jonathan Sewall allied with Gov. Francis Bernard, writing pseudonymous newspaper essays lampooning James Otis and favoring the Crown. The governor appointed Sewall to be attorney general of Massachusetts in 1767.Sometime in March 1770,...
From: Boston 1775 on 5 Apr 2020

Legends of Nathaniel Balch

As I discussed back here, the hatter Nathaniel Balch was well known in post-Revolutionary Boston for his sense of humor and his friendship with Gov. John Hancock. The Genealogy of the Balch Families in America (1897) shared a family tradition about one...
From: Boston 1775 on 30 Dec 2019

Samuel Phillips Savage: “ye fire fell all around us”

When the Great Fire of Boston broke out in March 1760, merchant Samuel Phillips Savage was one of the town’s selectmen, thus bearing extra civic responsibilities. Two weeks later, Savage wrote an account of the fire. He heavily revised his draft,...
From: Boston 1775 on 22 Mar 2019

Seeking Out a Statement by “Samuel Savage”

On 21 Mar 1760, Bostonians were assessing the damage from the great fire that had started in Mary Jackson’s shop the night before. So this is a good day to resume The Saga of the Brazen Head.I’ll start a peek behind the scenes of tomorrow’s...
From: Boston 1775 on 21 Mar 2019

Finding Shakespeare Blog Round-up: January 2018

Take a look at the latest blog posts from the collections team at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust. Shakespeare and Medicine: Friar Lawrence (11 January) In the first of a series about Shakespeare and medicine, Rebekah Owens focuses on the character of...
From: Finding Shakespeare on 1 Feb 2018

Announcing the Launch of REED Online

Research for Before Shakespeare (as any project interested in theatre and performance history) sits on the advances made through major projects over the past decades, particularly by the Records of Early English Drama (REED) project based...
From: Before Shakespeare on 18 Apr 2017


Sketch by J. T. Blight To celebrate #InternationalvolunteerDay we have asked some of our volunteers to write about their projects. This post has been written by Robert Howe, a regular reader in the Reading Room who became a volunteer. He has been working...
From: Finding Shakespeare on 5 Dec 2016

November 11

GUEST CURATOR: Carolyn Crawford What was advertised in a colonial American newspaper 250 years ago today? South-Carolina Gazette and Country Journal (November 11, 1766).“WEST-INDIA Rum in Hogsheads, Muscovado Sugar in Hogsheads and Barrels.”...
From: The Adverts 250 Project on 11 Nov 2016

August 18

What was advertised in a colonial newspaper 250 years ago today? Boston-Gazette (August 18, 1766).“The Store of Habijah Savage on the Long Wharff was broke open.” Earlier this week the Adverts 250 Project featured an announcement that Simon...
From: The Adverts 250 Project on 18 Aug 2016

Ebenezer Stevens Exhibit in New York

The New-York Historical Society is featuring what I expect is a small but thorough exhibit on Ebenezer Stevens, a lieutenant colonel in the Continental artillery.Stevens was a Boston mechanic who participated in the Tea Party, carefully avoiding the view...
From: Boston 1775 on 6 Aug 2016

“The best bit of Shakespeareana ever penned” Washington Irving and Stratford

3rd April 1783 was the birthday of the great American writer Washington Irving,  one of the first tourists to Stratford-upon-Avon to describe his visit in detail. While living in England he made several visits to the town to see the sites associated...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 3 Apr 2015

Alexander McQueen – Savage Beauty

Although I might not look it, I am actually pretty fashion literate, in that I take more than a passing interest in the work of various designers, even if I will probably never be able to actually own anything that they make. As you might expect though,...
From: Madame Guillotine on 15 Mar 2015

Happy Birthday, Martha! Paintings of Martha Washington made during her lifetime

1757 John Wollaston, Martha Dandridge Custis (Mrs George Washington)This is the biography of Martha Dandridge Custis Washington from the White House website:"I think I am more like a state prisoner than anything else, there is certain bounds set for me...
From: 18th-century American Women on 2 Jun 2014

The Fate of the Royal Savage

In the summer of 1775, the British built two warships at St. John, Quebec, on the outlet of Lake Champlain. That fall, the American forces invading Canada captured the ships and added them to their little fleet on the lake. The largest, a 50-foot topsail...

A Miniature Henry Knox

In Dealings with the Dead (1856), Lucius Manlius Sargent told this anecdote about the Rev. Mather Byles, Sr., a Loyalist minister who stayed in Boston after the siege and became notorious for being unable to resist a pun: He was intimate with General...
From: Boston 1775 on 21 Mar 2014

Searching for Loyalists at Boston Harborfest (part 2)

“No Tax on Tea! A Colonial Tea Debate”[1] The roles the Meeting House educators assign to participants on their way through the door. Blue for Patriots, yellow for Loyalists. Photo by author. On Friday July 5, I returned to the Old South Meeting House...

Paintings of 18th-Century American Families

.1729 John Smibert (American colonial era artist, 1688-1751). The Bermuda GroupFamily portraits are rare in early 18th century British colonial America, perhaps because they were expensive & usually so large, that they required a sizable public...
From: 18th-century American Women on 23 Jun 2013

A Multitude of Others; Aphra Behn’s Tier of Othering in Oroonoko: or, The Royal Slave, A True History

In Aphra Behn’s Oroonoko: or, The Royal Slave, A True History, the concept of the othering of a person or people from one’s own is illustrated through Behn’s opening descriptions of other characters in relation to her own. There are however tiers...
From: Women Writers, 1660-1800 on 11 Mar 2013

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