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18C American Women - Henrietta Johnston 1674-1729

1711 Henrietta Johnston (1674-1729) Henriette Charlotte de Chastaigner (Mrs Nathaniel Broughton) Early in the 18C, many of the portraits of Southern colonial gentle ladies were done by Henrietta Johnston (1675-1729). She was the first identified pastelist...
From: 18th-century American Women on 22 Mar 2020

Appel à communication : « Goûter, toucher, sentir : les autres sens de la critique d’art (1747-1939) » (novembre 2020-avril 2021, Reims-Bruxelles-Lyon)

Goûter, toucher, sentir : les autres sens de la critique d’art (1747-1939) Cycle de Journées d’étude organisé par : Laurence Brogniez, Université Libre de Bruxelles Frédérique Desbuissons, université...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 8 Mar 2020

It Seems as if Hannah is Hiding

These #SalemSuffrageSaturday posts are challenging:  and it’s only February! Especially as I am drawn to the more “hidden” women: whose stories, it seems, you can only get to through men. I’ve been interested in...
From: streets of salem on 15 Feb 2020

Sarah Symonds of Salem

When I was a perpetual antiques hunter and picker some time ago, I would run into cast iron doorstops and plaster wall plaques with chipped paint depicting houses and gates and various interior details everywhere: they did not appeal to me and I passed...
From: streets of salem on 8 Feb 2020

Conférence : « Création/procréation. La fabrique de la femme artiste en France autour de 1900 » par Charlotte Foucher Zarmanian (Paris, 27 février 2020)

Charlotte Foucher Zarmanian, chargée de recherches au CNRS, dispensera une conférence intitulée : « Création/procréation. La fabrique de la femme artiste en France autour de 1900 » Université Paris...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 7 Feb 2020

How the portrait of Grace Dalrymple Elliott came to be in The Frick Collection

The information about the painting shown on the Frick Collection website provides a few clues about the provenance of the portrait, but we came across more which fills in some of the gaps. Grace Dalrymple Elliott by Thomas Gainsborough. The Frick, New...
From: All Things Georgian on 5 Dec 2019

Appel à communications : « Beyond Borders – The key for art market power » (Lisbonne, 2-3 novembre 2020)

CALL FOR PAPERS Beyond Borders – The key for art market power Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida (Lisbon, Portugal) 2-3 November 2020   The present conference seeks to counteract the frequent tendency of scholars of art market studies to mainly...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 21 Nov 2019

The Sculptor’s Mother

I’ve been working my way through all of the artists who were born or lived in Salem since I began this blog so many years ago, but one very notable and successful artist whom I have yet to cover is the sculptor John Rogers (1829-1904), chiefly because...
From: streets of salem on 14 Nov 2019

The Life of an Officer on Campaign – Guest post by Caroline Miley

We are thrilled to welcome Australian author, Caroline Miley to our blog. Caroline is an art historian and author of literary historical novels set in the late Georgian era. Her debut novel, The Competition,(e-book version) won a Varuna Fellowship...
From: All Things Georgian on 31 Oct 2019

Alexander Roslin (1718-1793)

Alexander Roslin  (1718-1793) was a Swedish portrait painter who worked in Europe painting the aristocracy, and whose work we have only recently become familiar with. This post, we have to confess contains nothing knew and is somewhat self indulgent...
From: All Things Georgian on 10 Oct 2019

Colloque: La France en Italie. Artistes et œuvres français en Italie à l’époque gothique

Université de Lausanne – Site de Dorigny 14-15 novembre 2019 La France en Italie. Artistes et œuvres français en Italie à l’époque gothique Les échanges culturels entre la France et l’Italie ont...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 15 Sep 2019

Colloque : « La peinture murale en Alsace au cœur du Rhin Supérieur, du Moyen Age à nos jours » (Guebwiller, 2-5 octobre 2019)

Colloque : « La peinture murale en Alsace au cœur du Rhin Supérieur, du Moyen Age à nos jours » (Guebwiller, 2-5 octobre 2019) La peinture murale alsacienne demeure méconnue. Du Moyen Âge à...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 30 Aug 2019

Appel à communication : « Unir en divisant : le « (s)partimento » dans le décor de la Renaissance » (Florence, 12-13 décembre 2019)

Les recherches sur la genèse et l’interprétation des décors de la Renaissance ont connu un important renouvellement ces vingt dernières années. À l’époque objet d’un investissement singulier...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 7 Aug 2019

Appel à communication : Quatre nouvelles sessions au Congrès de la RSA (Philadelphie, 2-4 avril 2020)

Congrès annuel de la Renaissance Society of America, Philadelphie 2-4 avril 2020 Date de soumission des propositions : 26 juillet – 5 août 2019   1. Artists and their Collections, 1300-1700 2. Vasari’s Metamorphoses 3. Michelangelo...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 13 Jul 2019

A Right Royal Face Off by Simon Edge

We are delighted to welcome the author, Simon Edge, journalist, critic and novelist, to our blog to tell us more about the challenges he face when writing his latest novel, due to be released in a few days time, A Right Royal Face Off: A Georgian Entertainment...
From: All Things Georgian on 4 Jul 2019

Appel à communication : « La fortune des « irregolari » italiens dans l’Europe de la Renaissance » (Bordeaux, 26-28 mai 2020)

La fortune des « irregolari » italiens dans l’Europe de la Renaissance : circulation des formes et acclimatations de la figure du polygraphe La critique a attribué les étiquettes de « poligrafi » et d’...
From: Le blog de l'APAHAU on 3 Jul 2019

Run neighbours, run, St. Al-ns is quadrilling it

“The Duchess of St. Albans, immensely fat, florid, and bejewelled, and a stout elderly naval officer wearing loose wide trousers, and apparently doing hornpipe steps, his hands on his hips, dance side by side with rollicking abandon. The others...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 25 Jun 2019

Modern aquatics

“A Thames wherry passes close to the wall of a riverside tavern, and is about to go under a high timber bridge. The two oarsmen have immense artificial-looking whiskers and curled hair, cf. British Museum satires no. 15962, no hats, and wear striped...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 6 Jun 2019

Art Detectives: The Mysterious Sir Thomas Mills and Lady Elizabeth

Sir Thomas Mills by Joshua Reynolds. McCord Museum As you will probably be aware by now, we have been busy researching Dido Elizabeth Belle and as part of this, we have looked at those within the inner circle of her extended family. This has led us to...
From: All Things Georgian on 6 Jun 2019

The Devils doings

“The Devil (right), in the foreground and much larger than the other figures, stands Asmodeus-like on a house-top (cf. British Museum Satires No. 16160), overturning with a long pole a dinner-table and upsetting the guests who fall on clouds of...
From: Recent Antiquarian Acquisitions on 21 May 2019

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