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Staying focused: streamed theatre and me

I’ve been thinking about attention this week. Not the kind that other people give to you, but the kind you create yourself. Focus. Concentration. Absorption. Immersion. I’ve been thinking about it because sustained, unbroken attention is something...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 8 Mar 2016

Guest Post – The Eye of the Camera in Filmed Theatre

It is with enormous pleasure that I welcome the first ever guest blog post on DigitalShakespeares. Over the past summer, Mary Odbert, one of our wonderfully talented MA students at the Shakespeare Institute, has been acting as a research assistant on...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 20 Oct 2015

Othello @The RSC, stage and screen

Some thoughts on the RSC’s Othello, which I was able to see on both stage and screen this summer. In each case I caught the production at an extreme end of its run, seeing it live on stage in its early weeks (still officially in previews, I think),...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 16 Sep 2015

Martin Barker and ‘the remarkable rise of livecasting’

The summer reading continues on, and next on the list is Martin Barker’s Live to Your Local Cinema: The Remarkable Rise of Livecasting (Palgrave Pivot, 2013). This is the first – and as far as I know still the only – book-length work...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 11 Aug 2015

Shakespeare and the live broadcast — part 2 (in images + tweets)

What a week! Since my post last Wednesday (on Shakespeare and the live cast — part 1) I’ve been in virtual attendance at a one-day symposium on live theatre broadcasting in York, and then in physical attendance at the European Shakespeare...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 1 Jul 2015

Shakespeare and the live broadcast – part 1

At long last, the monograph is finally done, the edited collections are out, the marking is completed, the exam boards are past, the summer is here, and digital Shakespeare returns! (For me, at least) It’s been a long, good, but hard year, with...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 24 Jun 2015

Celebrating the digital — anniversaries

June for me means a series of mini-anniversaries. First, and smallest, is the six-month anniversary of this blog. I started it in December to set down some of my thoughts on digital broadcasts and I’m happy to say that my first post on the RSC’s Richard...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 17 Jun 2014

The curse of Lear? — NTLive, 2011 and 2014

Macbeth is the Shakespearean play actors and directors are most superstitious about, but I wonder if Lear might be gaining on the ol’ Scottish play as far as live recordings go? The most famous instance of technical mishap in other otherwise fairly...
From: Digital Shakespeares on 3 May 2014