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Online Seminar Series | Intoxicating Spaces Project: ‘What’s Your Poison?’

The Sheffield-based ‘Intoxicating Spaces’ project, funded by HERA (Humanities in the European Research Area), is hosting five free digital talks, open to all, exploring the history of specific intoxicants. Seminars will take place on Wednesdays at 1–2pm...
From: SCEMS on 10 Oct 2020

Out by Day

Work and family & friend commitments have kept me in Salem much more than I care to be this October, so I have assumed the habit of a reverse vampire, hiding myself away during the weekends and nights and coming out by (week)day. I just don’t...
From: streets of salem on 16 Oct 2019

Two Sides of Salem

I haven’t been posting on Salem very much: my blog is going to lose its name! Long-time readers will know that I always hide or leave during October as I do not care for Haunted Happenings, but I’ve been out of step with Salem for about a...
From: streets of salem on 22 Oct 2018

September Strategies

I had high hopes for this particular September, one of the very few Septembers that I didn’t have to go back to school as a student or teacher in my entire life. I’ve always thought that September was one of the most beautiful months of the...
From: streets of salem on 16 Sep 2018

Andy Kesson and Before Shakespeare

Sheffield postgraduate Cat Evans reports on the lecture, ‘Peculiar Houses: Building public theatres in Elizabethan London’ given by Dr Andy Kesson (University of Roehampton, London) on 5 October 2017, and on the masterclass he gave the following...
From: SCEMS on 13 Oct 2017

How to Spend October, 161

Tacuinum Sanitatis, Paris, BnF Lat. 9333, f. 96r "In October... Arme your body soundly with pleasant wines or spiced drinks against the ensuing Winter. Arme your minde with study, for now this temperate time invites thee to read without impediments either...
From: Ask the Past on 28 Sep 2017

Jonson in Sheffield: as it happened

Last weekend, Sheffield Centre for Early Modern Studies hosted a celebration of Ben Jonson and the 400th anniversary of his Workes. With more than a dozen people presenting, this was a full and thought-provoking symposium. Speakers reflected on Jonson’s...
From: SCEMS on 17 Nov 2016

Reconstructing Archives with Tim Raylor

The last of this season’s SCEMS Visiting Speakers was Tim Raylor, Professor of English at Carleton College, Minnesota. A literary scholar who has spent a career developing keen archival skills, our visitor used this occasion to share work-in-progress....
From: SCEMS on 9 Nov 2016

A masterclass in medical advertising: Emma Spary in Sheffield

Emma Spary, evening lecture. Photo (c) I.C. Hine.On 20-21 October 2016, SCEMS welcomed Emma Spary, Reader in Modern European History at the University of Cambridge, as part of our Visiting Speaker Series. The visit, co-hosted by the Department of French,...
From: SCEMS on 25 Oct 2016

How Markku Peltonen revisited England’s Revolution

Markku Peltonen at the SCEMS-HRI lecture. Photo (c) I.C. Hine.For our first visiting speaker of 2016–17, SCEMS was privileged to welcome Professor Markku Peltonen from the University of Helsinki, who (thanks to the generosity of the Humanities Research...
From: SCEMS on 17 Oct 2016

Book History Activities this Autumn (Spring, & beyond…)

True to our aims of engaging with our ‘interdiscipline’ in a range of ways, Book History @ Sheffield will be convening in different intellectual modes during the autumn semester and thereafter, bringing together research, theory and pedagogy....
From: SCEMS on 12 Oct 2016

Book History & the Nineteenth Century

On Thursday 10th November, Séan Williams and Amber Regis will be bringing Book History @ Sheffield into the nineteenth century!  In collaboration with the Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies we will explore what Book History means for work...
From: SCEMS on 7 Oct 2016

Ben Jonson: registration now open

The workes of Beniamin Jonson. Copy from University of Sheffield Special Collections.Registration is now open for ‘Ben Jonson’s Workes and Their Contexts’, an interdisciplinary conference marking the 400th anniversary of Ben Jonson’s...
From: SCEMS on 6 Oct 2016

18CRG Autumn programme

Sheffield’s postgraduate-run Eighteenth Century Reading Group has expanded its remit for 2016-2017. Coordinator Alison Horgan advises on what’s happening, and how to get involved: Coming up next Tuesday (11th October), we welcome Stephen...
From: SCEMS on 5 Oct 2016

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm to Host 18th Century Autumn Market Fair.

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm to Host 18th Century Autumn Market Fair.
From: A Woodsrunner's Diary on 29 Sep 2016

On a semester of book history

Book History @ Sheffield is one whole semester old! In spring and early summer we held three research events, each leading to lively discussion: Marcus Nevitt presented his work on newsbooks in revolutionary England to a packed house. Marcus exposed the...
From: SCEMS on 26 Jul 2016

'To Autumn' - John Keats

‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eaves run;’ (lines 1-4)   ‘To Autumn’ John Keats...

Visiting Speaker Series: 2015–2016

   The programme for the 2015–2016 Visiting Speaker Series includes scholar and vocalist, Richard Wistreich (Director of the Royal College of Music), linguist and historian, Naomi Tadmor (Lancaster University), eminent historian Robert...
From: SCEMS on 30 Sep 2015

How to Eat in Autumn, 16

Later, old cheese.The Grete Herball (1529), Wellcome Library "Autumne beginneth, when the sunne entreth the first degree of Libra, which is the thirteenth day of September. Then it is Aequinoctiall, meteors are seene, the times do alter, the aire waxeth...
From: Ask the Past on 25 Sep 2015

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