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Elizabeth Raffald, The Experienced English Housekeeper (1776 and 1789)

“When I reflect upon the number of books already in print upon this subject, and with what contempt they are read, I cannot but be apprehensive, that this may meet the same fate from some, who will censure it before they either see it or try its...

George Savile, The Lady’s New Year’s Gift, or Advice to a Daughter (multiple copies)

The 1688 advice book The Lady’s New Year’s Gift by George Savile, Marquess of Halifax (1633-1695) was popular, going through many editions over the years. It is a genre that would lead one to expect female ownership, containing advice on choosing...

Jean Dubreuil, La perspective pratique, vol. I (1663)

By Leo Cadogan This post concerns a now-sad copy, with a board detached, of volume one (of three) of a heavily illustrated manual on practical perspective, intended for painters, engravers and others in the design trades. It was inscribed...

Nicholas Culpeper, The English Physitian Enlarged (1662)

One of the most popular works of medicine in seventeenth-century England was physician and botanist Nicholas Culpeper’s The English Physitian, first published in 1652. The book was reissued in new editions well into the eighteenth century and beyond....

Charles Estienne and Jean Liébault, Maison Rustique, or, The Countrey Farme (1616)

Maison Rustique, or, The Countrey Farme is an English translation by Richard Surflet and Gervase Markham of Charles Estienne and Jean Liébault’s Agriculture et Maison Rustique. This third edition was owned by Mary Howard, who signed the book...

Richard Burton (pseud. Nathaniel Crouch), Historical Remarques and Observations (1681)

By Daniel Woolf Nathaniel Crouch (c. 1640–1725) was a prolific publisher and writer, with a specialty in epitomes and digests taken from other works. He published other writers, including many nonconformists, as the article on him by Jason...

Thomas Gouge, The Young Man’s Guide (1696)

The Young Man’s Guide through the Wilderness of the World to the Heavenly Canaan, a book clearly aimed at a male readership, was inscribed a female reader with her name, date of purchase, and the price of purchase. We feature many books on this...

Revolutionary Secularization as Catholic Renewal

This post is a part of our “Faith in Revolution” series, which explores the ways that religious ideologies and communities shaped the revolutionary era. Check out the entire series. By Joseph Harmon In the decades after the French Revolution,...
From: Age of Revolutions on 18 Nov 2019

The Other Separation of Church and State: Anglican Ecclesiologies in the Revolutionary Atlantic

This post is a part of our “Faith in Revolution” series, which explores the ways that religious ideologies and communities shaped the revolutionary era. Check out the entire series. By Brent S. Sirota On 14 November 1784, in the upper-floor...
From: Age of Revolutions on 21 Oct 2019

Jasper Mayne, Part of Lucian Made English from the Originall (1664)

This calf-bound copy of Part of Lucian Made English from the Originall, translated by Jasper Mayne, contains several inscriptions from the same female owner. The first—”Elizabeth Mallory Her Booke (1694)”—is written upside-down...

John Gauden, Eikōn Basilikē: The Pourtraiture of His Sacred Maiesty in His Solitudes and Sufferings (1649)

Charles I was long since executed and his son Charles II dead of apoplexy when Anna Vyvyan signed a copy of the popular Eikon Basilike, with its iconic frontispiece of  a Christlike Charles I kneeling, looking toward the heavens, and gripping a crown...

Trotti de La Chétardie, Instructions for a Young Nobleman, or, The Idea of a Person of Honour (1683)

This 1683 English translation of Trotti de La Chétardie’s conduct book for young noblemen is inscribed not by a man, but by Sarah Walcot, whose ownership inscription on the book’s front blank leaf appears to date from the 18th century....

Hester Chapone, Miscellanies in Prose and Verse (1777)

  by Eileen A. Horansky The Lewis Walpole Library (LWL) copy of Hester Chapone’s Miscellanies in Prose and Verse (LWL 53 C365 775c) features unique evidence of book ownership and reading practices in the late eighteenth century. Hester Chapone...

Sir Hugh Plat’s Delights for Ladies (1617) and Closet for Ladies (1618)

This remarkable hand-sized limp vellum sammelband (BEIN 2005 970) bears the signatures of four early female bookowners (Ellenor Hatcher, Rachel Dando, Rachel Wilson, Sarah Baylie) and records payment to a fifth woman (Mistress Carter). The volume contains...

Forgetting the Faithful: R.R. Palmer’s Age of Revolutions

This post is a part of our “Challenging Democratic Revolutions” series, which explores the ways in which democratic ideologies challenged Old Regimes and how revolutionaries challenged notions of democratic liberty. By Bryan A. Banks...
From: Age of Revolutions on 13 Aug 2018

The hermit : opera XXIV

Author: Hook, Mr. (James), 1746-1827. Title: The hermit : opera XXIV / written by the late celebrated Dr. Goldsmith ; set to music by James Hook ; adapted for two violins, voice & harpsichord. Published: London : S.A. & P. Thompson,...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 9 Aug 2017

Married Priests in France, 1789-1815

By Xavier Marechaux In a previous post on this blog, Kate Marsden described the fate of hundreds of nuns who married during the French Revolution, shedding light on a topic often considered taboo.[1] However, married nuns were not the only population...
From: Age of Revolutions on 31 Jul 2017

Samuel Daniel, Poet and Historian: A Two-day Conference

Thursday and Friday, 10-11 September 2015 at The Royal College of Music, LondonConference Organizers: John Pitcher (St John’s College, Oxford) &Yasmin Arshad (UCL)It is a great pleasure to announce the first major Conference devoted to...
From: The Renaissance Diary on 10 Sep 2015

Religion and Secularism in England

One of my favorite authors, Father Aidan Nichols OP, writes about secularism and religion in England for the Imaginative Conservative: he outlines two possible ways to deal with the diversity of religion and secularism (separate "public spaces" and assimilation)...

CALL FOR PAPERS: ‘Beliefs Under Pressure: Religion, Community and Identity in the Early Modern World’

10 September 2015, University of East AngliaThis one day conference will provide a lively and informal forum where graduate students and early career researchers can discuss ideas about the social and cultural history of religion and community, c. 1500-1800....
From: The Renaissance Diary on 1 May 2015

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