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Karoline P. Cook Wins the Natalie Zemon Davis Prize!

Renaissance and Reformation awarded the 2020 Natalie Zemon Davis Prize for the best article to appear in its journal to Karoline P. Cook, “Claiming Nobility in the Monarquía Hispánica: The Search for Status by Inca, Aztec, and Nasrid Descendants at...
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 20 Oct 2021

Planas Campos & Grajal de Blas, “French & Allied Officer Casualties in the Peninsular War,” JMH Oct 2021

Jorge Planas Campos and Antonio Grajal de Blas, “French and Allied Officer Casualties in the Peninsular War (1808-1814): A New Examination,” Journal of Military History 48/4 (2021).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 19 Oct 2021

The Quietus: Isao Takahata’s Only Yesterday, Thirty Years On

It’s 1966 and 10-year-old Taeko has failed a maths test. Her mother, washing dishes in the kitchen, asks one of Taeko’s older sisters to help. The sister is horrified. “Is she alright in the head?” she asks. “Normally this is easy.” “But...
From: Mathew Lyons on 14 Oct 2021

McDonald, “Sephardi Jews, Spanish Citizenship, & the Politics of Sentiment,” CSSH July 2021

Not strictly speaking early modern history, but: Charles A. McDonald, “Rancor: Sephardi Jews, Spanish Citizenship, and the Politics of Sentiment,” Comparative Studies in Society and History 63/3 (2021).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 8 Oct 2021

González Cuerva, “Maria of Austria, Spanish Patroness in the Empire, Imperial Patroness in Spain,” WHR Oct 2021

Rubén González Cuerva, “The true solution for every difficulty: Maria of Austria, Spanish patroness in the Empire, Imperial patronness in Spain,” Women’s History Review 30/5 (2021).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 4 Oct 2021

Terrazas Williams, “The Inconvenience of Chocolate” in HR

Danielle Terrazas Williams, “The Inconvenience of Chocolate: Disciplining the Society of Jesus in Seventeenth-Century Mexico,” History of Religions 60/4 (2021).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 1 Oct 2021

The Burlington Magazine, September 2021

The eighteenth century in this month’s issue of The Burlington . . . The Burlington Magazine 163 (September 2021) E D I T O R I A L • “Nicholas Goodison and The Burlington,” p. 779. A R T I C L E S • David Pullins, Dorothy Mahon, Silvia A. Centeno,...
From: Enfilade on 29 Sep 2021

Eyal, “Internal & Translantic Migration in 18th-Cent Spain,” JIH Fall 2021

Hillel Eyal, “Going Global and Local: Internal and Transatlantic Migration in Eighteenth-Century Spain,” Journal of Interdisciplinary History 52/2 (2021).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 24 Sep 2021

Terrazas Williams, “African-Descended Women, Sumptuary Laws, and Governance in Early Spanish America,” JWH Fall 2021

Danielle Terrazas Williams, “Finer Things: African-Descended Women, Sumptuary Laws, and Governance in Early Spanish America,” Journal of Women’s History 33/3 (2021).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 23 Sep 2021

American Ceramic Circle Journal 21 (2021)

In the latest issue of the ACC Journal: The American Ceramic Circle (ACC) is pleased to announce the release of its anniversary issue, volume XXI, of the American Ceramic Circle Journal. For this volume, the Journal committee has selected articles of...
From: Enfilade on 18 Sep 2021

Print Quarterly, September 2021

Gottfried August Gründler, Frontispiece Der Naturforscher (1774), engraving, 90 × 110 mm (Cambridge University Library) ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊   ◊ The eighteenth century in the latest issue of Print Quarterly: Print Quarterly 38.3 (September...
From: Enfilade on 18 Sep 2021

Chavarría-Múgica, “The Problem of Billeting Distribution in Renaissance Spain” Social History 46/3

Fernando Chavarría-Múgica, “The problem of billeting distribution in Renaissance Spain: absolutism, privilege and local oligarchies,” Social History 46/3 (2021).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 17 Sep 2021

Articles in the CLAR, Sept 2021

Colonial Latin American Review 30/3 (2021): Agnieszka Brylak, “Buffoons and sorcerers: witchcraft, entertainment, and evil professions in colonial sources on pre-Hispanic Nahuas.” J. Michael Francis & Hannah Tweet, “Anatomy of a sixteenth-century...
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 10 Sep 2021

Special Issue: “Visualizing Blackness in Colonial Latin America,” CLAR June 2021

“Visualizing Blackness in Colonial Latin America,” ed Kathryn Santner & Helen Melling, Colonial Latin American Review 30/2 (2021), featuring articles by Ana María Silva Campo, Ximena A. Gómez, Miguel A. Valerio, Larissa Brewer-García, and Agnes...
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 9 Sep 2021

Tausiet, “A Narrative of Female Sanctity in 18th-Cent Spain,” JSCS 22/3

María Tausiet, “‘When Venus stays awake, Minerva sleeps’: a narrative of female sanctity in eighteenth-century Spain,” Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies 22/3 (2021).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 8 Sep 2021

What about the Finns? Investigating Finland’s absence from Swedish royal titulature

‘King of Sweden, the Götar, and the Wends’…. What about the Finns? Swedish royal titulature changed over the centuries as the regions under Swedish rule shifted, yet despite centuries of rule over Finland, the Swedish royals did not include it...
From: CERAE Impressions: A Blog on 30 Aug 2021

Domingues da Silva et al., “Slavery in Portuguese Mozambique through Digital Methods,” JWH June 2021

Daniel B. Domingues da Silva, Abigail Fields, Elcídio Rui Macuácua, Aneri R. Modi, and Ivan C. Zacarias, “Between Oceans and Continents: Slavery in Portuguese Mozambique through Digital Methods in Collaborative Research,” Journal of World History...
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 23 Aug 2021

Articles in the Winter 2020 SCJ

Sixteenth Century Journal 51/4 (2020): David de Boer, “Between Remembrance and Oblivion: Negotiating Civic Identity after the Sacks of Mechelen (1572, 1580).” Carla Alferes Pinto, “The Dais and the Artistic Objects in the Proxy Marriage of...
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 18 Aug 2021

Valerio, “The Formation of a Mulato Community in 16th-Century Mexico,” The Americas July 2021

Miguel A. Valerio, “The Spanish Petition System, Hospital/ity, and the Formation of a Mulato Community in Sixteenth-Century Mexico,” The Americas 78/3 (2021).
From: EM Spanish History Notes on 16 Aug 2021

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