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A Scale of Morality in Measure for Measure

The juniors and seniors in my Shakespeare elective are exploring the flawed characters and twisted plot of Measure for Measure. By the end of Act 4, Angelo has offered an indecent proposal to Isabella, the Duke has countered by orchestrating the bed trick...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 11 Jan 2017

Students Performing Nonfiction? Yes—Share with Your History and Science Colleagues!

Dale Dworak, an alum of the Teaching Shakespeare Institute 2016, teaches history at a public high school in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After spending four intense weeks at the Folger, he rethought how he’d been teaching primary source documents and...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 21 Sep 2016

Reflecting on Our Luxurious Shakespeare Elective

On April 23rd 2016, while the whole world seemed to be celebrating the life and work of William Shakespeare for the 400th anniversary of his death, I was in mourning. I did not expect to be. After all, experiencing grief for the four-century-dead is certainly...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 27 Jul 2016

Moving Beyond Explaining – Part

Sword fighting on the Folger lawn. (Image: Deborah Gascon)Every year, Wildwood School, the independent progressive school in Los Angeles where I teach, hosts an event called Hamlet Night put on by the current junior class. It’s the culminating project...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 30 Jun 2016

Moving Beyond Explaining “The Deeper Meaning” of a Play – Part 1

*This is the first in a two-part series from our teaching colleague Vanessa Mancinelli. Check back next week for more.*   Just about a year ago, I was standing on the lawn outside of the Folger Shakespeare Library in the late afternoon sunshine of...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 22 Jun 2016

Part 2: Is the Play the Thing?

Part IIa: A Brief Narrative Interlude: Other Inspirations and a Metaphoric Preamble On January 21st, I left you with a promise that I’d be back to talk about specific and pragmatic plans for applying the student-centered learning credo I learned,...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 17 Mar 2016

Debating Ophelia’s Death—and Becoming a Better Teacher

I am an English teacher because of my English teachers.   What dedication I have I learned from a man who had Paradise Lost taken off of his syllabus but came into work an hour early, each day, to teach it to a small group of curious readers. What...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 8 Mar 2016

Hamlet on Wheels: Teaching Shakespeare in a Special Education Classroom, Part

(Image: Kathy Leonard)As promised, I’m back with the follow-up post on Hamlet on Wheels. This time, I’m sharing some practical suggestions that are essential for my special education classroom—and often beneficial for all learners.  ...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 18 Feb 2016

“Conscience Does Make Cowards of Us All” – Embracing Your Fears While Teaching Shakespeare

(Image: Chasidy Burton)  I have a confession to make. As a high school English teacher, I have not always been obsessed with teaching Shakespeare. Yikes! I know that makes me sound sacrilegious as a lover of language, but after teaching American...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 16 Feb 2016

Hamlet on Wheels: Teaching Shakespeare in a Special Education Classroom, Part 1

Wheels? Yes, wheels. All of my students are physically disabled, and many are diagnosed with intellectual disabilities as well.  Able-bodied students can get up on their feet to perform. My students can’t get on their feet, but that doesn’t...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 28 Jan 2016

Part I: The Play’s Not The Thing, After All…

(Image: Tim Spitsberg)My Google calendar tells me that it’s been exactly 193 days since I said goodbye to my Folger Summer Academy cohort on a Friday afternoon filled with DC humidity, wine, conversation, and a palpable sense of loss.  Having...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 21 Jan 2016

Getting Out of the Way

The week of the Folger Shakespeare Library’s Summer Academy challenged, inspired, and intellectually filled me; it was exciting to be surrounded by people who light up at the sound of iambic pentameter and are thrilled to talk about Shakespeare...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 3 Dec 2015


By Jennie K. Brown   Jennie K Brown’s class reads Shakespeare. (Image: Jennie K. Brown) After my summer experience at the Folger Shakespeare Library, I decided that I was going to get my students up and moving around my classroom in some...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 1 Sep 2015

Talking to a Piece of Writing

By Casey Christenson   “Yeaahhhhhh, a close reading.  So, liiiikkkkkeeeee, what do you mean?”   Inevitably and understandably this is a strategy I must visit and revisit with my students each year. This time it’s while...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 25 Aug 2015

Making Magic at the Folger

By Deborah Gascon When I introduced myself as one of the master teachers (the other was the fabulous Michael LoMonico) to the 29 teachers participating in the Folger’s first Summer Academy, I told them the Folger was a magical place.  I thought...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 23 Jul 2015

Halfway Through Our First-Ever Summer Academy: Notes From The Front

Summer Academy participant Jennie Brown shares her experience at the mid-way point of Summer Academy 2015 which took place from July 5-10, 2015.  By Jennie Brown Jennie Brown arriving at Summer Academy 2015 (Image: Jennie Brown) Where do I even...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 21 Jul 2015

Summer Academy 2015: Reflection

By Folger Education Last week 29 teachers joined for a week-long Summer Academy on Hamlet. Check out how much fun we had. Click to view slideshow.Filed under: Folger Education, Hamlet, Shakespeare, Shakespeare's Plays, Summer Academy, Teaching
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 14 Jul 2015

Summer Academy 2015 – Right in the Thick of It

By Folger Education   We’re in the middle of our first-ever Summer Academy: a jam-packed week of learning with 29 passionate teachers from all kinds of schools all over the country. You’ll be hearing from them in the coming months as...
From: Folger Shakespeare Library on 8 Jul 2015

An Academic Bridge Across the Atlantic

Today’s guest post comes from Lauric Henneton, Associate Professor at the Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin and Vice Président of the Réseau pour le Développement Européen de l’Histoire de la Jeune Amérique (REDEHJA). Junto readers: Have...
From: The Junto on 6 Sep 2013

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