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Ta dah! The paperback edition of The Game of Hope

I’m pleased to announce the beautiful paperback edition of The Game of Hope. It’s fresh and fun to have a new cover. From Tuesday, September 24, you’ll be able to buy it at your favorite bookstore and online. The first person to...
From: Baroque Explorations on 23 Sep 2019

How to write a story logline without going crazy

I decided to try to write a logline for my next novel because I had wandered into mucky territory in working on my plot. I’ve attempted this for several of my earlier novels, but never successfully. I can write a 500-page novel, but a one-sentence...
From: Baroque Explorations on 9 Dec 2018

Eagles, red kites and an Elizabethan wedding: a round-about way to come up with an idea for a scene

Yesterday I began searching for my next raptor to paint and I was captured by this fellow (or fella?), named, appropriately, “Imperious.” I wanted to find out the breed of this bird and if it might be one my character in The Next Novel might...
From: Baroque Explorations on 25 Nov 2018

Bed-bound promo, website craziness, and Scrivener awe

I’ve been bed-bound for over a week since a minor knee operation to repair a meniscus issue. I’m not going to whine about it! In fact, I’ve discovered that I’m the perfect candidate for this type of life. On the bed beside me are:...
From: Baroque Explorations on 21 Mar 2018

3 ways to develop the characters in your story

I promised in my last post on beginning a novel that I would write about creating characters. Of course, to begin with, I have characters swarming, ideas both historical and fictional. I’ve already searched photo databanks for images that might...
From: Baroque Explorations on 14 Mar 2018

The joy of being at the beginning of writing a novel

I’m at the beginning of writing my next novel, and it’s a joy. I feel happy as a kid in a sandbox. It’s a slow process of discovery, and I expect it to take all year. The things about my writing process that never change This will be...
From: Baroque Explorations on 10 Mar 2018

Like wild! In the pink! On final stage revision …

I started writing this post six months ago, back when The Game of Hope was titled Moonsick. As part of the final check, then, I was looking for “legal” and “illegal” words—that is, words that didn’t exist in 1800....
From: Baroque Explorations on 26 Jul 2017

Happy New 2017: on revision, a great classic on Audible, my next newsletter

  Happy New 2017! I like the feel of this year already. I’ve weaned myself — to some extent — from toxic international news and immersed myself in finishing the eighth draft of Moonsick, my YA novel about Josephine’s...
From: Baroque Explorations on 5 Jan 2017

Procrastination (and procrastination avoidance)

I haven’t posted here for some time. It’s not that I don’t have a lot to share — I do! — but, rather, whenever I think to post to my blog I realize that I really should be writing … or revising … or...
From: Baroque Explorations on 20 Mar 2016

Getting ready for 2015: resolutions on book-keeping & book-making, the post-it To Do and the Seinfeld “Don’t break the chain” methods … or how to write that damned book!

Last year, I posted a blog with almost this same name—Getting ready for 2014: resolutions on book-keeping and book-making. I wrote: We’ve made our resolutions, and one of mine is get to the bottom of the mail in-box three times in the year...
From: Baroque Explorations on 29 Dec 2014

Apologies (and a brief explanation)

My apologies to the subscribers to this blog for the mysterious “sss” “sss” “sss” blog post you were sent recently. I make most of the changes to my website myself, and in this case I rather messed up! But some things...
From: Baroque Explorations on 4 Nov 2013

Last day in the bunker; looking forward, looking back, looking side-ways

Today is my last day in “the bunker”—my lovely basement office in our Ontario home. I have another lovely office awaiting in Mexico, but this one is my favourite, and I always feel a little sad leaving.  It’s said that “home...
From: Baroque Explorations on 25 Oct 2013

I’ve fallen in love … with THE SHADOW QUEEN book cover

Yesterday I was send an email from Melissa Danaczko, my editor at Doubleday US, with the subject line “cover!” I paused for more than a moment, praying, I confess! “Please, let it be wonderful.” I had every reason to trust that...
From: Sandra Gulland on 17 Jul 2013

Putting the press to bed

My most treasured acquisition this year was a limited edition copy of THE PARADISE PROJECT by my good friend and brilliant writer Merilyn Simonds. That my copy was #1 (!!!) makes it extra special, but this beautiful book is beyond extra special: end...
From: Sandra Gulland on 10 Jul 2013

YouTube adventures

I’m working on the Author Questionnaire for Doubleday’s publication of The Shadow Queen, and that requires a bit of time mucking about in my promotional and publication history. I just found this charming video on YouTube about The Many Lives...
From: Sandra Gulland on 27 Jun 2013

I love to Skype-meet with book clubs!

I finally had a Skype meet with a book club at the Carteret Public Library, in Carteret, NJ. This meet had been scheduled long ago by Supervising Librarian Samuel Latini, but Hurricane Sandy conspired to make it difficult. Now, the library is once...
From: Sandra Gulland on 13 Dec 2012

Inspiration & perseverance

I’ve been ill, slugging away at the “final” draft of The Next Novel in bed.  Yes: slugging. I find this final stage of taking a comma out and putting it back in (and more, I admit) somewhat tedious. I’m simply transferring my...
From: Sandra Gulland on 9 Dec 2012

The New Yorker: a six-course meal

In addition to finishing The Unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce—a wonderful novel—I finally worked my way through the Oct. 15 issue of The New Yorker. I have quite a bit to say about Harold, but the NYer must come first: my husband...
From: Sandra Gulland on 17 Nov 2012

Home again

After over four weeks of travelling with only a carry-on suitcase, we’ve landed in our winter home in lovely San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. (I’m leaving my suitcase out: in exactly two weeks we’ll be going to California for U.S. Thanksgiving...
From: Sandra Gulland on 5 Nov 2012


It’s often said that to writers, the words “The End” are the most beautiful in the language. I would add to that: Send!  The final draft of the 8th draft of what is (right now) IN THE SERVICE OF THE SHADOW QUEEN just went out to my...
From: Sandra Gulland on 20 Sep 2012

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