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Women and suffrage in Shakespeare’s Stratford

Elisabeth Scott In the UK we’re currently celebrating the 100th anniversary, on 6 February 1918, of the Representation of the People Act by which at least some women were granted the right to vote. I’ve written before about Shakespearean links...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 9 Feb 2018

Robert Hardy and Shakespeare

  Robert Hardy On Thursday 3 August 2017 one of the UK’s best-loved actors, Robert Hardy, died. His family described him as “Gruff, elegant, twinkly, and always dignified” and most of his admirers would agree. I remember him best...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 7 Aug 2017

William Roxby Beverley, a forgotten theatre artist at Stratford-upon-Avon

Photo of the interior of the SMT around 1920 including the drop curtain A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the Stratford-upon-Avon Then and Now Facebook page when I spotted an unusual image posted by David Mills. With nearly 2000 members, this group...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 17 Mar 2017

Elisabeth Scott, architect and pioneer on International Women’s Day

Elisabeth Scott 8 March 2017 is both the UK’s Budget Day and International Women’s Day, when attention is drawn to gender inequality in all fields including education and jobs. In addition, demonstrations will be held at Westminster...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 8 Mar 2017

Shakespeare and the destructiveness of fire

Shakespeare uses fire as a metaphor for the energy of life as well as the destructiveness of death. He writes of the fires of purgatory, of the warming fire on the hearth and of the fires lit to tell of victory in war. In his everyday life Shakespeare...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 6 Mar 2017

Shakespeare memories from the Bush

Jim Morris with his scrapbook A couple of weeks ago I visited my brother-in-law James (Jim) Morris, who has lived on a beautiful plot of forest in New South Wales, Australia, near the small town Eden, for over thirty years. He left Stratford-upon-Avon,...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 30 Jul 2016

A Gift from the Queen

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust library acquires books though purchases and donations. This series of blogs looks at historic as well as recent book donations that have enriched our library collection. Some date as far back as the nineteenth century...
From: Finding Shakespeare on 22 Mar 2016

Pericles onstage

Wayne T Carr as Pericles, Oregon Shakespeare Festival On 13 November 2015, for the first time since its opening in 1992, Pericles is to be staged at the Folger Theatre in Washington, DC. The production premiered at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 5 Nov 2015

When Parliament almost came to Stratford-upon-Avon

The Palace of Westminster On 18 June 2015 a report was published concerning the need for major restoration on the Houses of Parliament in London. It outlines a number of possible options for the work and for what might happen to Parliament in the...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 29 Jun 2015

The Swan Wing takes flight

The Swan Wing of the RST in Stratford Last week the Royal Shakespeare Company announced the start of a major project to restore what is now called the Swan Wing, the most historic part of their complex of buildings. From January work will begin on both...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 8 Dec 2014

Explore Your Archive 2014

  Last week was ‘Explore Your Archive‘ week, a national campaign set up by the National Archives to encourage awareness of archives and what they hold and to enable people to discover the archives in their local area.  We held several...
From: Finding Shakespeare on 20 Nov 2014

Mary Anderson, an American actress abroad

Mary Anderson as Rosalind On the 29th August 1885 a special performance took place at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. The famous Mary Anderson and her Company staged As You Like It as a Benefit for the Shakespeare Memorial Fund. Although her name is...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 29 Aug 2014

The pioneering Flowers of Stratford-upon-Avon

Edward Fordham Flower in 1864 Today there are few places where you will see the name of Flower in Stratford-upon-Avon apart from in a pub, but a hundred or even fifty years ago Flowers Brewery was one of the major employers in the town with a large building...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 25 Aug 2014

An Indian Romeo and Juliet

India’s relationship with Shakespeare dates back to the early 1600s, when there are reports of Hamlet and Richard II being staged upon an East India company ship called The Dragon.  Towards the middle of the 18th century translations and adaptations...
From: Finding Shakespeare on 15 Aug 2014

Messing About on the River Avon!

This coming weekend (5th – 6th July) is the River Festival in Stratford and there will be celebrations and events down at the River Avon. Over the years the river has been used for many different things and has had a few famous faces and interesting...
From: Finding Shakespeare on 3 Jul 2014

The end of a tradition: Charlecote’s deer and Nigel Playfair’s As You Like It

Fallow deer at Charlecote Park As You Like It was in the very first season of plays performed at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre in April-May 1879. With its references to the Forest of Arden the gently romantic comedy was bound to please. The other Shakespeares...
From: The Shakespeare blog on 5 Mar 2014

A Visit From Ira Aldridge

Norma Hampson is a long-standing volunteer at the Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive and has written this blog to share details from her current project, listing visitors from the early Birthplace visitor books. The Visitor Book for Shakespeare’s...
From: Finding Shakespeare on 17 Jan 2014

Exploring the Origins of Stratford’s Shakespeare Libraries

Last week we welcomed Edina Pillók to the Reading Room, originally from Hungary, but coming to us from Finland, to complete research for her dissertation proposal for a Librarianship course. Edina has chosen a fascinating topic relating to the libraries...
From: Finding Shakespeare on 20 Nov 2013

Tales from the Reading Room – Episode 41

This week saw the centenary of Vivien Leigh’s birth and we were looking at some of the stunning Angus McBean photos we have in our collections of the Vivien and her husband, Laurence Olivier  just recently in order to create a display to accompany...
From: Finding Shakespeare on 7 Nov 2013

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