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Balcony scenes: Romeo and Juliet

1.1Outside Capulet’s house When I cupped her boob, laughter erupted. “What’s so funny?” I asked my friend. “You’re standing, like, five feet away from her,” he said. His father thrust his hips back and shot...
From: Shakespeare Confidential on 9 Feb 2017

Theatre: “Hamlet” – Icarus Theatre touring Ireland

A company of seasoned classical actors embrace the brutality of the greatest play ever written. A gripping, ensemble style brings exhilaration and violence to the unforgettable music and delicacy of the words. Blending traditional and physical theatre...
From: Shakespeare in Ireland on 27 Jan 2017

Plotting Revolution, Part I: History’s Plots

By Nathan Perl-Rosenthal As historians of the age of revolution, each of us tells a bit of a single master tale, about the story of modern politics’ emergence.  Each of us narrates, in our own way, the death of an Old Regime and the New Regime...
From: Age of Revolutions on 9 Jan 2017

Review: Lear by John Scott / Irish Modern Dance Theatre

Review: Lear, choreographed by John Scott and starring Valda Setterfield, at the Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College Dublin (22 October) Guest post by Katherine Hennessey, Visiting Fellow, Moore Institute, NUI Galway I’ve overdosed on Shakespeare...
From: Shakespeare in Ireland on 14 Dec 2016

Review: RSC live King Lear

Review: RSC live King Lear – 14th October 2016 Guest post by Emer Murphy As the centenary year marking William Shakespeare’s death nears its close, audiences around the world continue to delight in the wonders of his work. Despite the...
From: Shakespeare in Ireland on 16 Nov 2016

“Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow”: Macbeth, mortality, and mantras

With a jaunty jump, I burst into the bedroom, my arms theatrically outspread: “Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.” My wife looked up from her iPad, startled. She was enjoying a lazy Sunday morning in bed. I had just finished Macbeth. “Tomorrow,...
From: Shakespeare Confidential on 9 Nov 2016

The Revenger’s Tragedy @ Nottingham Playhouse

NB This review is based on a preview performance. The most striking image of Fiona Buffini’s new production of The Revenger’s Tragedy was that of the opening, with a narrow shaft of light from on high illuminating a skull sat on a chair. Then,...
From: The Bardathon on 2 Nov 2016

Fighting stances: The Tragedy of Coriolanus

The kid kicked at my shoes but I didn’t fall. “That’s fine,” I answered without losing my brisk pace. But he – and three or four other friends, I didn’t really slow down to take count – kept up. “That’s...
From: Shakespeare Confidential on 24 Sep 2016

Before Shakespeare in Performance

“When in Toledo there I studied, It was my chance to write a tragedy – See here my lords – [He shows them a book] Which long forgot, I found this other day. Now would your lordships favour me so much As but to grace me with your acting...
From: Before Shakespeare on 1 Sep 2016

Over and over and over: The Tragedy of Othello

Today I can laugh about it. She ended up dumping him and came out as a lesbian, I learned through the grapevine years later. And when asked to explain that semester out of school, I usually just leave it as a “personal matter,” as if it was...
From: Shakespeare Confidential on 29 Jun 2016

The art of artifice (and the artifice of art): The Life of Timon of Athens

The Life of Timon of Athens isn’t a particularly celebrated play in Shakespeare’s oeuvre. Many critics think its language and plot don’t quite stack up to the Bard’s usual standards. Some argue it was never finished. Others conclude...
From: Shakespeare Confidential on 5 Jun 2016

Disintegration loops: King Lear, Part 3

On Facebook, my stepmother recently posted a picture of my grandfather, father, and my oldest brother with his son propped on his knee. “4 Generations of Kellys,” she titled it. It’s a lovely picture and I looked at for some time. I...
From: Shakespeare Confidential on 28 May 2016

Review essay: Othello at the Abbey and Shakespeare in Ireland

Review essay by Edel Semple Othello at the Abbey Theatre, Dublin (Dir. Joe Dowling) – May 2016 Cast and production details:   At the UCD / Abbey Shakespeare talk in the Pearse Museum, actor...
From: Shakespeare in Ireland on 24 May 2016

Glass houses and jelly meerkats: King Lear, Part

I have a lot of questions about King Lear. Like what is wrong with these people? “Which of you shall we say doth love us most?” a retiring King Lear asks his three daughters, Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia, as he divides his kingdom up among...
From: Shakespeare Confidential on 22 May 2016

Drama drama: King Lear, Part 1

It’s bad enough I don’t know a whole lot about Shakespeare’s life or world. But I can’t even say I’ve actually seen many of his plays performed. I mean, the texts were intended for the stage after all. The last production...
From: Shakespeare Confidential on 19 May 2016

Exeunt with bodies: Titus Andronicus

The late afternoon sun washed the Italian cypresses and eucalyptus trees in gold. A light wind made a lazy melody in the chimes. From a neighboring yard somewhere over the rolling, low-desert hills, a horse occasionally neighed. Except for the dogs, twitching...
From: Shakespeare Confidential on 29 Apr 2016

The ‘metacatharsis’ of Richard II

Do you ever imagine your own funeral? I don’t mean where you want your ashes scattered or what songs you’d like sung at the ceremony or even the drunken “celebration of life” you hope your loved ones throw in your memory. I mean,...
From: Shakespeare Confidential on 28 Mar 2016

Shakespeare Project of Chicago: The Revenger’s TragedyFor more...

Shakespeare Project of Chicago: The Revenger’s Tragedy For more information:
From: Early Modern Workshop on 20 Apr 2015

Film Review: Maxine Peake As Hamlet (2015), directed for the screen by Margaret Williams.

Maxine Peake As Hamlet enabled me to rewatch last year’s astonishing stage production directed by Sarah Frankcom at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre. Although I have already reviewed the production here (where I focus on gender), the...
From: Hobbinol's Blog on 11 Apr 2015

Revenge Is In The Air: Moral Tragedies Welcome Spring to Illinois

Maybe it’s the lousy weather. Maybe it’s the news. Whatever the case, this spring there has been a great deal of revenge drama on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. The all-student run troupe, the What You Will Shakespeare…...
From: Bite Thumbnails on 31 Mar 2015

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