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On outlining and constructing a timeline/calendar

In preparation for NaNoWriMo‘s blast-through-a-first draft-November, I’m following K.M. Weiland’s roadmap on constructing an outline. I’ve outlined my last three novels, but each time it’s like starting from scratch. In any...
From: Baroque Explorations on 7 Oct 2019

A Practical Handbook for … writers?

One of the books I have in San Miguel is A Practical Handbook for the Actor, by Bruder, Cohn, Olnek and Pollack. It was a useful book to consult when writing about actors in The Shadow Queen, but it’s now and again also mentioned as a useful book...
From: Baroque Explorations on 29 Apr 2019

How to write a story logline without going crazy

I decided to try to write a logline for my next novel because I had wandered into mucky territory in working on my plot. I’ve attempted this for several of my earlier novels, but never successfully. I can write a 500-page novel, but a one-sentence...
From: Baroque Explorations on 9 Dec 2018

What are you crushing on?

I’ve become very fond of a podcast about Young Adult lit called Kidlit Drink Night. They always make me laugh and I end up making lots of notes about books, movies and TV series to look into. They call themselves “Superfriends,” which...
From: Baroque Explorations on 2 Apr 2018

Bed-bound promo, website craziness, and Scrivener awe

I’ve been bed-bound for over a week since a minor knee operation to repair a meniscus issue. I’m not going to whine about it! In fact, I’ve discovered that I’m the perfect candidate for this type of life. On the bed beside me are:...
From: Baroque Explorations on 21 Mar 2018

3 ways to develop the characters in your story

I promised in my last post on beginning a novel that I would write about creating characters. Of course, to begin with, I have characters swarming, ideas both historical and fictional. I’ve already searched photo databanks for images that might...
From: Baroque Explorations on 14 Mar 2018

The joy of being at the beginning of writing a novel

I’m at the beginning of writing my next novel, and it’s a joy. I feel happy as a kid in a sandbox. It’s a slow process of discovery, and I expect it to take all year. The things about my writing process that never change This will be...
From: Baroque Explorations on 10 Mar 2018

How to Begin to Write a Book

Every stage of writing a book is a challenge—the beginning, the middle, and the end—but I think figuring out how to begin to write a book might be the most difficult. I’m at the beginning stage of writing my next novel now. I’m...
From: Baroque Explorations on 16 Dec 2017

A Technique for Producing Ideas: struggling with that dreaded monster Plot

I’ve been flailing, I confess: in Excel plot worksheets, in piles of plot index cards, in Word files summarizing my plot (or trying to), in books on plot, in on-line courses and YouTube videos on plot! I saw all this as a sign of a project...
From: Baroque Explorations on 4 Jan 2016

Making creativity a habit

I’ve been recently inspired by Twyla Tharp’s book THE CREATIVE HABIT: LEARN IT AND USE IT FOR LIFE. Here are some quotes: Some people find … the moment before creativity begins … so painful that they simply cannot deal...
From: Baroque Explorations on 22 Nov 2015

The tough nut of revision: on re-examining plot

I begin a novel by writing a plot. This doesn’t mean listing actions, but tracing the characters emotional arcs as well. The two are intertwined. I don’t go into detail: I simply describe a scene in a sentence or two. Even so, it comes...
From: Baroque Explorations on 8 Apr 2015

On reading, writing & taking an on-line course: getting things done to the sound of the surf

My husband and I have been staying in one of our favourite spots, a Solecito casita on beautiful Playa Blanca on the Mexican Pacific coast. (Our casita: the one shown above.) It’s a totally relaxing time for us, and—surprisingly—one of...
From: Baroque Explorations on 23 Jan 2015

A crazy publication day

Yesterday was a crazy day: I sent out a newsletter, the U.S. paperback edition of The Shadow Queen came out, and — quite by coincidence — my INK e-book edition of The Shadow Queen launched in the UK and beyond. Any one of these requires quite...
From: Baroque Explorations on 7 Jan 2015

A writer’s routine: perseverance furthers

A reader asks: “I’ve written my second novel and I just can’t seem to get it to the next step. I’m stuck in the querying process and it is quite the daunting process indeed.” Daunting: yes. Perseverance is key Perseverance...
From: Baroque Explorations on 14 Oct 2014

Travel-lag, research-lag, To-Do-List-lag

Update! We’re back from a trip to London and Paris—I’ve a lot to absorb! No wonder I feel so “lagged” (not just jet-lagged). Today I began the read/edit of the 4th draft of The Game of Hope. I always think I can whip through...
From: Baroque Explorations on 7 Oct 2014

A writer’s routine: how to be productive

  A friend asks: When you first started your career as a writer, was there something you were doing each day, which you now know to be unproductive? When I look back on my early days, in fact, I’m amazed that I accomplished as much as I did....
From: Baroque Explorations on 30 Sep 2014

A writer’s routine: on resisting an outline

A friend asks: What have you learned over the course of your career that you wish you knew at the beginning, in terms of your writing routine/productivity? I wish I had known how important it was to outline before beginning to write. I might have saved...
From: Baroque Explorations on 28 Sep 2014

A writer’s routine: where to write

My friend asks: Where do you write? If in multiple spots, do you find any difference in your quality of work? Have you tried writing in places that just don’t work?  (I.e. couch, bed, yard, park, coffee shop, etc?) Do you like having windows...
From: Baroque Explorations on 19 Sep 2014

A writer’s routine: how many … hours, days, words?

My friend asks: How many words do you write a day? For how long do you write? How many days a week? In other words, what’s the production schedule? This may strike some as a mechanical approach to a somewhat mystical process, but for me and...
From: Baroque Explorations on 16 Sep 2014

A writer’s routine: pantster or plotter?

Pantster or Plotter? Writers often talk about whether it is better to be a “pantster” or a “plotter.” (Google “pantster or plotter” and you will get some idea.) A pantster is someone who writes “by the seat...
From: Baroque Explorations on 14 Sep 2014

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