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BLM 2020: Breathing, Resistance, and the War Against Enslavement

By Kerry Sinanan On May 20, 2020 many celebrated the birthday of Haitian revolution leader, Toussaint L’Ouverture against a backdrop of ongoing murders of Black people at the hands of current and former police.[1] Ahmaud Arbery, shot while running...
From: Age of Revolutions on 10 Jun 2020

The Unquiet Hymnbook in the Early United States

This post is a part of our “Faith in Revolution” series, which explores the ways that religious ideologies and communities shaped the revolutionary era. Check out the entire series. By Christopher N. Phillips It’s not much to look at....
From: Age of Revolutions on 2 Mar 2020

The Great Fear of 1776

By Jeffrey Ostler Sometime in mid-1776, just as colonists were declaring their independence from Great Britain, an unnamed Shawnee addressed an assembly of representatives from multiple Indigenous nations who had gathered at the Cherokee capital of Chota....
From: Age of Revolutions on 23 Sep 2019

Tracing the Aftermath of the American Revolution: An Interview on the Patriot Paths Protect

***** Today, digital humanities projects abound, and offer scholars and students new ways of understanding the past, present, and future. Charles A. Sherrill, the State Librarian and Archivist with the Tennessee State Library and Archives, headed up one...
From: Age of Revolutions on 12 Aug 2019

Book Raffle: Dagenais & Mauduit’s Revolutions Across Borders

Maxime Dagenais and Julien Mauduit eds. Revolutions Across Borders: Jacksonian America and the Canadian Rebellion. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2019. In conjunction with the McGill-Queen’s University Press, Age of Revolutions...
From: Age of Revolutions on 24 Jul 2019

Across Borders: The Canadian Rebellion and Jacksonian America

By Maxime Dagenais A few weeks ago, a book that my good friend Julien Mauduit and I have been working on for years, Revolutions Across Borders: Jacksonian America and the Canadian Rebellion, was published with McGill-Queen’s University Press (MQUP)....
From: Age of Revolutions on 22 Jul 2019

Coral, Labor, Slavery, and Silence in the Archives

“Revolutionary Material Culture Series” This series examines the Age of Revolutions through its material markers, reminding us that materials themselves reflected and shaped political cultures around the revolutionary Atlantic and World. By...
From: Age of Revolutions on 22 Apr 2019

Presidential Plateau: Putting French Gentility Center Stage

“Revolutionary Material Culture Series” This series examines the Age of Revolutions through its material markers, reminding us that materials themselves reflected and shaped political cultures around the revolutionary Atlantic and World. By...
From: Age of Revolutions on 18 Mar 2019

You Can’t Teach the Age of Revolutions without the Black Intellectual Tradition

By Robert D. Taber 17 January 2016, 6 PM: I’m standing in front a class of 23 students, a mix of first-years and graduating seniors, some older than me, some much older than me. The course is one I hadn’t taken as an undergraduate. Some of...
From: Age of Revolutions on 14 Jan 2019

Texas and the Great White-Washing of the American Revolution

By Michael Leroy Oberg One of my favorite undergraduate professors, John Walzer, taught the course I took on the American Revolution a long time ago at Cal State Long Beach. One of his students once made a movie reenacting the Boston Tea Party. The local...
From: Age of Revolutions on 15 Oct 2018

Defining Democracy, Challenging ‘Democrats’

This is the inaugural post of our “Challenging Democratic Revolutions” series, which explores the ways in which democratic ideologies challenged Old Regimes and how revolutionaries challenged notions of democratic liberty. By Matthew...
From: Age of Revolutions on 16 Jul 2018

Convulsions Within: When Printing the Declaration of Independence Turns Partisan

By Emily Sneff The New York Times first devoted an entire page to the Declaration of Independence exactly 100 years ago, on July 4, 1918. Thirty years ago, NPR’s Morning Edition began a tradition of reading the Declaration on air. Last year, NPR...
From: Age of Revolutions on 4 Jul 2018

“Native American Revolutions” Introduction – A Series on #VastEarlyNativeAmerica

Intro: Any perceptive #twitterstorian or scholar of the Age of Revolutions will notice the repeated reference to the idea of #VastEarlyAmerica. Karin Wulf named her blog after the historiographical shift. Other group and personal blogs have started to...
From: Age of Revolutions on 16 Oct 2017

Le Cap to Carlisle: News of the Early Haitian Revolution in the United States

This post is a part of a series entitled “(In)forming Revolution: Information Networks in the Age of Revolutions.” By James Alexander Dun Enslaved people in the North Province of French Saint Domingue rose in revolt on the night of August...
From: Age of Revolutions on 20 Sep 2017

Anarchy and the American Revolution

By Tom Cutterham If the opening stages of the American Revolution were about the overthrow of tyranny, then its denouement was defined by the struggle against anarchy—at least, that is, from the perspective of the new nation’s elite. So fragile...
From: Age of Revolutions on 24 Jul 2017

Liberty Poles and the Two American Revolutions

By Shira Lurie On May 21, 1766, when word reached New York City that Parliament had repealed the Stamp Act, colonists poured onto the Common and raised a wooden mast with a sign that read “George 3rd, Pitt – and Liberty.”[i] The liberty...
From: Age of Revolutions on 3 Jul 2017

A “Thorough Deist?” The Religious Life of Benjamin Franklin

By Thomas S. Kidd Benjamin Franklin was arguably the greatest exemplar of America’s Enlightenment. The child of a modest Puritan family in Boston, Franklin had virtually no formal education yet became a pioneer in publishing, science, and diplomacy....
From: Age of Revolutions on 5 Jun 2017

What’s in a Revolution? Revival Sexualities in the Age of Revolutions

“Sexing Histories of Revolution” Roundtable – Post #4 In this series, contributors explore sex and sexual revolutions in the revolutionary era.  By Scott Larson The history of sexuality is often told through the...
From: Age of Revolutions on 26 Apr 2017

Afterlives of the Paris Commune

By J. Michelle Coghlan Edinburgh University Press published J. Michelle Coghlan’s Sensational Internationalism: The Paris Commune and the Remapping of American Memory in the Long Nineteenth Century this past October 2016. We asked...
From: Age of Revolutions on 30 Jan 2017

The False Hope of Corn Stalk Rum during the American Revolution

By Jordan Smith What do you do when the most crucial resource for your business suddenly becomes unavailable? Over one hundred rum distillers operating in colonial North America confronted this very problem as the American Revolution began to unfold...
From: Age of Revolutions on 30 Nov 2016

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