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Confusion, clamour and insolence: Georgian Bath’s disorderly sedan chairmen – Stephen Pool (University of the West of England) – an abstract

Inquiring readers: In early October, Prof Elaine Chalus, Historian of 18-19C British gender, politics & society, sent a link to eight sessions of the Bath 250, A Virtual Conference, The 250th Anniversary of the New Assembly Rooms of Bath, given on...
From: Jane Austen's World on 21 Oct 2021

“The Horrid and Inhuman Murderer” Thomas Simmons by Angelo & Rowlandson, 1807

It was half-past eight on the evening of 20th October and Sarah Harris, a maid in the employment of George Boreham of Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, was attending to her duties in the kitchen of Boreham’s farmhouse.  Sarah was busier than usual...
From: The Print Shop Window on 15 Oct 2020

Rare Rowlandson self-portrait goes on sale

A rare self-portrait by the caricaturist Thomas Rowlandson will be going under the hammer at Bonham’s UK auction house in a few weeks time. The pencil, ink and watercolour sketch shows Rowlandson (on the left) and his friend and fellow artist Henry...
From: The Print Shop Window on 16 Jun 2020

Thomas Rowlandson after Sir Joshua Reynolds, Count Ugolino… c. 1773

If one were to imagine the sort of painting likely to capture the imagination of the caricaturist Thomas Rowlandson then it’s unlikely that Sir Joshua Reynold’s Count Ugolino and his Children in the Dungeon would be the first image to spring...
From: The Print Shop Window on 4 Mar 2020

A likeness of Grace Dalrymple Elliott by Thomas Rowlandson

For a woman who was noted as such a beauty, it has always frustrated us that there are not more surviving portraits and drawings of our ‘infamous mistress’, Grace Dalrymple Elliott. There is a miniature by Cosway, painted around the time of...
From: All Things Georgian on 19 Mar 2019

Wapping Old Stairs, Thomas Rowlandson, 1814.

I spotted this nice watercolour scene by Rowlandson in an auction catalogue this morning. It shows a group of pedestrians descending Wapping Old Stairs towards a small wherry which is being loaded with passengers wishing to cross the River Thames. A young...
From: The Print Shop Window on 14 Mar 2019

Rowlandson’s Characteristic Sketches of the Lower Orders at the British Library

One of the privileges of using technology is our ability to peruse original editions online. We no longer need to travel to major city and university libraries to hunt down sources, or travel to distant states and lands, although viewing Jane Austen’s...
From: Jane Austen's World on 18 Nov 2018

‘Old Q’ Snuff Box c.18

  This snuff box was the latest caricature-related item to catch my eye whilst browsing through sales catalogues. It’s decorated with an engraved copy of Thomas Rowlandson’s caricature of the Duke of Queensburry (1725 – 1810)....
From: The Print Shop Window on 19 Oct 2018

Thomas Rowlandson, Grog on Board, ink and watercolour

This seems like a fitting image to take us into the weekend. An original ink and watercolour wash by Thomas Rowlandson, whose signature appears at the bottom left-hand corner of the paper. It measures approximately 11.5 x 15 inches. The image was originally...
From: The Print Shop Window on 13 Apr 2018

A collection of original works by Thomas Rowlandson

There’s a veritable flood tide of original works by Thomas Rowlandson coming up for auction in the UK at the moment. These include genre scenes, character studies and a few humorous pictures. Perhaps the most interesting is The Wigsteads: A...
From: The Print Shop Window on 28 Feb 2018

Thomas Rowlandson, The Fire at the Key, 1806

Shortly before midnight on 4th June 1806, a heavily inebriated man stumbled through the door of the Key Hotel in Chandos Street and ordered a meal. He was a cheerful character in his late 30s, and he dressed in a refined if somewhat sombre fashion which...
From: The Print Shop Window on 26 Feb 2018

And so to bed – 18th Century night attire

As well as being essential items of clothing to help people stay warm on those cold winter nights and to cover their modesty, people clothed only in their night apparel provided the caricaturists of the day with a plentiful supply of material, so we thought...
From: All Things Georgian on 23 Feb 2017

The Connoisseur & Tired Boy

It seems as though I say this every time an original work by Thomas Rowlandson pops up at auction, but this watercolour really is one of the nicest examples of his work that I’ve seen in quite some time. The Conoisseur and Tired Boy [sic] is based...
From: The Print Shop Window on 29 Nov 2016

Rowlandson & Gillray in the Coal Hole

This is one of a number of small watercolours by Thomas Rowlandson that are coming for auction in London in a couple of weeks time. Whilst tavern scenes are, to put it mildly, not exactly uncommon in Rowlandson’s catalogue of prints and drawings,...
From: The Print Shop Window on 18 Jul 2016

Rowlandson gets cheeky

This small (6 x 8.5 inches) watercolour by Thomas Rowlandson is coming up for sale in the UK in a couple of weeks. Images such as this were often sold surreptitiously in many of the satirical printshops of late 18th and early 19th-century London. These...
From: The Print Shop Window on 13 Jul 2016

Thomas Rowlandson original proof

Interesting find in an upcoming auction catalogue. It’s an original proof version of Thomas Rowlandson’s Britannia’s support or the conspirators defeated which was published by William Holland in February 1789. It’s been...
From: The Print Shop Window on 11 May 2016

Prints for sale section updated

I’ve just added a number of prints to my sale page, including this little devil. Click on the link at the top of the page and scroll to the bottom of the listings to see what’s new.
From: The Print Shop Window on 25 Apr 2016

Prints for sale section updated

A small selection of prints have been added to my prints for sale section. Click on the link at the top of the page and scroll to the bottom of the listings in order to check out what’s new. This time I’ve added three caricatures reflecting...
From: The Print Shop Window on 16 Apr 2016

The Humphrey sale, June 1835

An 1821 caricature of Humphrey’s shop on St James’s street. The figures that can be seen through the door on the right are thought to be Theodore Lane and George Humphrey. The history of James Gillray’s career as a caricaturist is closely...
From: The Print Shop Window on 9 Mar 2016

Prints for sale section updated

I’ve added a small collection of prints by Thomas Rowlandson, William Elmes, Isaac Cruikshank and G.M. Woodward to my ‘for sale’ section. Click the lick at the top of the page or here if you can’t be bothered scrolling that far.
From: The Print Shop Window on 7 Mar 2016

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