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The Gardener’s Labyrinth

I’m having this really neat synchronicity of research, writing and life right now, as I’m working on Chapter Three of my book, which is focused on Elizabethan horticulture. So I get up, water my garden, and then go upstairs into my study and...
From: streets of salem on 11 Aug 2020

Pushing books and events round-up back again!

Since everything is still either closed, postponed, or on hold indefinitely, I’m going to wait another month for another round-up post. In the meantime I’ll continue to do some more work in the background for the site and keep plugging away...
From: Blog on 2 Jun 2020

“The Life and Death of Jacke Straw” (1593)

By Stephen Basdeo The following is an excerpt from my book: The Life and Legend of a Rebel Leader: Wat Tyler (2018). It is available to buy from the publisher here: Link. Wat Tyler’s rebellion in 1381 was the first large-scale uprising of the common...

No May round-up

Since none of the exhibits I have on my tracking sheet will be able to open until at least June 1 and I didn’t have any books on my list, I’ll skip a round-up this month. I have links to some online info about some upcoming exhibits (eventually)...
From: Blog on 5 May 2020

WFH 2: Tradesmen and Tools for Working from Home, Chapter 1

For this second instalment of ‘Working from Home’ in early modern England, I’m going to take a look at some of the tools and materials urban individuals used as part of their trade in two posts. The first looks at the wider uses of tools...
From: Middling Culture on 21 Apr 2020

Publication: “The Alliance of Pirates: Ireland and Atlantic piracy in the early seventeenth century” by Connie Kelleher

Publication: The Alliance of Pirates: Ireland and Atlantic piracy in the early seventeenth century by Connie Kelleher In the early part of the seventeenth-century, along the southwest coast of Ireland, piracy was a way of life. Following the outlawing...
From: Shakespeare in Ireland on 8 Apr 2020

WFH 1: Working From (the early modern) Home

1: Doing business at home with teenagers As we, like the rest of the world, settle into the climate of pandemic lockdown, we thought we’d put together a short series on past experiences of “Working from Home”—something to which...
From: Middling Culture on 4 Apr 2020

Upcoming Books, Events, and Exhibitions for April

Books To the best of my knowledge, these release dates are still accurate, but I do know of a few releases that have been delayed due to the coronavirus shutdowns. The Man Behind the Tudors: Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk by Kirsten Claiden-Yardley...
From: Blog on 2 Apr 2020

Upcoming Books, Events, and Exhibitions for March

Books I’m pretty sure most people know that the long-awaited third book in Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall trilogy, The Mirror and the Light will be out in early March! The book will be out March 5 in the UK and March 10 in the US. Also...
From: Blog on 1 Mar 2020

Upcoming Books, Events, and Exhibitions for February

Books The Man Behind the Tudors: Thomas Howard, 2nd Duke of Norfolk by Kirsten Claiden-Yardley came out at the end of last month in the UK and will be released in early May is the US: And later this month, John Paul Davis has A Hidden History...
From: Blog on 2 Feb 2020

No books and events round-up for December

But there’s a lot of stuff coming in 2020! (2020!! How is that possible?!?)
From: Blog on 1 Dec 2019

Elizabethan Exemplar

It’s been a long time since I featured one of my Renaissance crushes, but today is Sir Philip Sidney’s birthday so time to indulge. Sidney of course was a wonderful poet, but for me he is much more than that: he is the perfect Elizabethan...
From: streets of salem on 30 Nov 2019

Upcoming Books, Events, and Exhibitions for November 2019

This is a little late because I’ve been really, really busy and then I got really, really sick (still am, actually). This is one of those times that I’m pretty sure that correlation equals causation! Books Michael Hicks’ Richard III:...
From: Blog on 3 Nov 2019

Upcoming Books, Events, and Exhibitions for October 2019

Books A few books that have already been released in the UK will be out on October 1 in the US. First up is The Flower of All Cities – The History of London from Earliest Times to the Great Fire by Robert Wynn Jones: And the second is...
From: Blog on 29 Sep 2019

Upcoming Books, Events, and Exhibitions for September 2019

Books Katherine Howard: Henry VIII’s Slandered Queen by Conor Byrne is now out in the US after a release in the UK back in the spring. And we have a few new releases coming this month! First up – the newest work from Melita Thomas,...
From: Blog on 3 Sep 2019

The Pope said Nope

Last night we went to see Six at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge; I bought the tickets, but my husband accompanied me willingly. I simply could not resist a musical about the six wives of Henry VIII and it did not disappoint in its...
From: streets of salem on 28 Aug 2019

Dress Hooks of the Middling Sort

We are grateful to Michael Lewis, Head of Portable Antiquities & Treasure at the British Museum, for this guest post on “dress hooks.” Identifying the ‘middling sort’ through their material culture is fraught with difficulties,...
From: Middling Culture on 14 Aug 2019

History Today review: Nicholas Hilliard: Life of an Artist by Elizabeth Goldring

It is July 1571, and Elizabeth I is sitting for a portrait in “the open ally of a goodly garden”, almost certainly at Hampton Court. The portrait is “in little” – what we would now call a watercolour miniature, although the...
From: Mathew Lyons on 6 Aug 2019

Renaissance Studies review: Thomas Churchyard: Pen, Sword, Ego by Matthew Woodcock

If, as every self-help book will tell you, persistence really were the key to success, Thomas Churchyard would surely have been the most successful writer of the sixteenth century. Reader, he was not – but it was not for want of trying. One measure...
From: Mathew Lyons on 6 Aug 2019

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