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The Three Ladies of London and Red Lion workshop, 22 January 2017

Our handout from the event can be downloaded here: three-ladies-and-rl-workshop-handout and photos can be found at Media > Workshops. Our first workshop with The Dolphin’s Back took place yesterday (22 January 2017), exploring...
From: Before Shakespeare on 23 Jan 2017

The Before Shakespeare Guide to the Elizabethan East End

Summer 1567.  A feature piece for Elizabethan developers, house buyers, tourists, and those interested in keeping up with the latest cultural developments just outside of the City of London.  In this feature, we tell you why it might just...
From: Before Shakespeare on 14 Nov 2016

Cheap Books

I can’t believe that five years have passed since I first collected together a silly little blog project about the childhood of Marie Antoinette and self published it as a book. It was only supposed to be a bit of a hobby, a diversion from the tedious...
From: Madame Guillotine on 1 Apr 2015

Mr. Dry at the Three Sugar Loaves in Wapping

A farthing tradesman’s token issued at the sign of the three sugar loaves in Wapping, Middlesex. The above copper farthing token measures 15.9 mm and weighs 0.99 grams. It was issued in 1650 by a tradesman in Wapping, a district of eastern London...
From: Mr. Pepys' Small Change on 15 Feb 2015

From Whitechapel promo   Recently updated !

There was a pain, a terrible empty, lonely ache of sorrow and loss, within my ribcage while my heart felt like it had turned to ashes. This then was the end of my journey, this then was the answer that I had sought for so long, this then was the secret...
From: Madame Guillotine on 3 Feb 2015

Ripper Street Season Three   Recently updated !

It’s hard to believe that just a year has passed since the end of the second season of Ripper Street and the terrible news that the stupid BBC had decided to cancel what was one of the best series on television. Thankfully all of the resultant fuss...
From: Madame Guillotine on 2 Jan 2015

From Whitechapel Book Launch

From Whitechapel has been well and truly launched! On a dark and gloomy evening last week, a group of various misfits gathered together in the historic Gun pub next to Spitalfields Market to celebrate the publication of my fifth novel, which is set...
From: Madame Guillotine on 3 Dec 2014

From Whitechapel is out in paperback!

“This is Melanie Clegg’s best book yet. Her encyclopaedic knowledge of the period allows the reader to relax into the story and be swept along.” Rachael Lucas Set against the Jack the Ripper murders of 1888 the lives of three women intertwine as...
From: Madame Guillotine on 25 Sep 2014

Catherine Eddowes and Kosminski

It seems like Jack the Ripper is back in the news again in a rather big way, which is jolly nice for me as, like Russell Edwards, who is responsible for the latest furore, I also have a book to promote. I wasn’t actually planning to blog about...
From: Madame Guillotine on 8 Sep 2014

George Carpenter, Mealman of Wapping

A farthing token issued by George Carpenter – A mid-17th century grain dealer of Wapping, London. The above copper farthing token measures 15.6 mm in diameter and weighs 0.80 grams. It was most likely issued in the 1650s. The token was issued by...
From: Mr. Pepys' Small Change on 9 Jul 2014

From Whitechapel GIN necklace giveaway!

Morning world. Well, the launch week of From Whitechapel is drawing to a close now and I have to say that I am so staggered and touched by the kind reception that it received. You’re all brilliant and I really hope that those of you who bought...
From: Madame Guillotine on 28 Mar 2014

From Whitechapel

There was a pain, a terrible empty, lonely ache of sorrow and loss, within my ribcage while my heart felt like it had turned to ashes. This then was the end of my journey, this then was the answer that I had sought for so long, this then was the secret...
From: Madame Guillotine on 24 Mar 2014

Self publishing – three years on…

The Secret Diary of a Princess, my first ever book! It’s available for less than the price of a coffee from Amazon UK and Amazon US. My husband is a pretty thoughtful guy, which I’ll admit that I do tend to take for granted after ten years,...
From: Madame Guillotine on 14 Mar 2014

Ripper Street is SAVED

Good news everyone! If like me you’ve wondering how on earth you’re going to survive without a regular dose of Captain Jackson (cor blimey), DS Reid (did you know that he was one cool guy in real life – he used to be really into jumping...
From: Madame Guillotine on 26 Feb 2014

The 2013 Top Ten

At the Cheapside Hoard exhibition preview, Museum of London. Photo: Suzy Nightingale. Wow, what a busy and action packed year it has been – full of all manner of historical treats and excitements! As is traditional at this time of year, I’ve...
From: Madame Guillotine on 30 Dec 2013

Save Ripper Street!

You don’t need to be much more than even a casual reader of this blog to know that I am a MASSIVE fan of the BBC drama series Ripper Street, which focuses on the trials and tribulations that faced the Whitechapel H Division in the aftermath of...
From: Madame Guillotine on 5 Dec 2013

Mary Jane Kelly – International Woman of Mystery

For those of you who missed it, here is the original draft (I made some amendments on the day) of the talk I gave at the 2013 Jack the Ripper Conference about Mary Jane Kelly, the last accepted victim of the Whitechapel Murderer. I’ve entitled this...
From: Madame Guillotine on 22 Nov 2013

WriteIdea Fest 2013

Well, hello there! Sorry for going all quiet again but I’ve been working on the plan for what will be my SIXTH BOOK. I THINK I know what it’s going to be but there won’t be any announcements until I’ve made some meaningful progress...
From: Madame Guillotine on 20 Nov 2013

The Jack the Ripper Conference 2013

Christ Church, Spitalfields. Crikey, WHAT a weekend! I have no idea where to start but I promised an update about the Jack the Ripper Conference so here it is! My first Conference was just last year in York so it was a bit exciting a year on to be there...
From: Madame Guillotine on 11 Nov 2013

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